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Gain detailed insights on key campaign performance metrics
Step 7
Campaign Management
Manage and track your influencer marketing campaigns
Step 6
Influencer Outreach
Directly connect and collaborate with influencers
Step 5
Media Planning
Create a media plan to estimate campaign performance
Step 4
Influencer Analytics
View statistics for any social media account or channel
Step 3
Influencer Search
Search for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch influencers from a 50M+ database
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Market & Competitor Analysis
Analyze market trends and competitors’ marketing campaigns
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Streamline your influencer marketing strategy using our 7-step process

No need for a full-scale influencer marketing team. HypeAuditor’s comprehensive suite takes the hassle out of the process by handling everything from initial research to final reporting.

Keep an eye on what your competitors are up to

Find out how big players in the automotive industry are growing their brands with Competitor Analysis. Gain insight into their campaign budgets and performance, see who they’re targeting, and take a look at which car influencers they’re working with.
Keep an eye on what your competitors  are up to

Discover the right opinion leaders to represent your brand

From car vloggers to celebrities, find your brand’s perfect ambassador. With Influencer Discovery, use a range of filters including audience age, location, and income to search for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube influencers from a 78.3M+ database.
Discover the right opinion leaders to represent your brand

Analyze influencers’ accounts to get a clear look at their stats

With Influencer Analysis, make sure creators are a good choice for your brand by ensuring their content is brand-safe and easily vet them for inorganic or fraudulent growth. Check out their audiences’ brand affinity and engagement to ensure organic interest in the car and automotive industries.
Analyze influencers’ accounts to get a clear look at their stats

Directly contact influencers you’re interested in working with

Make communicating easy. Import influencers straight to your mailing list, send bulk emails to make contacting influencers quicker and easier, or personalize your messages for a better response rate.
Directly contact influencers you’re interested in working with

Plan out your marketing campaigns

Create a comprehensive media plan to better understand how your campaign will perform. Estimate your campaign’s KPIs including its overall performance and reach.
Plan out your marketing campaigns

Manage and automatically track your campaigns

Minimal manual work, zero fuss. Monitor how your campaign is performing and easily pick up any fraud during the campaign’s duration. Import previous campaigns from Excel to HypeAuditor to have everything in one place.
Manage and automatically track your campaigns

Gain a deeper understanding of your campaign’s performance

Assess your overall campaign performance and zone in on key metrics. Measure the effectiveness of partnered influencers and make educated decisions on who to work with to increase your mileage in the future.
Gain a deeper understanding of your campaign’s performance

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Essential Questions for Car Brands Industry

Who is the best car vlogger?

There are plenty of popular car vloggers who are well known amongst car lovers. The list includes car influencers such as:

  1. Shmee150 – Exotic Car Vlogger & Automotive Collector

  2. Supercar Blondie – Supercar Superwoman, Female Car Vlogger

  3. Doug DeMuro – Technical Car Review Channel

  4. Manny Khoshbin – Real Estate & YouTube Supercar Channel

  5. Salomondrin – New Car Vlogs & Exotic Car Collection

While it’s difficult to choose a definitive best, car enthusiasts rate these five car vloggers most highly.

Who is the most popular car Youtuber?

There is no perfect answer as to who is truly the best influencer auto YouTuber out there. However, we’ve put together a list of some popular YouTube car vloggers based on their reach, content quality, and engagement rate. These are:

  1. Mighty Car Mods

  2. Doug DeMuro

  3. Jay Leno’s Garage

  4. Emilia Hartform

  5. Motor Trend Channel

What opportunities can I have with your influencer marketing platform?

There is no doubt that by utilizing our interconnected and unified influencer management platform, a marketer will be able to benefit significantly from it or even open new opportunities for their business. These advantages that we are talking about are:

  1. Saving enough time and money for other marketing tasks and strategies

  2. Expansion of your existing influencer list

  3. A digital space to start flexible and new influencer campaigns

How much do car YouTubers make?

The total income of automotive influencers varies greatly depending on many different factors. To give approximate estimates among all possible automotive social media YouTubers, we’ll provide a rough breakdown of some popular car vloggers for you to compare:

  1. Vehicle Virgins: $60,000 per month.

  2. Cleetus McFarland: $70,000 per month.

  3. Doug Demuro: $100,000 + per month.

  4. Tavarish: $28,000 per month.

Keep in mind that these numbers tend to come from affiliate marketing. To understand how much car vloggers make on their own, you’ll also have to consider their profits from:

  1. Merchandise.

  2. Sponsorships.

  3. Patreon.

  4. Info Products.

  5. Ad revenue

As you can see, affiliate marketing is just the tip of the iceberg. You can look into each car vlogger directly to get a more transparent estimate of their earnings.

What's the biggest car YouTube Channel?

As of right now, the biggest channel among car influencers is MAIKI021. Their channel has over 13.5 million subscribers and counting!