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HypeAuditor Case Studies

How brands and agencies grow their business with HypeAuditor
Brands and agencies all around the globe have already tried HypeAuditor. They rely on our reports and tools to succeed in influencer marketing and grow their business
How Visi Agia Global Uses HypeAuditor to Find Suitable Influencers and Boost Productivity
Visi Agia Global (VAG) is a strategic communications agency based in Indonesia that works with clients like ministerial institutions on influencer marketing campaigns.
How Boomlet Uses HypeAuditor's Data and Tools to Orchestrate Its Clients’ Campaigns
To cater to brands’ specific requirements, Boomlet leverages HypeAuditor’s data to map out industries, markets, and influencers.
How Eight Media streamlined influencer identification and competitor analysis using HypeAuditor
Learn how AI-powered tools improved productivity and client reporting, offering strategic insights and exceptional value to their clients.
How Sun Siyam Resorts leverages HypeAuditor's influencer analytics to drive Instagram growth
Discover how Sun Siyam Resorts in the Maldives and Sri Lanka leveraged HypeAuditor's influencer analytics to enhance their Instagram strategy, driving significant follower growth and engagement across their resort properties.
How Special PR Validates Creators’ Performance and Audience with HypeAuditor
Special PR bolsters its PR campaigns with strategically selected influencers.
How Total Player Value required an efficient method for gathering metrics from both Instagram and TikTok for thousands of college athletes
Total Player Value saved time and effort on data collection and benchmarking processes, streamlining the approach with HypeAuditor’s API. By using HypeAuditor’s API, Total Player Value was able to effectively pull necessary data and benchmark it quickly.
How Zomee Maximizes HypeAuditor's Powerful Tools to Effortlessly Scale Their Influencer Campaigns
In a niche industry like Zomee's, selecting the right influencer is imperative, and HypeAuditor helps them find the most authentic brand ambassadors.
How SPRIM PRO managed to create the largest database of health professionals with HypeAuditor's API
Find out how SPRIM PRO, an international health solutions consultancy, has developed a unique market product using precise and reliable data provided by HypeAuditor through its API.
How AvantLink Uses HypeAuditor’s API to Keep Its Influencer Data Up to Date
HypeAuditor Ensures AvantLink’s Affiliate Marketing Technology Relies on Current Data.
How HypeAuditor’s Tools Help Notino Evaluate Influencers and Manage Campaigns in Multiple Countries
As largest European online beauty retailers, Notino was looking for a toolkit that supports them in their influencer and campaign analysis.
How Fiido Identifies Suitable Influencers through HypeAuditor to Reach the Right Audiences
Sporting goods company Fiido is using HypeAuditor to uncover, analyze, and connect with outdoor influencers.
How ShopYourLikes efficiently finds performance oriented creators
ShopYourLikes is designed to connect creators and influencers with top retail brands to drive content monetization. ShopYourLikes is a part of Connexity, and leverages the retailer network of both Connexity and Skimlinks to connect creators with brands.
How Migros, one of Turkey's biggest market chains, beat the pandemic and found quality influencers with HypeAuditor
The influencers for this campaign were chosen with the help of HypeAuditor. The detailed HypeAuditor Instagram reports helped NewTV Generation to pick 19 influencers with a relevant audience.
How Inked Sports used HypeAuditor to Empower Influential College Athletes and Connect Them with the Right Brands
Inked Sports uses HypeAuditor’s API and reports to identify the top-performing athletes for a given audience in order to better match them up with suitable brands for campaigns and sponsorships.
How Fullswing's agency defeated the influencer fraud crisis and tapped into new markets using HypeAuditor
Fullswing needed to find new influencers and determine the quality of their audience to provide clients with quality marketing services. HypeAuditor’s Audience Quality Score (AQS) metric helped the team quickly assess the quality of creators’ audiences and detect fake influencers.
How Nannybag used HypeAuditor to automate their marketing and find new influencers to propel their unique business
The European startup, Nannybag, wanted to automate the majority of time-consuming tasks usually handled by one person.
How Curastory used HypeAuditor's API to zone in on untapped audiences and grow their platform
Curastory required programmatic access to HypeAuditor’s influencer database and tools, as their digital solution was custom made, and no other service has built anything like it.
How Moon Magic uses HypeAuditor to automate processes, freeing up previous time to launch new brand ventures
Moon Magic required fast, detailed reports to streamline the influencer vetting process because they used to spend a lot of time manually checking influencer accounts
How Fruitz uses HypeAuditor to find influencers from multiple countries and spread the love to new markets
The company behind the French dating app checked influencers’ profiles and applied relevant filters to find suitable creators across 6 countries.
How Zafiro Hotels beat the fake influencer craze and promotes their luxury resorts to the right audience using HypeAuditor
With HypeAuditor, Zafiro Hotels was able to access detailed influencer reports before deciding who to partner with, saving time and money and, most importantly, achieving better results.
How HypeAuditor’s In-Depth Creator Analytics Help OML Shortlist Influencers for Collaborations
HypeAuditor's Influencer Discovery enables OML to identify influencers for their Indian and international partners, and creator reports provide rich data to evaluate influencer metrics.
Accelerate Change Gains Valuable Audience Insights About Various Influencers and Companies with HypeAuditor
The nonprofit media lab and investment fund uses the Discovery and Analytics tool to search for and identify BIPOC digital content creators and media companies.
How CRED uses HypeAuditor’s API to effortlessly predict perfect influencer matches
With HypeAuditor’s API, CRED connects top athletes, clubs, and leagues with sponsors and brands to accelerate growth on both ends.
Media Investment and Innovaty use HypeAuditor to organize and report on influencer marketing campaigns for their clients
With the HypeAuditor Campaign management tool, the Media Investment marketing team, together with Innovaty, could carefully monitor every single step of their ongoing campaigns. At the same time, they were able to create a resourceful post-buy report.
How MSI uses HypeAuditor to level up their collaborations and crack the gaming influencer code
The trailblazing gaming company Micro-Star International compares, takes note, and submits great proposals with HypeAuditor in their corner.
How Bridges uses HypeAuditor to help their small team create an expansive influencer network for any industry
How Bridges uses HypeAuditor to help their small team create an expansive influencer network for any industry
How Pasabahce uses HypeAuditor to filter through millions of influencers and find the perfect ones for their niche
12 influencers were attracted to the campaign. The client was very focused on Audience Quality Scores and Engagement Rates to be sure about the quality of the chosen influencers.
How MediaMarkt used HypeAuditor to recruit influencers in record time to bolster Black Friday sales
The global technology market giant MediaMarkt wanted to launch a campaign with a maximum reach to announce great discounts during the Black Friday period.
How NewTV Generation uses HypeAuditor to revolutionize their influencer marketing and help the world's biggest brands
NewTV Generation managed to find relevant and quality influencers from different countries for global brands and share PDF reports with key influencer metrics with their clients.
How Spark Social Uses HypeAuditor to Identify Influencers with Authentic Audiences for Their Clients
HypeAuditor’s Influencer Discovery and Analytics enable Spark Social to take a deep dive into creators’ performance and audience metrics and recruit top-performing influencers for their clients’ social media campaigns.
How Near Creative Scales and Manages Influencer Marketing Campaigns with HypeAuditor
HypeAuditor's Media Plans and Campaigns tools enable Near Creative to build effective campaigns and estimate their outcomes.