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December 11 2018

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# @username Topics Audience Country Followers Authentic Engagement
951 I AM JOJO BABiE✨ @jojo_babie


Fitness Modeling United States 8.5M 74.7K Preview
952 jade amelia thirlwall @jadethirlwall

jade amelia thirlwall

Singer Dance United States 5.3M 121.1K Preview
953 lauren @laurenorlando88


Lifestyle United States 4.2M 151.8K Preview
954 써니 (Sunny) @515sunnyday

써니 (Sunny)

Movies Indonesia 4.7M 134.6K Preview
955 Barış Arduç @arducbrs

Barış Arduç

Actors Lifestyle Turkey 5.2M 122.1K Preview
956 Course @course


Lifestyle United States 4M 158.3K Preview
957 jenna ortega @jennaortega

jenna ortega

Actors Lifestyle United States 4.4M 143.5K Preview
958 Bastian Schweinsteiger @bastianschweinsteiger

Bastian Schweinsteiger

Soccer Sports Germany 9.4M 67.1K Preview
959 Mauricio Ochmann @mauochmann

Mauricio Ochmann

Actors Mexico 5.3M 119.7K Preview
960 Jim Parsons @therealjimparsons

Jim Parsons

Actors Humor United States 6.6M 95K Preview
961 8FACT By 9GAG @8fact


Music India 7.4M 85.1K Preview
962 Gading Marten @gadiiing

Gading Marten

TV Host Indonesia 9.9M 63K Preview
963 Garrett Watts @garrett_watts

Garrett Watts

Video Blogger United States 2M 312.4K Preview
964 바비 @bobbyindaeyo


Singer Indonesia 2M 319.6K Preview
965 Eunhyuk @eunhyukee44


Singer Band Music Indonesia 4.1M 153.9K Preview
966 Julius Dein @juliusdein

Julius Dein

Lifestyle United States 5.8M 108.4K Preview
967 JoJo Siwa @itsjojosiwa

JoJo Siwa

Music Singer Dance United States 7.6M 82.1K Preview
968 Chris Paul @cp3

Chris Paul

Sports Basketball United States 8.4M 74.5K Preview
969 Bethany Noel Mota @bethanynoelm

Bethany Noel Mota

Fashion Choreographer Lifestyle United States 5.2M 118.7K Preview
970 Thibaut Courtois @thibautcourtois

Thibaut Courtois

Soccer Spain 5.9M 105.6K Preview
971 John Cena @johncena

John Cena

Lifestyle Sports Geek United States 10.6M 58.1K Preview
972 Grazi Massafera @massafera

Grazi Massafera

Actors Lifestyle Brazil 13.6M 45.5K Preview
973 Mike Holston @therealtarzann

Mike Holston

Music Entertainment United States 4.4M 141.5K Preview
974 Walt Disney World @waltdisneyworld

Walt Disney World

Animation Entertainment Film United States 6.9M 88.8K Preview
975 Goar Avetisyan 🇦🇲 @goar_avetisyan

Goar Avetisyan 🇦🇲

Beauty Russia 5.5M 111.8K Preview
976 G. Medina @gabrielmedina

G. Medina

Surfing Brazil 6.5M 94.4K Preview
977 DR. SHAQUILLE O'NEAL Ed.D. @shaq


Sports Music United States 10.1M 60.7K Preview
978 Rafa Polinesio @ppteamrafa

Rafa Polinesio

Travel Lifestyle Mexico 4.3M 141K Preview
979 Sasha @sashameneghel


Actors Fashion Modeling Brazil 5.4M 112.6K Preview
980 amazingphil @amazingphil


Fashion United States 3.4M 177.6K Preview
981 Danielle Dias @daniellediz

Danielle Dias

Singer Brazil 3.2M 187.6K Preview
982 EeOneGuy | Ivan Rudskoy @boredoneguy

EeOneGuy | Ivan Rudskoy

Video Blogger Russia 2.6M 234.9K Preview
983 Arthur Aguiar @arthuraguiar

Arthur Aguiar

Singer Actors Brazil 8.2M 74.1K Preview
984 1958 @songilkook


Fashion Modeling Fashion Design Indonesia 2.3M 267.6K Preview
985 محمد ابوتريكة @aboutrikamohammed

محمد ابوتريكة

Soccer Sports Egypt 4.4M 136.6K Preview
986 Jimmy Butler @jimmybutler

Jimmy Butler

Basketball United States 3.9M 157.5K Preview
987 Rayito @debryanshow


Sports Mexico 6.2M 97.2K Preview
988 Syahrini @princessyahrini


Singer Indonesia 24.1M 25.1K Preview
989 kristen bell @kristenanniebell

kristen bell

Actors United States 8.6M 70.2K Preview
990 Mc Livinho @mclivinho

Mc Livinho

Music Brazil 7.4M 82.1K Preview
991 Hina Khan @realhinakhan

Hina Khan

Modeling Fashion Actors India 4.1M 148.5K Preview
992 Pretty Little Liars @prettylittleliars

Pretty Little Liars

Actors Movies United States 8M 75.2K Preview
993 Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa @jailyneojeda

Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa

Modeling Fashion Entrepreneur United States 9.2M 65.2K Preview
994 Chance The Rapper @chancetherapper

Chance The Rapper

Music Lifestyle Rap United States 9.2M 65.1K Preview
995 Jimmy Neutch- Shumpert @teyanataylor

Jimmy Neutch- Shumpert

Actors Lifestyle United States 7.8M 77.2K Preview
996 tameramowrytwo @tameramowrytwo


Actors United States 6.4M 93.6K Preview
997 Founder SHIFT @pemudahijrah @hanan_attaki

Founder SHIFT @pemudahijrah

Video Blogger Indonesia 5.2M 115.8K Preview
998 НАСТЯ ИВЛЕЕВА @nastyaivleeva


Fashion Russia 2.9M 206.1K Preview
999 KYO OUT NOW @lorenxgray


Lifestyle Beauty United States 4.8M 123.3K Preview
1,000 Lupita Nyong'o @lupitanyongo

Lupita Nyong'o

Actors Producers United States 6.2M 95.7K Preview
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