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Free Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator

Try our free Engagement Rate Calculator to find out the engagement of any Instagram account
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Instagram engagement calculator as the main reason for your influencer marketing

Importance of Instagram engagement rate calculator

There are a lot of reasons why a marketer or a business might want to calculate Instagram engagement rate.

  • One of the most essential ones is the confidence that an influencer candidate has an authentic audience along with a transparent profile and no fake followers. That is a very common reason why so many marketers may be skeptical about any potential influencer.
  • Another vital reason is affiliate marketing results since by providing a more specific engagement rate, a marketer can estimate the ROI and the right amount of money he has to invest.

The Instagram engagement calculator above essentially reflects whether your content matches the interests of your followers. There is no point in having a large following if, in reality, your audience does not interact much with your content.

Today, any influencer collaboration starts with evaluating the quality of a creator’s following. Make sure you use the engagement rate Instagram calculator to know the essential statistics of your account. That is especially important for creators who are willing to pursue brand deals.

How does one increase the Instagram engagement rate for their account?

If you do have a high Instagram engagement rate and your profile is constantly brimming with new posts and Stories, then your account will probably be noticed by the Instagram algorithm. And then your profile will gain another batch of followers that will enjoy your content. But to do that, you need to increase the engagement, which later on you can check via our Instagram engagement rate calculator free. How do you do that? Here are some of the most common approaches:

  1. The majority of captions contain questions aimed to stimulate user interaction with posts. You should always include questions in your own posts and respond to questions in postings that you find interesting.
  2. Comment Pods on Instagram are the subject of much debate in the community, but I think they’re a positive thing that facilitates consistent engagement with accounts you appreciate. For additional information on what a comment pod is, please see this blog post.
  3. Examine hashtags you enjoy, then scroll through the postings to discover new accounts to follow and interact with.
  4. By saving the photos that you may like or just by simply doing that, you will create a certain benefit for other users and indicate to Instagram that their material is doing well. This is an act of kindness in the hope that other people would do the same with your content.
  5. Include question boxes, polls, etc. in your Instagram Stories to encourage interaction with your audience. This facilitates communication with your followers and helps you appear more personal. On social media, it is preferable to be genuine and approachable rather than flawlessly polished. Share content that goes beyond your glossy marketing campaign to reveal the genuine people and experiences behind your company. This may be releasing behind-the-scenes footage in an Instagram story, creating a humorous remark, or accepting responsibility for any errors. The best approach to check that is to use our Instagram engagement rate calculator.
  6. Using Instagram Live to stream live video is an excellent way to communicate directly with users, distribute news, and increase engagement. Evidently, 80% of viewers would prefer to watch a Livestream than read a blog piece. Give them what they truly want! With Live video, you may live-answer queries, greet viewers by name, and generally invite your audience into your world in a personal and engaging manner. If you so choose, you may also cultivate an eCommerce audience with Instagram’s new Live Shopping function. Additionally, after a few live sessions, you can check your results with our engagement rate Instagram calculator.

Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator Questions

Would you like to know how engaging your Instagram content is? The Engagement Rate Calculator Instagram allows you to measure the engagement for any account based on the interactions it receives. HypeAuditor’s free Instagram Engagement Calculator will enable you to find out how much your followers are engaged with your profile.

What is Instagram engagement?

Engagement Rate or simply ER is a metric that helps you understand how engaged an influencer’s audience is. A low engagement shows that the audience does not like the content. It also may indicate that most of the creator’s followers are bots or inactive accounts. To check any specific Instagram profiles, use our Engagement Calculator Instagram to conduct free followers check and detect whether an account has fake followers.

How to calculate engagement rate on Instagram?

Any interaction made by an Instagram user with your content is considered engagement. Thus, likes, comments, and Stories views are all the components of your engagement rate. At HypeAuditor, with the help of a free Instagram engagement calculator we measure engagement clearly and efficiently. We use the following formula to calculate Instagram engagement rate:

Instagram Engagement Rate = (Likes + Comments)/Followers * 100%

This Instagram engagement rate formula is based on 12 recent posts in a profile. It gives you the median engagement rate for these publications. However, we do not include those posts that have either too high or too low an engagement rate in the calculation since they are considered statistical outliers and are excluded from calculations to give the fairest evaluation.

Using the HypeAuditor engagement Instagram calculator above, you can check your Instagram account online and get an instant insight into how well your profile performs on Instagram. The calculation ensures accurate results due to the intelligent formula applied and is available for free on HypeAuditor’s official website.

How to calculate engagement rate per post on Instagram?

To calculate engagement rate Instagram for a particular post, you should combine the number of likes and comments from this post and divide it by the number of followers. The formula looks like this:

Instagram Post Engagement Rate = (Post’s Likes + Post’s Comments)/Followers * 100%

What is the average Instagram engagement rate?

To be completely honest, the average Engagement Rate on Instagram depends on the number of influencers that an Instagram account has. However, if we’re talking the overall average Instagram engagement rate in 2024 is 2.2%. It has significantly dropped compared to the past two years. Perhaps this is due to the fact that users began to spend part of their time in Reels and more time in Stories, so the activity on posts has decreased. Additionally, here is the list of average ER for all types of influencers:

  • 1,000 to 5,000 followers - average ER is 4.8%
  • 20,000 to 100,000 followers - average ER is 1.2%
  • 100,000 to 1,000,000 followers - average ER is 1,0%
  • 1,000,000 to +∞ followers - average ER is 1.2%

What is a good engagement rate on Instagram 2024?

Since the average Engagement Rate on Instagram is 2.2%, any value above this is considered good and higher than average. When evaluating someone’s profile via Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator, keep in mind that you should compare accounts with a similar number of followers.

Who has the highest engagement on Instagram?

The highest authentic engagement rate on Instagram is between 35 and 40%. But in most cases, such a high engagement rate indicates that the number of likes and comments was increased artificially. Creators use automated services to generate a certain number of engagements for each post. The HypeAuditor Instagram engagement calculator is trained to detect such activity.

Why is my IG engagement so low?

A low engagement rate can indicate low content and audience quality. Check the audience’s authenticity. If you have a lot of low-quality followers, your engagement rate will be below. Low-quality followers are fake followers, suspicious accounts, and mass followers. HypeAuditor will help you to check the health of your audience. Content also matters. If you post less frequently and the content becomes less engaging and exciting, followers will stop engaging with your post.

How to calculate monthly engagement rate on Instagram?

The formula for calculating the monthly engagement rate of a particular Instagram account is very similar to the Engagement Calculator Instagram we have described above. First, count the number of posts you have already made during a single month. Then use the formula below to calculate the engagement rate for each post in a given month via this formula:

Instagram Post Engagement Rate = (Post’s Likes + Post’s Comments)/Followers * 100%

Lastly, once you have calculated the engagement rate of each post of a chosen month, combine all of them and divide by the number of all posts. That way you will definitely know how to calculate monthly engagement rate on Instagram. The last formula goes like this:

Monthly Post Engagement Rate = (ER of the 1 post + ER of the 2 post … + ER of the last post) / Number of all posts in a chosen month

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