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January 2020

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# @username Topics From France Followers Auth Eng from FR
1 Votre Maman Fitcats @jujufitcats

Votre Maman Fitcats

Fitness 951.5K 1.7M 38.5K Free report
2 Romane, pour les intimes* @romy

Romane, pour les intimes*

Sports Lifestyle Fitness 790.8K 1.3M 43.4K Free report
3 Johan Papz @johanpapz

Johan Papz

Lifestyle Sports Fitness 335.3K 563.1K 32.8K Free report
4 Sissy @sissymua


Training 493.5K 813.8K 11.9K Preview
5 L’Acrobate 🤸🏻‍♂️ @acrobate94

L’Acrobate 🤸🏻‍♂️

Lifestyle Sports Fitness 454.5K 823.2K 15K Preview
6 Aubameyang @aubameyang97


Gym Coaching Soccer 358K 9.2M 10.5K Preview
7 Keylor Navas Gamboa @keylornavas1

Keylor Navas Gamboa

Training Sports Soccer 761.9K 9.6M 8.7K Preview
8 Moi c’est Pichu 🐱 @pichucatinshape

Moi c’est Pichu 🐱

Lifestyle Sports Fitness 188K 343.5K 14.6K Preview
9 Julie - DouzeFevrier @douzefevrier

Julie - DouzeFevrier

Lifestyle Sports Fitness 241.4K 390.5K 8.6K Preview
10 Teamshape By @tiboinshape @teamshape

Teamshape By @tiboinshape

Lifestyle Sports Fitness 364.6K 651.2K 3.8K Preview
11 AD 🇫🇷 @adlaurent_fit

AD 🇫🇷

Gym 311.8K 558.5K 6.4K Preview
12 SCOOT 2 STREET @scoot2street


Lifestyle Sports Fitness 151.7K 242.1K 8.3K Preview
13 Aline Dessine @aline_dessine

Aline Dessine

Sports Fitness Drawing 154.3K 272.8K 7.7K Preview
14 justine Gallice 🇫🇷 @justinegallice

justine Gallice 🇫🇷

Fitness 273.6K 473.1K 3.9K Preview
15 Tammy 🐚 @tammyhembrow

Tammy 🐚

Fitness Moms 226.6K 10.7M 3.2K Preview
16 Thibault Geoffray #90DayLC @thibault_geoffray

Thibault Geoffray #90DayLC

Sports Lifestyle Fitness 267.7K 424.3K 3.2K Preview
17 Bigwill, Chef👨🏽‍🍳 #pornfoodiet @__bigwill__

Bigwill, Chef👨🏽‍🍳 #pornfoodiet

Lifestyle Sports Fitness 196.8K 313.8K 4K Preview


Fitness Coaching Sports 438.7K 779.8K 2.2K Preview
19 PUMA @puma


Fitness 317.6K 11M 2K Preview
20 Georgia Horackova ☄︎ @georgiasecretsyt

Georgia Horackova ☄︎

Yoga 173K 272.4K 3K Preview


Lifestyle Sports Fitness 92.5K 154.4K 7.3K Preview
22 Badr Hari @badrhariofficial

Badr Hari

Coaching Training Fitness 122.2K 2.6M 7.6K Preview
23 Clémentine 🇫🇷 @fitbyclem

Clémentine 🇫🇷

Gym 169.3K 281.3K 2.6K Preview
24 🙈Clara🙈 @clara_fitgz


Fitness 95.2K 154.3K 5.1K Preview
25 Fabien Sassier 🇫🇷 @yetifit31

Fabien Sassier 🇫🇷

Fitness Gym Modeling 91.5K 101.7K 5.1K Preview
26 Klay Thompson @klaythompson

Klay Thompson

Sports Lifestyle Fitness 105.7K 7.2M 2.8K Preview
27 Clément Dumais aka Agent Luard @clement.htr

Clément Dumais aka Agent Luard

Lifestyle Sports Fitness 49.7K 90.9K 4.3K Preview
28 Claire Tomek @clairetomek

Claire Tomek

Lifestyle Sports Fitness 107K 182.6K 3.4K Preview
29 Pamela Reif @pamela_rf

Pamela Reif

Fitness Modeling 107.7K 4.6M 2.4K Preview
30 💥 Stessie - 25yo. - 🇫🇷 @s.littlebirds

💥 Stessie - 25yo. - 🇫🇷

Lifestyle Sports Fitness 127.9K 217K 2.1K Preview
31 Chloe Fit 👊🏼 @chloe_fit_

Chloe Fit 👊🏼

Lifestyle Sports Fitness 169.7K 273.3K 1.7K Preview
32 Loredana @loredana


Lifestyle Fitness Fashion 56.9K 2.6M 6.2K Preview
33 ◌ Alicia ◌ @aliciadu1718

◌ Alicia ◌

Lifestyle Sports Fitness 104.7K 163.2K 3.4K Preview
34 𝔑𝔢́𝔩𝔦𝔞 🦓 @nelia_keciri

𝔑𝔢́𝔩𝔦𝔞 🦓

Lifestyle Sports Fitness 62.7K 102.9K 4.6K Preview
35 Tony Lynaya @tony.atsu

Tony Lynaya

Lifestyle Sports Fitness 48.2K 73.5K 3.7K Preview
36 Wayne Rooney @waynerooney

Wayne Rooney

Training Sports Soccer N/A 14.8M 115.9K Preview
37 김우진 @woooojin0408


Fashion Gym Modeling 21.2K 580.5K 9.2K Preview
38 Simeon Panda® @simeonpanda

Simeon Panda®

Fitness Coaching Training 175.9K 6M 1.3K Preview
39 Nastya Nass @nastya_nass_

Nastya Nass

Modeling Fitness Coaching 141.4K 6.5M 7.3K Preview
40 Antoine - 📺 La Villa Des 💔 5 @antoinegoretti

Antoine - 📺 La Villa Des 💔 5

Sports Lifestyle Fitness 66.1K 129K 4.6K Preview
41 Evy @evy_melaa


Lifestyle Sports Fitness 184.1K 282.8K 1.3K Preview
42 CLARA & LAURIE @twinsb_fit


Fitness Sports Lifestyle 99.9K 230.2K 3.7K Preview
43 Tom Brady @tombrady

Tom Brady

Sports Training American football 87.7K 7.1M 3.4K Preview
44 Fitness & Health @fitnessgirlsmotivation

Fitness & Health

Fitness Health 240.2K 5M 1.2K Preview
45 Emilie Détré @emi_dtr

Emilie Détré

Fitness Sports Lifestyle 110.4K 183.1K 1.7K Preview
46 Katya Elise Henry ♡ @katyaelisehenry

Katya Elise Henry ♡

Fitness Modeling 101.9K 6.8M 1.6K Preview
47 Antoni Porowski @antoni

Antoni Porowski

Chef Recipes Health 65.8K 4.3M 1.6K Preview
48  @fitwtini

Lifestyle Sports Fitness 72.3K 119K 2.3K Preview
49 Monsieur Sucré 🍭 @monsieursucree

Monsieur Sucré 🍭

Fitness Sports Lifestyle 77.6K 133.4K 2.4K Preview
50 Shirin David @shirindavid

Shirin David

Lifestyle Fitness Singer 58K 5.1M 2.1K Preview
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