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Free Instagram Audit & Fake Follower Check

Spot fake influencers in no time! Use our free fake follower audit tool to check any Instagram account and analyze its audience quality and engagement authenticity.
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Free Instagram Audit & Fake Follower Check

How to Check Fake Followers with a Free Instagram Audit & Fake Follower Check

Fake Instagram followers cost businesses millions of dollars. Inauthentic engagement remains a serious problem that many businesses face. Influencer marketing can bring companies incredible results; however, the key element of a successful campaign are genuine creators who can deliver a brand’s message to their engaged followers.

But the good news is that you can use our free fake follower detection tool to see the total audience quality of any Instagram account. We’ll explain how to detect fake influencers to avoid wasting your time, effort, and money on ineffective partnerships. At the same time, you’ll be able to use our free tool to check fake followers on any Instagram account.

Fake Instagram Followers Checker Tool

Social media creators can make or break any marketing campaign. They can use their credibility to promote your product or service to huge audiences. However, influencers are not all equal and the success of your future campaigns largely depends on who you partner with.

If you’re looking for creators for your brand, it’s important to assess their profiles first to make sure you hire a trusted ambassador who has engaged audiences. A detailed fake follower check of their Instagram accounts will help you understand if there are any bots among their subscribers. And if you want to discover influencers whose followers are genuinely interested in their content, you need to find out how engaged a creator’s audience is.

This tool will help you reveal fake Instagram followers who are unlikely to help you achieve your business goals.

What are fake Instagram followers?

In a nutshell, fake followers are accounts, or bots, that were created only to boost follower counts, whether it’s Instagram or other social media platforms. These accounts are not active, engaged users. They are not real people, so promoting your brand to these bots won’t do any good. Thus, you have to carefully check fake followers on specific accounts that you wish to collaborate with.

If you want to reach out to your potential customers, you need to stay away from these pseudo-influencers and collaborate with real creators who build trust with their fan base.

When searching for influencers, keep in mind that no matter how large their audience is, you don’t necessarily have to work with celebrities. You can achieve great results and successfully promote your offer with micro-influencers, but their subscribers should be real and their engagement should be organic.

How to Spot Fake Followers

To detect fake accounts, you can visit their Instagram page. There are several factors that can help you detect fake accounts.

  1. Zero followers. They usually have no followers.
  2. Zero or up to 10 posts. They don’t have regular posting activity, so they might have just a few posts on their page or no content at all.
  3. No profile picture. Fake users don’t use images in their profile pictures, or they might use stock images.
  4. A big number of people follow. While their following is very low (or amounts to nothing), they usually follow a large number of other accounts.
  5. Random letters and numbers in a username. You can often notice that their username is just a random selection of letters and/or numbers.

Ideally, you need to have a consistent influencer vetting process in place to detect creators with fake followers and discover genuine influencers with.

We recommend conducting a fake follower audit of Instagram accounts with our free influencer auditing tool. And if you want to analyze influencers in greater detail, you can try out our full-featured reports.

How to Perform an Instagram Follower Fake Check

To conduct an in-depth analysis of a creator account, you can track essential data with our Instagram Analytics report that has over 35 metrics for influencer vetting. Our tool allows us to conduct instagram fake follower audits and provides businesses with an opportunity to explore the quality of their subscribers in great detail, get audience demographics, and closely analyze their engagement.

But if you want to make a quick check of an Instagram creator, we recommend conducting a fake follower audit of their accounts with our free auditing tool. Simply enter any account in the bar and you’ll get instant results:

  • Audience Quality Score (AQS).
  • Follower Count.
  • Engagement Rate.

Influencer Quality Analysis as Part of an Instagram Audit

AQS is HypeAuditor’s proprietary metric on a 1-100 scale so the closer the AQS is to 100 the better. The score alone provides a wealth of information about a creator, so you can run a quick Instagram fake follower audit with our free tool and get an idea if this particular influencer is a good fit for your brand.

AQS is based on multiple criteria, including Engagement Rate, quality audience, follower growth, and engagement authenticity. It helps you measure the overall quality of an influencer account and compare it with the quality of other creators within the same tier. Such is the result of our fake influencer's audit.

