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HypeAuditor free Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator allows you to find out how much your followers are engaged with your Instagram account.

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Instagram Engagement Calculator

Would you like to know how engaging your content on Instagram is? The Instagram Engagement Calculator allows you to measure the engagement rate for any Instagram account based on the interactions it receives. HypeAuditor free Instagram Engagement Calculator allows you to find out how much your followers are engaged with your profile.

What is Instagram engagement?

Engagement Rate or ER is a metric that helps you understand how engaged is an influencer’s audience. Low engagement level indicates that the audience does not like the content. Extremely low engaegemnt rate says that most of the creator’s followers are bots or inactive accounts. To check whether an account has fake followers, use our free fake followers checker tool.

How do you Calculate Instagram Engagement Rate?

Any interaction made by an Instagram user with your content is considered as engagement. Thus, likes, comments, and Stories views are all the components of your engagement rate. At HypeAuditor, we measure engagement in a clear and efficient way. We use the following formula to calculate the Instagram engagement rate:

Instagram Engagement Rate = (Likes + Comments)/Followers * 100%

This Instagram engagement rate formula is based on 12 recent posts in a profile. It gives you the median engagement rate for these publications. However, we do not include in calculation those posts which have either too high or too low engagement rate since they are considered statistically as outliers and are excluded from calculations to give the fairest evaluation.

Using the HypeAuditor Engagement rate calculator, you can check your Instagram account online and get an instant insight into how well your profile performs on Instagram. The calculation ensures accurate results due to the smart formula applied and is available for free on HypeAuditor official website.

How do you calculate the engagement rate per post?

To calculate the engagement rate for a particular post you should sum the post’s likes and comments and divide it by the number of followers.

Instagram Post Engagement Rate = (Post’s Likes + Post’s Comments)/Followers * 100%

What is the average engagement rate?

The average Engagement Rate on Instagram in 2020 is 4.41%. The engagement Rate on Instagram has a strong correlation with the number of followers. The more followers you have, the less is engagement. It’s not accurate to compare Er of an influencer with 5K followers and an influencer with 1M followers.

Followers Instagram Average ER in 2020
1,000 to 5,000 8.11%
5,000 to 20,000 4.11%
20,000 to 100,000 3.65%
100,000 to 500,000 3.27%
500,000 to 1,000,000 3,26%
1,000,000 to +∞ 2.89%

What is a good engagement rate on Instagram 2020?

Since the average Engagement Rate on Instagram is 4.41%, thus any value above this is considered as good and higher than average. When evaluating someone’s Instagram Engagement, keep in mind that you should compare accounts with a similar number of followers.

Who has the highest engagement on Instagram?

The highest authentic engagement rate on Instagram is between 35 and 40%. But in most cases such a high engagement rate indicates that the number of likes and comment were increased artificially. Creators us automated services to generate a particular number of engagements for each post. HypeAuditor algorithm is trained to detect such activity.

Why is my IG engagement so low?

Low engagement rate can be an indicator of a low content and audience quality. Check the audience authenticity, if you have a lot of low-quality followers, your engagement rate will be low. Low-quality followers are fake followers, suspicious accounts and mass followers. HypeAuditor will help you to check the health of your audience.

Content also matters, if you post less frequently and the content became not so engaged and interesting, then followers will stop engage with your post.

Why is Instagram Engagement important?

There are several reasons why measuring engagement is important. Instagram engagement essentially reflects whether your content matches the interests of your followers. There is no point in having a large following if in reality, your audience does not interact much with your content.

Today, any influencer collaboration starts with the evaluation of the quality of a creator’s following. Make sure you use the engagement calculator for Instagram to know the essential statistics of your account. This is especially important for creators who are willing to pursue brand deals.