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Ensure a fast ROI

Boost the chances of your Instagram marketing campaign success with in-depth Instagram stats that reveal an influencer’s performance. Work only with Instagram influencers who have authentic engagement, followers demographics that match your audience, and the ability to earn a good ROI.

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Forecast your campaign success

Get a peek at the potential ROI of your future influencer marketing campaigns with our Instagram Analytics Tool. Automatically project ROIs using estimated prices per post and story, CPE (cost per engagement), EMV (earned media value) estimates, and other key information. Stop wasting time and money on Instagram campaigns that go nowhere.
Forecast your campaign success

Analyze audience demographics and interests

Gain relevant information about an influencer’s audience with the help of our Instagram analytics: country, city, language, ethnicity, age, and gender. Explore the interests of an influencer’s audience so you know if they match your target demographic.
Analyze audience demographics and interests

Examine hundreds of influencers in minutes

Significantly cut down on time spent manually vetting Instagram content creators with HypeAuditor’s Audience Quality Score. Swiftly remove influencers with poor audiences and performance from consideration while adding creators with great audiences to your shortlist. Confidently make tough decisions with several other quality indicators.
Examine hundreds of influencers in minutes

Avoid breaking the bank with fraud detection

Audit Instagram accounts for fraud and authenticity. Never spend another penny on fraudulent influencers who are more interested in draining your budget than growing your brand. Rest assured the Instagram content creators you work with won’t leave you high and dry.
Avoid breaking the bank with fraud detection

Safeguard your brand’s image

Rely on the Brand Safety Analysis to work only with influencers who won’t jeopardize your brand’s image by showing your brand next to inappropriate content. Prevent reputational damage and maintain compliance with any contractual requirements.
Safeguard your brand’s image

Powerful features to boost your performance

Audience Quality Score

Learn the overall quality of an influencer’s audience. Explore how good or bad an audience is with the help of HypeAuditor’s AQS.

Estimated Post Reach

Project the potential number of unique people who see an Instagram post. Create reliable, data-driven estimates about the overall reach of your marketing campaign.

Post and Story Prices

The Instagram analytics tool automatically estimates the cost of an influencer's post and story so that you can assess the potential results of your campaign and determine whether it's a worthwhile investment. This also helps you evaluate whether the creator's stated price is reasonable or if there's room for negotiation.


Brand Mentions

To ensure that an Instagram influencer has a strong track record, it's essential to analyze their past performance with sponsored posts. This involves identifying the brands they have worked with in the past 180 days and analyzing the engagement and reach of their sponsored content. By doing this, you will gain insights into which brand categories resonate best with the influencer's audience and see which brands the audience engages with most.

Instagram Analytics for a Successful Influencer Marketing

Like with any other marketing strategy, Instagram analytics is a key to a successful influencer marketing program. A detailed analysis of creators’ profiles provides you with an idea of who their Instagram followers are and whether or not their audience aligns with your target market. It can help you find relevant influencers for your campaign.

However, searching for a potential partner without the right Instagram analytics tools is like groping in the dark. We at HypeAuditor know how hard it can be to find a perfect fit for your business. That’s why we developed a solution to help brands and agencies explore influencers in great detail so they can make better decisions and improve their influencer marketing programs.

Instagram Follower Analytics and Metrics

HypeAuditor allows you to keep track of multiple valuable metrics so you can get all important information about the followers of your influencer.

  • Instagram Audience Demographics: country, city, language, ethnicity, age, and gender;

  • Instagram Audience Type: the percentage of different audience types among the creator’s subscribers like real people, mass followers, and suspicious accounts;

  • Audience Yearly Household Income: household income in USD;

  • Instagram Reach: the estimated number of people who see a creator’s post;

  • Audience Reachability: the percentage of people among the audience who see influencer’s posts in their feed;

  • Audience Authenticity: the percentage of authentic subscribers;

  • Audience Interests: topics their fans are interested in;

  • Audience Brand Affinity: brands their fans engage with;

  • Notable Followers: influencers that have recently interacted with this account.

Use these insights to better understand who might see your content if you partner with a particular creator.

Instagram Growth Tracker

Follower growth review is another key element of advanced influencer analytics. With HypeAuditor’s Instagram stats tracker, you’ll be able to explore how the audience of a selected creator is growing. Thanks to an automatic analysis based on a machine learning algorithm, we can spot if there are any unusual growth patterns and negative trends in the analyzed account.

  • Yearly growth;

  • Follower growth: a graph that shows potential abnormal growth patterns;

  • Following dynamics: an Instagram follower tracker graph that helps you spot the usage of third-party follow/unfollow tools.

You can also analyze bloggers’ engagement metrics to get an idea of how actively their subscribers interact with their content. With a powerful Instagram tracker, you’ll have all vital information right at your fingertips to strengthen your online marketing campaign.

Instagram analytics tool FAQ

How can I check Instagram analytics for other accounts?

You can find important Instagram statistics and robust data on any profile in the HypeAuditor Instagram report. It provides brands and businesses with metrics that really matter to help you optimize your influencer marketing strategy.

How to access your Instagram analytics report?

Start by logging into your HypeAuditor account, or sign in, if you don’t have one yet. Then head to the Instagram Influencer Analytics section of the report and start collecting actionable insights!

If you are on a HypeAuditor paid plan, you’ll have access to the advanced Instagram analytics for influencer marketing.

How to use Instagram analytics report?

With the report you can carry out an all-encompassing analysis of any Instagram account and get deep insights into creators’ performance. Perform their Instagram followers check, keep track of their engagement and growth metrics, and check their audience quality and comments authenticity. Use the insights to make data-driven decisions and avoid promoting your brand on accounts of fake influencers.

How often do you update data on Instagram reports?

HypeAuditor updates the following metrics on daily basis, which allows you to analyze Instagram influencers using fresh data:

  • Followers Count

  • Growth graph (+ Yearly growth)

  • Engagement Rate, average likes, average comments

  • Likes Spread

  • Likes Comment Ratio

  • AQS

  • Rankings

Can I get historical data for my Instagram analysis?

Yes, in the Instagram report, you can check historical data on follower growth. This can give you an idea of how organically they grow their Instagram account. With the Instagram follower growth tracker, you’ll see if they have any abnormal growth patterns that might be a sign of an artificial increase in followers number.

Do you have any free Instagram analytics tools?

Yes, apart from our account growth tracker, you can try our free tools to quickly check some key metrics of any influencer.

How to check Instagram followers growth?

You can check your Instagram follower growth by manually tracking your follower count over time. As a more convenient alternative, you can use a third-party influencer analytics tool like HypeAuditor to view your followers history, followers graph, and corresponding metrics.

How to check Instagram followers’ country?

In order to check the country of your Instagram followers, you’ll need to manually look at each follower’s bio or posts. Alternatively, you can use a third-party influencer analytics platform that provides a convenient, in-depth look at your followers’ demographics, including their countries.