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Updated: July 2020

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Rank @username Category Audience Country Followers Authentic Engagement
1 NASA @nasa


Science Photography United States 59.5M 613.7K Free report
2 National Geographic @natgeo

National Geographic

Animals Nature & landscapes Science United States 140.2M 229K Free report
3 SpaceX @spacex


Science Machinery & Technologies United States 7.7M 369.2K Free report
4 International Space Station @iss

International Space Station

Photography Science United States 7M 80.6K Free report
5 Gaurav Chaudhary @technicalguruji

Gaurav Chaudhary

Lifestyle Shows Science India 1.8M 212.3K Free report
6 Hubble Space Telescope @nasahubble

Hubble Space Telescope

Photography Science United States 3.4M 89.9K Free report
7 Fuckology @fuckologyofficial


Science India 3.3M 63.5K Free report
8 Indian space research org. @isro.in

Indian space research org.

Science India 975K 82.8K Free report
9 Astroloucamente por signos @astroloucamente

Astroloucamente por signos

Humor & Fun & Happiness Science Brazil 3.7M 11.4K Free report
10 Airbus @airbus


Machinery & Technologies Science United States 2M 30K Free report


Adult content Science United States 1.7M 29.1K Preview
12 astrology memes ⊹₊ @astrhology

astrology memes ⊹₊

Music Humor & Fun & Happiness Science United States 1M 44K Preview
13 physicsfun @physicsfun


Science United States 1.9M 25.2K Preview
14 Neil deGrasse Tyson @neildegrassetyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Science United States 1.3M 37K Preview
15 NASA Exploration Systems @explorenasa

NASA Exploration Systems

Science United States 2.1M 21.4K Preview
16 ESA @europeanspaceagency


Science United States 1.8M 23K Preview
17 Sakis Tanimanidis @sakiswp

Sakis Tanimanidis

Science Greece 923.6K 35.4K Preview
18 UAS عبد الصمد @ustadzabdulsomad_official

UAS عبد الصمد

Science Trainers & Coaches Indonesia 3.5M 10.9K Preview
19 The Guardian @guardian

The Guardian

Science Shows Literature & Journalism United Kingdom 3.4M 11.4K Preview
20 Neil deGrasse Tyson Fan Page @neil.degrasse

Neil deGrasse Tyson Fan Page

Science United States 1M 32.2K Preview
21 NASA Solar System Exploration @nasasolarsystem

NASA Solar System Exploration

Science Machinery & Technologies United States 1.4M 20.9K Preview
22 Dr. Joe Dispenza @drjoedispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Science United States 1.2M 22.3K Preview
23 Atila Iamarino @oatila

Atila Iamarino

Shows Science Brazil 895.4K 25.4K Preview
24 science 🚀 @sciencesetfree

science 🚀

Water sports Science Brazil 783.4K 27.9K Preview
25 TheScientistFacts🚀 @thescientistfacts


Lifestyle Science India 1.1M 21.4K Preview
26 Moonly Horoscopes @moonlyhoroscopes

Moonly Horoscopes

Music Humor & Fun & Happiness Science United States 731.8K 26.3K Preview
27 🔮Burclargram🔮 @burclargram


Science Family Turkey 3M 7.7K Preview
28 Science by Guff 🧬 @science

Science by Guff 🧬

Animals Science United States 1.3M 15.2K Preview
29 NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory @nasachandraxray

NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory

Science United States 929.4K 17.7K Preview
30 Anton Tanjung @antontanjung

Anton Tanjung

Business & Careers Science Indonesia 1.3M 10.3K Preview
31 George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz

George Steinmetz

Nature & landscapes Science Photography United States 1.1M 18.2K Preview
32 Science Channel @sciencechannel

Science Channel

Science Shows United States 1.8M 10.6K Preview
33 SpaceX Daily @spacexpage

SpaceX Daily

Science Machinery & Technologies Photography United States 1.3M 15.3K Preview
34 VICE @vice


Science Music Shows Literature & Journalism United States 3.5M 4.2K Preview
35  @sistersvillage

Science Literature & Journalism Lifestyle United States 1M 11.4K Preview
36 Магеря Илья - ЭНДОКРИНОЛОГ @magerya_endocrinolog_


Health & Medicine Science Russia 654.8K 19.8K Preview
37 NASA Earth Observatory @nasaearth

NASA Earth Observatory

Nature & landscapes Science Photography United States 1M 15.7K Preview
38 Evelyn Chen 理科太太 @liketaitai

Evelyn Chen 理科太太

Family Science Taiwan 561K 20.7K Preview
39 Codly 😌💖 @codlyplays

Codly 😌💖

Science Lifestyle Mexico 1.1M 11.7K Preview
40 astrogeekz @astrogeekz


Science India 432.2K 24.2K Preview
41 Mission Juno @nasajuno

Mission Juno

Science United States 478.7K 21.5K Preview
42 The Our Space @theourspace

The Our Space

Science United States 625.6K 15.3K Preview
43 Science.Fact | حقایق علمی @science.fact

Science.Fact | حقایق علمی

Science Iran 553.1K 17.6K Preview
44 Ciencia y filosofía @la_ciencia_dice

Ciencia y filosofía

Science Argentina 524.9K 17.7K Preview
45 Татьяна Черниговская @tv_chernigovskaya

Татьяна Черниговская

Music Science Russia 574.8K 15.3K Preview
46 Comunidad Digital De: @conocimientoinfinito

Comunidad Digital De:

Science Colombia 2.5M 3.5K Preview
47 Mechanical Engineering @mechanic_tube

Mechanical Engineering

Machinery & Technologies Science United States 738.3K 11.1K Preview
48 Эзотерика Йога Психология @yoga.ezoterika

Эзотерика Йога Психология

Lifestyle Health & Medicine Science Russia 734.5K 11.1K Preview
49 Популярная Наука @science__vines

Популярная Наука

Science Russia 1.2M 8K Preview
50 SCOTT KELLY @stationcdrkelly


Science United States 1.1M 8.7K Preview
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