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May 2020

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# @username Category From Brazil Followers Auth Eng from BR
1 Kylie 🤍 @kyliejenner

Kylie 🤍

Fashion Modeling Beauty 18.1M 178.1M 487.3K Free report
2 Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo

Family Fitness & Gym Lifestyle Sports with a ball 16M 220.9M 283.1K Free report
3 Selena Gomez @selenagomez

Selena Gomez

Cinema & Actors/actresses 18.3M 178.1M 293.4K Free report
4 Beyoncé @beyonce


Clothing & Outfits Music Art/Artists 24.3M 147M 263.7K Free report
5 Ariana Grande @arianagrande

Ariana Grande

Music Cinema & Actors/actresses 18.2M 187.9M 251.6K Free report
6 Leo Messi @leomessi

Leo Messi

Sports with a ball Clothing & Outfits 12.6M 152.6M 227.9K Free report
7 Whindersson Nunes 🏠 @whinderssonnunes

Whindersson Nunes 🏠

Cinema & Actors/actresses 33.5M 41.3M 571.1K Free report
8 Taylor Swift @taylorswift

Taylor Swift

Music 22.2M 133.4M 243.8K Free report
9 ene10ta Érre 🇧🇷 👻 neymarjr @neymarjr

ene10ta Érre 🇧🇷 👻 neymarjr

Sports with a ball 18.9M 138.9M 210.5K Free report
10 Kendall @kendalljenner


Modeling 7.7M 130.3M 178.4K Free report
11 Kim Kardashian West @kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian West

Shows 14.2M 172.5M 147.4K Preview
12 BILLIE EILISH @billieeilish


Music 4.4M 63.3M 427.3K Preview
13 Khloé @khloekardashian


Modeling 9.8M 112.2M 192.1K Preview
14 Shawn Mendes @shawnmendes

Shawn Mendes

Music 8.7M 56M 315.9K Preview
15 badgalriri @badgalriri


Music 13.8M 82.9M 178.1K Preview
16 marilia mendonça @mariliamendoncacantora

marilia mendonça

Music 25.1M 31.9M 451.8K Preview
17 Bruna Marquezine ♡ @brunamarquezine

Bruna Marquezine ♡

Cinema & Actors/actresses 31.1M 39.5M 289.8K Preview
18 Jennifer Aniston @jenniferaniston

Jennifer Aniston

Cinema & Actors/actresses 3.1M 33.7M 491.7K Preview
19 Manu Gavassi @manugavassi

Manu Gavassi

Cinema & Actors/actresses 12M 14.8M 665.3K Preview
20 Justin Bieber @justinbieber

Justin Bieber

Music 14.9M 137.1M 85.5K Preview
21 Marina Ruy Barbosa @marinaruybarbosa

Marina Ruy Barbosa

Cinema & Actors/actresses 27.7M 36.1M 313.7K Preview
22 Barbie @nickiminaj


Music 9.3M 115.2M 92.6K Preview
23 DUA LIPA @dualipa


Music 8.2M 46.3M 233.6K Preview
24 Anitta 🎤 @anitta

Anitta 🎤

Music Fashion Art/Artists 35.6M 47.1M 197.8K Preview
25 +A @maisa


Music 26.1M 32.3M 271.6K Preview
26 Cardi B @iamcardib

Cardi B

Music 6.4M 66.3M 162.9K Preview
27 mills @milliebobbybrown


Cinema & Actors/actresses 4.6M 33.3M 291K Preview
28 Alok @alok


Music Art/Artists 15.9M 20.1M 386.6K Preview
29 🏛 Gusttavo Lima 🏛 @gusttavolima

🏛 Gusttavo Lima 🏛

Music 24.6M 32.4M 270.8K Preview
30 RAFAELLA KALIMANN @rafakalimann


Modeling 13.1M 15.7M 383.8K Preview
31 Instagram @instagram


Photography 16.9M 350.9M 22.9K Preview
32 Lili Reinhart @lilireinhart

Lili Reinhart

Cinema & Actors/actresses 3.5M 23.8M 270.1K Preview
33 Demi Lovato @ddlovato

Demi Lovato

Music Cinema & Actors/actresses Shows Fashion 12.7M 83.2M 90.6K Preview
34 camila mendes @camimendes

camila mendes

Cinema & Actors/actresses 5.2M 23.4M 287.2K Preview
35 Mari Maria @marimaria

Mari Maria

Beauty Art/Artists Family 11.5M 15.4M 417.1K Preview
36 Ester Expósito @ester_exposito

Ester Expósito

Lifestyle Cinema & Actors/actresses 1.6M 22.9M 263.4K Preview
37 Larissa Manoela @larissamanoela

Larissa Manoela

Cinema & Actors/actresses 25.4M 32.4M 174.6K Preview
38 LISA @lalalalisa_m


Music 1.7M 33.3M 215.1K Preview
39 KATY PERRY @katyperry


Music 13.7M 97.5M 63.2K Preview
40 Miley Cyrus @mileycyrus

Miley Cyrus

Music 14.2M 109.4M 53.2K Preview
41 simoneses @simoneses


Music 19.9M 26M 226.6K Preview
42 MEL MAIA @melissamelmaia


Music 7.2M 8.6M 411.6K Preview
43 Kourtney Kardashian @kourtneykardash

Kourtney Kardashian

Cinema & Actors/actresses Modeling 6.8M 93.1M 53.7K Preview
44 CARLINHOS MAIA 🌻 @carlinhosmaiaof


Humor & Fun & Happiness Lifestyle 13.7M 16.9M 240.2K Preview
45 therock @therock


Cinema & Actors/actresses Business & Careers Fitness & Gym 11M 184.6M 30.1K Preview
46 Paulo Dybala @paulodybala

Paulo Dybala

Sports with a ball 3.9M 38.5M 128.9K Preview
47 Tata Werneck @tatawerneck

Tata Werneck

Cinema & Actors/actresses 31.7M 41.3M 92.8K Preview
48 Vin Diesel @vindiesel

Vin Diesel

Cinema & Actors/actresses 8.5M 64.2M 83K Preview
49 charli d’amelio @charlidamelio

charli d’amelio

Photography Family Humor & Fun & Happiness 1.4M 19.4M 264.2K Preview
50 camila @camila_cabello


Music Modeling 7.1M 49.9M 104K Preview
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