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May 2020

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# @username Category Audience Country Followers Authentic Engagement
1 Jerome Polin Sijabat ジェローム @jeromepolin

Jerome Polin Sijabat ジェローム

Education Shows Indonesia 2.4M 286.5K Free report
2 Jeff Bezos @jeffbezos

Jeff Bezos

Education Computers & Gadgets Travel Business & Careers Finance & Economics United States 1.9M 113.3K Free report
3 Dalai Lama @dalailama

Dalai Lama

Education Trainers & Coaches United States 1.6M 67.6K Free report
4 Leandro Karnal @leandro_karnal

Leandro Karnal

Literature & Journalism Education Art/Artists Brazil 2.5M 29.1K Free report
5 Amine Aouni | أمين العوني @amine_aouni

Amine Aouni | أمين العوني

Literature & Journalism Shows Education Morocco 675.3K 55.9K Free report
6 Kale Anders @kaleanderss

Kale Anders

Education Music Mexico 815.7K 37.7K Free report
7 阿滴英文 @rayduenglish


Shows Education Taiwan 1.1M 35.6K Free report
8 Harvard University @harvard

Harvard University

Education United States 1.6M 18.3K Free report
9 TEAM BANGKIT MALAYSIA @teambangkitmalaysia


Education Malaysia 643.7K 43.2K Free report
10 School College Trolls - SCT @school_college_trolls

School College Trolls - SCT

Education India 980.1K 23.2K Free report
11 🍁 بيج جامعة بغداد🍁 مميزين 😌 @university_of_baghdad1

🍁 بيج جامعة بغداد🍁 مميزين 😌

Education Iraq 4.1M 4.6K Preview
12 𝐋𝐀𝐔𝐑𝐀 𝐇. 𝐑𝐔𝐁𝐈𝐍 @la___aura


Art/Artists Computers & Gadgets Beauty Education United States 581.4K 36.4K Preview
13 يلا نتعلم تركي @salahchatah

يلا نتعلم تركي

Education Turkey 1.9M 9.9K Preview
14 Yasaman Esmaeili @yasi.esl

Yasaman Esmaeili

Education Iran 476.6K 34.7K Preview
15 Abby Wambach @abbywambach

Abby Wambach

Family Sports with a ball Literature & Journalism Fitness & Gym Trainers & Coaches Cinema & Actors/actresses Education United States 794.5K 20.1K Preview
16 EWA: Learn English @ewa.english

EWA: Learn English

Literature & Journalism Education Brazil 2.3M 7.9K Preview
17 🔵UPSC,SSC,CGL,RAILWAY,BANK🔵 @gk_questions5079


Literature & Journalism Education India 1.5M 13.7K Preview
18 Rhavi Carneiro @rhavicarneiro

Rhavi Carneiro

Education Brazil 1M 14.4K Preview
19 Treinadora Carol Vaz @teamcarolvaz

Treinadora Carol Vaz

Education Trainers & Coaches Fitness & Gym Brazil 2.1M 6.5K Preview
20 UTBK SBMPTN◽TRYOUT◽SNMPTN 2020 @sbmptn.id


Education Indonesia 809.8K 16.7K Preview
21 АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ОТ КОСТИ 🇬🇧 @supreme.english


Education Music Russia 556.5K 24.3K Preview
22 Uwagi Szkolne 📒 @uwagiszkolnepl

Uwagi Szkolne 📒

Education Poland 413.9K 28.5K Preview
23 BBC Learning English @bbclearningenglish

BBC Learning English

Education Mobile related Iran 2.2M 6.7K Preview
24 Tonguç Akademi @tongucakademi

Tonguç Akademi

Education Turkey 660.3K 17.5K Preview
25 تعلم الانجليزية مع أحمد🇬🇧 @englishfeenglish

تعلم الانجليزية مع أحمد🇬🇧

Education Saudi Arabia 1.1M 11.9K Preview
26 The University of Oxford @oxford_uni

The University of Oxford

Education Indonesia 734.5K 14.8K Preview
27 Descomplica @descomplica


Education Brazil 1M 7.2K Preview
28 Ahmad Hadi أحمد هادي @a7madhadi

Ahmad Hadi أحمد هادي

Education Business & Careers Saudi Arabia 609.9K 17.3K Preview
29 🔵UPSC SSC NCERT RRB INDIA GK🔵 @ncert_study_course


Literature & Journalism Education India 1.3M 9.5K Preview
30 Krass Schule @krassschule

Krass Schule

Education Shows Germany 521.2K 16.5K Preview
31 english grammar vocabulary ✌️ @english_grammar_vocabulary__

english grammar vocabulary ✌️

Education Literature & Journalism India 962.7K 9K Preview


Trainers & Coaches Health & Medicine Education Russia 1M 11.2K Preview
33 Barça Academy @barcaacademy

Barça Academy

Education Sports with a ball Spain 1.2M 6.5K Preview
34 University of Cambridge @cambridgeuniversity

University of Cambridge

Education United Kingdom 785.4K 7.9K Preview
35 Kanatip Soonthornrak @loukgolflg

Kanatip Soonthornrak

Education Thailand 906.1K 6.7K Preview
36 ครูพี่แอน @krupann.english


Education Thailand 1.1M 6.3K Preview
37 Uwagi Szkolne 📒 @dziennikuwag

Uwagi Szkolne 📒

Education Poland 305K 18.8K Preview
38 Valeria Sandoval @valeria.sandovall

Valeria Sandoval

Music Cinema & Actors/actresses Art/Artists Trainers & Coaches Education Colombia 550.7K 10.8K Preview
39 🌸 خُلُود المالكي 🌸 @kholoud_tuts

🌸 خُلُود المالكي 🌸

Education Saudi Arabia 703.6K 8K Preview
40 Stanford University @stanford

Stanford University

Education United States 761.5K 7K Preview
41 🔵UPSC,SSC,RAILWAY,FACTS🔵 @gktrickindia


Literature & Journalism Education India 639.5K 8K Preview
42 MasterClass @masterclass


Education Shows United States 2.2M 2.5K Preview
43 Ramazan Yetgin @ramazan.yetgin

Ramazan Yetgin

Education Shows Cinema & Actors/actresses Turkey 340.2K 14.9K Preview
44 Talia Pissiali 🧜🏼‍♀️ @taliapissialishow

Talia Pissiali 🧜🏼‍♀️

Education Trainers & Coaches Fitness & Gym Brazil 453.1K 10.8K Preview
45 三阪咲 @misaka_saki


Lifestyle Shows Sports with a ball Education Japan 185.2K 25.6K Preview
46 تيتشر خلود 👱🏻‍♀️🌸 @fluency_in_english

تيتشر خلود 👱🏻‍♀️🌸

Literature & Journalism Education Saudi Arabia 486.8K 9.5K Preview
47 Maxim Kosmin @maax_sf

Maxim Kosmin

Architecture & Urban Design Education Art/Artists Russia 220.5K 20.4K Preview
48 Английский для ленивых. @lazy_english

Английский для ленивых.

Education Russia 976.4K 4.5K Preview
49 Английский язык @english_in

Английский язык

Education Russia 1.2M 4.5K Preview
50 Embroidery on tulle ♡ Мoscow @kathrin_marchenko

Embroidery on tulle ♡ Мoscow

Education Lifestyle United States 288.6K 14.5K Preview
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