Create and Send Bulk Emails to Influencers in a few Minutes

Easily create bulk emails and send your message to influencers using your Gmail account. Select creators in HypeAuditor, craft your message in the email builder, and start your influencer outreach campaign.

Personalize Your Influencer Outreach Message for Better Response

Make your message to creators more personal for better response rates. Use either their full names or user names. The tool allows you to customize your bulk emails with links — references to influencers’ social media profiles — and images.

Personalize Your Influencer Outreach Message for Better Response

Easily Add Influencers from Your Favorite Tools

No need to switch between spreadsheets and multiple tools! You can add influencers to your mailing list directly from HypeAuditor: Influencer Discovery and lists. Get the email addresses of your perfect candidates and contact them right away.

Easily Add Influencers from Your Favorite Tools

Start Conversations and Boost Your Influencer Outreach Strategy

Start conversations with influencers in just a few clicks within the HypeAuditor platform. Automate routine tasks and enjoy the ease of use. Upgrade your influencer outreach strategy and put effort into building long-term partnerships.

Start Conversations and Boost Your Influencer Outreach Strategy

Forget about Worries That You May Accidentally Send an Email

Don’t worry that you can accidentally send emails in bulk to influencers. Before delivering your message, the tool will ask you to perform a simple task, so you can double-check that everything is correct.

Forget about Worries That You May Accidentally Send an Email

Step 1

Craft your message in the email builder.

Step 2

Personalize your email with influencers’ full names, user names, or profile links.

Step 3

Add images to customize your message.

Step 4

Add creators from HypeAuditor Influencer Discovery and lists.

Step 5

Double-check and confirm email delivery.

Step 6

Send bulk emails and start a conversation with potential partners!

Frequently Asked Questions About Influencer Outreach

  • What is influencer outreach?

    Influencer marketing is a diverse space that involves many processes, such as identifying creators who can spread your message to the right audience. But before working with influencers, you need to establish solid relationships with them. This is what influencer outreach means.

    The core goal of influencer outreach is to connect with individuals who have the power to influence the minds of the target audience members. HypeAuditor Influencer Outreach helps you reach out to creators by sending them bulk emails. You can add the perfect candidates discovered in HypeAuditor and send them a personalized message.

  • How to do influencer outreach?

    The process of influencer outreach includes several key steps:

    Step 1. Research influencers. Start with researching your candidates. Search for the right people who are relevant to your business.

    Step 2. Contact influencers. Once you’ve discovered the right individuals, start conversations. Reach out to them. You can do that with the HypeAuditor Influencer Outreach tool.

    Step 3. Establish relationships. You need to let influencers know that you pick them for a reason.

    Step 4. Make your offer special. This partnership should be useful for the influencers as well. Make sure to explain how you can help each other.

    Step 5. Negotiate. Discuss the details of your future campaign. Make sure that everything is clear for both parties.

    This is what a brief plan of an outreach process looks like.

  • How do you contact influencers?

    If you have found people who best fit your brand and message, it’s time to contact those influencers. You can reach out to them via direct message on social media. They might also have a link to contact them via email or phone in their bio. You can send an email to each influencer individually, or send them bulk emails to automate the process.

  • How do you send a message to an influencer?

    You can contact social media influencers using multiple ways, for example, by sending them direct messages or emails or even via phone. Either way, you need to carefully craft your initial message to make a good first impression. Here are just a few tips for creating a compelling message:

    Be honest. Don’t try to hide your true goals. Respect influencers’ time and tell them about your ideas how you can be helpful for each other.

    Promise value to them. Influencers get dozens of messages each day. To attract their attention, explain what value this partnership can give them. But again, be honest.

    Don’t forget about the follow-up message. Influencers are busy people. If they don’t answer the first time, send them a short gentle reminder. However, don’t get too pushy with your messages.

    Create an influencer outreach template. You can create an email template with some key points and use it to optimize the process.

  • What is an influencer outreach strategy?

    An influencer outreach strategy is a way how your message is delivered to influencers that you believe might be a good fit for your business to reach and engage your audience. Your first message to an influencer has paramount importance. You need to make it compelling and intimidating enough. Be positive, nice, and respectful. You’re trying to build better relationships with influencers, so try to make a really good first impression.

  • Is it better to DM or email influencers?

    You can contact influencers either via direct message on social media or email. The best way largely depends on your message. For example, DMs seem more casual. They should be short and to the point. On the other hand, emails are good for a detailed explanation of your brand, product, and positioning.