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Find fake influencers in a second! Our free audit tool helps you analyze the engagement and audience quality of any account on Instagram.
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What is the Instagram Audit Tool and how does it work?

HypeAuditor’s Instagram Profile Audit tool is an invaluable resource for anybody who wants to check the audience and engagement authenticity of an Instagram profile page. The tool works very fast and showcases three metrics:

  • Engagement rate,
  • Follower number,
  • Audience Quality Score (AQS): a proprietary metric of HypeAuditor that reflects the overall quality of the account.

Simply look up the IG username you want to check, type it in the field, and click ‘Check’.

Our tool will show you the total number of followers the user has, their engagement rate, and the account’s AQS.

By clicking on ‘Get Report’ at the bottom of the free tool’s report, you get even more details about the influencer, including:

  • the creator’s category,
  • their global, country, and category ranks,
Cassey Ho, aka ‘@blogilates’ posts fitness-related content
  • how many comments and likes their posts got on average,
  • and how many followers they gained or lost in the past 4 weeks.
Cassey Ho’s follower growth and account activity.

Who can use the free HypeAuditor tool?

Brands that wish to work with creators and agencies that want to expand their creator roster should assess influencers before reaching out to them. Although there has been a downward trend over the past few years, influencer fraud still affects a significant number of accounts. Investing in creators who boost their community in deceptive ways will ultimately cost companies money. Faux users will unlikely generate meaningful engagement and will not convert into customers.

In addition, individual influencers who want to check their audience quality to ensure more collaboration opportunities can benefit from it too. With the right marketing tools, like Instagram Audit, content creators will get a knowledge of their audience quality. Aside from this, their follower-to-engagement ratio is indicative as well. If a regularly posting micro-influencer has less than a 1% engagement rate that can mean their audience includes many inactive users or they publish generic or unrelated posts.

Tips on identifying authentic Instagram creators

  • They post consistently about a topic they are interested in and knowledgeable about. Their content feels relatable and natural as opposed to staged or promotional.
  • They don’t want to deceive their audience and, hence, are transparent about sponsored posts and partnerships.
  • Their Instagram profile — more precisely, their bio — clearly mirrors their expertise and passion. They link to content related to their merch, brand, or pages associated with their interests. They use relevant Instagram hashtags and keywords, yet don’t overuse them. As a way to increase transparency, they don't use a stock image on their profile.
  • Influencers’ content attracts people of a certain gender, age group, and interest. Make sure that their audience composition reflects this. If you see they have a random mix of ages and interests following them that may be evidence that their community has a large number of mass followers or purchased accounts.
  • Compare their engagement rate to their audience size. Very low engagement is never a good sign. It either signifies that there are multiple bot accounts in their audience or they post infrequently or about arbitrary things. Keep in mind though, the more followers an influencer has, the lower their engagement rate is. Make sure to examine ER benchmarks broken down by influencer sizes, platforms, and industries before you make a sudden decision.

Of course, calculating a creator’s engagement rate can be challenging without proper data. The Instagram Audit tool however displays the ER, besides the follower number and the Audience Quality Score. Having this information will give you the confidence to spend more time investigating an influencer's content and audience.

An example of a genuine and credible content creator with an excellent AQS, high engagement rate, and a relatively small - but presumably interested and engaged - audience.

What data should you look at during an Instagram account audit?

The metrics you should evaluate during an account check vary from business to business and campaign to campaign. Nevertheless, you should carefully inspect the following metric:

  • Audience size,
  • Engagement Rate,
  • AQS, short for Audience Quality Score, is calculated based on 15 metrics grouped into 4 categories, such as Engagement Rate (ER), follower and following growth patterns, the percentage of quality audience, and comment authenticity.
  • Estimated reach,
  • The number of likes and comments,
  • Comment-to-like ratio,
  • Follower growth,
  • Follower-to-following ratio,
  • The number of organic posts,
  • The number of paid/sponsored posts,
  • They post content that matches their interests and that of their audience.

By reviewing this data, you’ll make sure the influencer is a good fit for your brand, ensuring your promotion’s success.

