PricingFor influencers

Enjoy the Benefits of Partnership

By joining our worldwide partner network you receive specific benefits designed to accelerate your business growth and support your way towards transparent and data-driven influencer marketing.


Increase your visibility and recognition by being listed as a HypeAuditor official partner.


Obtain a partner badge to show your clients that you’re a trusted and experienced business.

Support and Training

Get access to our training resources and 24x5 support to develop your influencer marketing skills.

Financial Incentives

Earn up to 30% commission for approved sales. The more you promote, the more money you earn.

Marketing Materials

Use a range of our marketing and sales resources to promote your solutions and services, increase brand awareness, and win new customers.

Are You a Good Fit?


Recommend the HypeAuditor reports and tools to your clients and get a special commission.

Solution Advisors & Consultants

Get fully trained by our influencer marketing experts, promote HypeAuditor to your clients, and start earning.

Value-Added Resellers

Include our solutions in your portfolio to address market demands and increase your market share.

Frequently Asked Questions about HypeAuditor Partnership

What is the HypeAuditor Partnership Program and how does it work?

As a member of the HypeAuditor Partnership program, you can earn a commission without the need for investments. You will be able to increase your visibility and recognition by getting a partner badge and being listed as a HypeAuditor official partner.

What are the requirements to become a partner?

The HypeAuditor partnership program is designed for marketing agencies and consultants who provide professional influencer marketing services. We will need you to describe your business profile, either you are an agency, solo entrepreneur, or consultant.

How much does it cost to become a partner?

Becoming a partner is completely free. There are no costs associated with being a HypeAuditor partner. Once it’s approved, you will need to sign an agreement. Then you will go through an onboarding process and earn your partner badge.

How do I become a HypeAuditor partner?

Joining a HypeAuditor partnership program is easy and fast! Simply fill out the application form and wait until it’s approved.

How can I learn how to use the HypeAuditor report and tools?

You will get fully onboarded by the HypeAuditor team and have access to our training resources and customer support. Our influencer marketing experts will guide you through our reports and tools so you can learn how to make the most of HypeAuditor and effectively promote the solution to your clients.

What is the commission for partners?

HypeAuditor partners can earn up to 30% for every sale they make within this partnership.

What are the benefits of becoming a partner?

Benefits for HypeAuditor partners include:

  1. Up to 30% for every sale;

  2. Being listed as a HypeAuditor official partner;

  3. A partner badge as proof to your clients that you’re a trusted business;

  4. Training resources and 24x5 support

How can I promote HypeAuditor?

You are not obliged to have a website to effectively promote HypeAuditor. You can use different social media platforms, recommend our tools and reports to your clients and show them how it works.