Perform a free simple Instagram fake follower audit with HypeAuditor’s tool to make sure you partner with trusted influencers with real subscribers.

Questions about the Instagram audit tool

What is an Instagram audit?

An Instagram audit allows you to examine the health of the Instagram account and choose an authentic creator for a marketing campaign. Instagram Audit reviews the follower growth patterns, engagement rate, engagement authenticity, audience quality, and reachability, over 40 factors in total. In a nutshell, it’s basicall a fake follower checker tool.

How do you do an audit on Instagram?

HypeAuditor free Instagram Audit Tool provides the evaluation of the account’s quality, which is done on the basis of the analysis of:
  • The number of accounts followed vs the following ratio.
  • Following, including fake followers.
  • Number of posts.
  • Like.
  • Comments ratio.
  • Likes Comment Ratio.
  • AQS.
  • Engagement rate and more.

Is Instagram audit accurate?

HypeAuditor uses a machine-learning algorithm and computer vision to analyze the quality of a creator’s audience and the overall performance of the account. It’s basically like a fake follower checker that detects over 95% of all fraudulent activity, including such shadow methods of growth as follow/unfollow trick, comments pods, and loop-giveaways.

How can you tell if someone has fake followers?

With our free Instagram Audit tool, you can check for fake followers in any account that has at least 1K followers. The 1-100 score will tell you, how good is the account’s audience and does the Instagram creators use inauthentic methods to grow their following or engagement.

How do I set up an Instagram audit?

To audit any Instagram account, type an account name in the search bar of our fake follower tool and click on Check. You’ll get an audit result instantly.

Is Instagram removing fake followers?

Yes, Instagram is constantly removing fake followers and inauthentic activity. Firstly they are getting rid of accounts that violate their rules, for instance, use automatic tools to generate likes and comments. Fake followers, who do not show any activity could stay on Instagram for years.

What are fake followers on Instagram?

Fake followers are accounts that were registered to increase someone’s engagement and the number of followers. Usually, they are run automatically by a bot.

In general, a fake follower doesn’t have a profile picture, information in bio, posts, and has over 1,500 followings. Some fake followers checker can detect some users that may look real. However, you need an AI-powered tool to audit an Instagram account or to check for fake Instagram followers.

Why are so many fake Instagram accounts following me?

Some shadow methods of Instagram growth can attract inauthentic activity and fake followers. We also noticed that popular and some commercial hashtags can also attract fake followers. Therefore, we warn about possible fake Instagram accounts.

How to spot a fake Instagram account?

There are multiple methods to check for fake followers. Visit the follower's page as the first and most obvious strategy. Fake accounts have only a few (or none) posts and do not appear to be particularly active.

Typically, a fake account does not utilize images of real individuals in their profile photographs or messages. If they do use images of persons, they have obtained them from another source. You can run a Google reverse image search to determine whether a particular image exists.

Those influencer accounts with fake followers always aim for active comments on a creator's posts. This strategy aims to boost the influencer's engagement rate. However, under a closer examination such remarks in Instagram accounts typically reveal their true nature. Fake follower comments are superficial and provide no genuine value. Due to a lack of native language proficiency on the part of the follower's account, these remarks frequently contain egregious misspellings and grammatical errors ins.

Additionally, fake followers are inconsistent. Followers with typical engagement interact with Instagram creators' posts on a moderately regular basis. But bogus followers exhibit an engagement boost followed by an eerie void. You can try to use our fake follower tool to determine whether your potential influencers have fake followers.

How to Identify Fake followers located on an Influencer's account?

As you evaluate or audit Instagram for potential content creators, you should look for evidence that they have meaningful relationships with their engaged audience. The best creators are eager to engage in dialogue with their audience. These followers have a genuine interest in the content and messages of the creator.

This level of engagement and interest is unreplicable by fake followers that you can get from Instagram. In most instances, a closer inspection is all that is required. However, sampling a creator's posts may cause you to overlook posts containing fake follower engagement.

Similarly, it is impossible to check or audit Instagram profiles for each follower, especially when that creator has thousands of followers. Therefore, you can sample from legitimate followers and assume that all other followers are genuine.

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