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Cover all your bases from start to finish with HypeAuditor's unique marketing workflow

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Gain detailed insights on key campaign performance metrics
Step 7
Campaign Management
Manage and track your influencer marketing campaigns
Step 6
Influencer Outreach
Directly connect and collaborate with influencers
Step 5
Media Planning
Create a media plan to estimate campaign performance
Step 4
Influencer Analytics
View statistics for any social media account or channel
Step 3
Influencer Search
Search for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch influencers from a 50M+ database
Step 2
Market & Competitor Analysis
Analyze market trends and competitors’ marketing campaigns
Step 1

Build better campaign pitches for your clients using our 7-step process

Focus on your presentations and strategy while we take care of the rest. HypeAuditor’s influencer marketing package ensures that you’ll have the best tools, statistics, and insights to back up your client’s campaigns.

Get a closer look at your client’s competitors

Analyze competitors’ marketing strategies and performance to develop the best approach. View market trends in the influencer marketing space and gather rock-solid data to back up your pitch.
Get a closer look at your client’s competitors

Access a 78.7M+ strong database of influencers to find the perfect fit

With Influencer Discovery, refine your influencer search using a range of filters. Find creators based on their audience’s location, age, interests, and income to make on-brand recommendations for your client.
Access a 78.7M+ strong database of influencers to find the perfect fit

Vet prospective influencers on key performance metrics

Give an influencer the final seal of approval using Influencer Analytics. Investigate their past advertising performance, ensure good engagement rate and reach, filter out accounts with fraudulent growth, and verify that their content is brand-safe.
Vet prospective influencers on key performance metrics

Reach out to influencers with ease

Make communicating easy so you can focus on the rest. With Influencer Outreach, contact influencers in bulk to offer them client collaborations. Personalize messages and build relationships to maintain long-term partnerships for future brand campaigns.
Reach out to influencers with ease

Plan out your campaigns ahead of time

Create a comprehensive campaign plan including all your shortlisted influencers using our Media Plan tool. Get automatic estimates of KPIs including campaign reach, target audience percentage, and ROI to provide your client with tangible predictions.
Plan out your campaigns ahead of time

Collect real-time statistics to track campaign performance

Gain timely feedback on campaign progress. View metrics and automatically trace fraud with minimal manual work so you can prioritize your client’s needs. Instill confidence by sharing your dashboard with them for additional transparency.
Collect real-time statistics to track campaign performance

Save time and report to your clients with a few clicks

Deliver valuable insights into your client’s campaigns with zero fuss using our Automated Reporting feature. Organize campaign data in simple, presentation-ready reports that can easily be shared with your clients and colleagues.
Save time and report to your clients with a few clicks

We’ve got more than just one stamp of approval

Essential Questions for Agencies

What do influencer marketing agencies do?

Essentially, influencer agencies design, execute, and manage influencer marketing activities on behalf of their clients. These may include campaigns with product placement, sponsored content, paid sponsorships, and side companies’ brand promotions done by influencers.

How do influencer marketing agencies make money?

Traditional influencer marketing agencies and influencer marketing companies charge a monthly management fee or a fee based on a proportion of influencers for the execution of the influencer marketing campaigns. Alternatively, they take a percentage of the income generated by popular influencers as commission. These are the most common approaches an influencer company would undertake to generate revenue.

What is an Instagram influencer marketing agency?

An influencer marketing advertising agency that works specifically on Instagram provides an essential service to brands seeking partnerships with Instagram influencers. They offer heavy support for organizations that lack the time or expertise to operate influencer marketing campaigns in-house.

Is influencer marketing effective?

To illustrate how effective influencer marketing or an influencer agent is, here is some important information that represents its direct effect taken from the HubSpot analysis:

  1. 80% of marketers believe influencer marketing is effective, and 89% believe it works as well as (or better than) other marketing channels.

  2. 86% of marketers intend to grow or maintain their investment in influencer marketing in 2022.

  3. Instagram is the most popular influencer marketing tool. Facebook is regarded as the most efficient social channel for influencer campaigns. 

  4. 71% of marketers believe that the quality of customers and traffic generated by influencer marketing is superior to other sources.