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What does the HypeAuditor Chrome Extension do?

The HypeAuditor Chrome Chrome Extension provides an easy way to learn certain metrics for influencers on Instagram and YouTube. Currently, the extension has two tabs: Overview and Analytics. Both tabs report specific influencer performance indicators: monthly growth, engagement rate, Audience Quality Score for Instagram (or Channel Quality Score for YouTube), audience demographics, audience type, and audience location. The extension also provides an estimate for how much an influencer’s posts may cost.

The HypeAuditor Chrome Extension tool even allows you to unlock more in-depth analytical reports with influencer analysis, as well as add influencers to lists, campaigns, or My Network. If the influencer’s email is publicly available on the page, the HypeAuditor Chrome plugin will allow you to copy the email address without having to look for it in the profile page.

How does the HypeAuditor Chrome Extension work?

The HypeAuditor Chrome Extension functions very straightforwardly. All you need to do is download the extension from the Chrome Extension store and install the extension. You can also log in to your HypeAuditor account via the extension, which will allow you to save influencers to lists, campaigns, or My Network. If you’ve already unlocked a report for an influencer, the report will be displayed in the extension. Otherwise, the extension will give you the chance to unlock the report without going to HypeAuditor.

How is the HypeAuditor Chrome Extension different from the main product?

The HypeAuditor Chrome Extension is a simpler version of the main HypeAuditor product. It allows you to check out certain HypeAuditor analytics without having to go to the main product. However, the main product provides a deeper dive into influencer performance, and the influencer search tool identifies more influencers to scope out. Also, other features like Campaign Management and Influencer Discovery are currently unavailable in the extension.

Which social media platforms is the HypeAuditor Chrome Extension available for?

The HypeAuditor Chrome Extension currently operates on Instagram and YouTube. At the moment, users are unable to use the plugin for TikTok, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Which browsers is the HypeAuditor extension available for?

The HypeAuditor extension is currently available for just Google Chrome. It is not available at the moment for other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave, or Opera.