FAQ about our Instagram audit tool

What is an Instagram audit?

During an Instagram follower audit, brands or individuals can evaluate the performance and profiles of social media users in terms of engagement authenticity, audience composition, and demographics. Through an audit, brands can ensure the content creators they plan to work with have predominantly real subscribers and hence their Instagram content generates genuine engagement. One of the biggest concerns of influencer marketing is that several creators artificially inflate their audience and manipulate their user interactions to land brand deals. An Instagram follower audit is one of the best tools to find reliable partners who grow their audience through their relevant content and meaningful conversations.

How do you do an audit on Instagram?

You can discover fake Instagram followers by manually checking the followers' profiles of an influencer. Watch out for the following warning signs:

  • The profile name contains odd letters and numbers.
  • The user doesn’t have an Instagram bio or photo uploaded.
  • These dubious users follow a huge number of other accounts on very diverse topics.
  • They are followed by very few people or don’t have any followers.
  • They don’t post at all or very infrequently.
Big red flag: A user without a profile photo, zero followers, and posts.

The other option is to use digital analytics tools like the HypeAuditor Instagram profile audit tool for free and garner basic information about a creator’s audience and engagement in an instant. Based on the three essential metrics, it is possible to discern an influencer's authenticity and credibility. As an example, if a user has millions of followers but a poor AQS and a low engagement rate, that may indicate they have many bots, bought or faux followers.

AQS rates Instagram accounts between 100 and 1. Good accounts are marked with 60 points or higher. Accounts below 40 points suggest abnormal activities in their follower growth.

Naturally, brands and agencies can get even more specifics if they use an influencer marketing platform, like HypeAuditor’s account analytics feature. Through the function, they’ll get valuable insights into an influencer’s audience demographics and psychographics, content posting frequency, engagement history, follower growth, brand mentions, previous sponsored posts, and estimates about their reach, EMV, and CPE.

Overview of the same account on HypeAuditor’s platform. More than half of the audience is suspicious.

How do I set up an Instagram audit?

An Instagram audit can be an essential part of your social media strategy. If that is the case you may evaluate your brand account’s health. However, if you want to work with content creators or research rival brands, an assessment of their accounts must be an integral element of your influencer marketing strategy.

An Instagram audit is an all-encompassing analysis of an Instagram account’s overall performance, content strategy, and audience engagement which includes the examination of its profile and checking its followers. On the one hand, this is an excellent opportunity to identify weaknesses and strengths so that the account's overall performance and reputation can be improved. On the other hand, brands can quickly detect fake influencers with false popularity.

Setting up an Instagram profile analysis:

  1. Compile an Instagram audit checklist of the steps involved.
  2. Consider your goals before searching for influencers. Your objectives will help you find the right partners for your campaign.
  3. Examine creators’ accounts, including their profile images, as well as the keywords, hashtags, and links they use in their bios.
  4. Check carefully their followers. Look for questionable users among their audience based on the facts provided in the previous point.
  5. Make sure their content corresponds with the ideas mentioned in their bios.
  6. Analyze the type of engagement their content receives. What is the comment-like ratio? How many shares do they get?
  7. Assess their publishing regularity.
  8. Compare how many people they follow with the number of followers they have.

What does an audit detect?

Instagram audits reveal an influencer’s Instagram strategy, popularity, and how users interact with their content.

  • Profile optimization: A profile analysis will detect discrepancies in the username, bio, and image. It also reveals the highlights of the user’s description and how efficiently their profile communicates their interests and values.
  • Audience demographics: An evaluation will uncover the age, gender, location, and interest of a creator’s followers.
  • Irregular engagement and follower growth: In addition, it exposes if the creator is engaging in inauthentic practices, such as comment pods, mass following, or buying likes and followers to boost engagement and follower base.
  • Content relevance: An examination can reveal whether the creator publishes quality content consistently about a subject or dabbles in a variety of topics but never focuses on anything in depth.
  • Engagement Rate: It exhibits a content’s engagement rate based on the number of likes, comments, shares, and saves it received. Brands can determine how authentic an audience is by analyzing engagement rates.