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June 2020

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# @username Category Audience Country Followers Authentic Engagement
1 Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo

Family Fitness & Gym Lifestyle Sports with a ball Brazil 222.2M 3.7M Free report
2 therock @therock


Cinema & Actors/actresses Business & Careers Fitness & Gym United States 185.5M 851.9K Free report
3 Nike @nike


Fashion Fitness & Gym Shopping & Retail Clothing & Outfits United States 113.2M 339K Free report
4 Conor McGregor Official @thenotoriousmma

Conor McGregor Official

Fitness & Gym United States 36.7M 869.3K Free report
5 Logan Paul @loganpaul

Logan Paul

Shows Fitness & Gym United States 17.9M 590.7K Free report
6 Khabib Nurmagomedov @khabib_nurmagomedov

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Fitness & Gym Russia 20.3M 514.2K Free report
7 Victoria's Secret @victoriassecret

Victoria's Secret

Clothing & Outfits Fitness & Gym United States 68.9M 99.9K Free report
8 Arnold Schwarzenegger @schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Cinema & Actors/actresses Fitness & Gym India 20.8M 283.5K Free report
9 Rohit Sharma @rohitsharma45

Rohit Sharma

Sports with a ball Lifestyle Fitness & Gym India 13.8M 398.4K Free report
10 Mia K. @miakhalifa

Mia K.

Cinema & Actors/actresses Fitness & Gym India 20.5M 176.6K Free report
11 Nastya Nass @nastya_nass_

Nastya Nass

Shows Art/Artists Fitness & Gym United States 7.9M 395.3K Preview
12 Floyd Mayweather @floydmayweather

Floyd Mayweather

Fitness & Gym United States 23.5M 138K Preview
13 Luisa Fernanda W @luisafernandaw

Luisa Fernanda W

Cinema & Actors/actresses Modeling Fitness & Gym Fashion Colombia 13.7M 263.3K Preview
14 Anthony Joshua @anthonyjoshua

Anthony Joshua

Fitness & Gym United Kingdom 11.3M 274.6K Preview
15 Black Star @timatiofficial

Black Star

Music Family Fitness & Gym Lifestyle Russia 15.6M 187.3K Preview
16 Лиза Миллер @kto_takaya

Лиза Миллер

Fitness & Gym Trainers & Coaches Russia 4.8M 651.2K Preview
17 Ryan Garcia @kingryang

Ryan Garcia

Fitness & Gym United States 6.4M 370.4K Preview
18 Amanda Lee @amandaeliselee

Amanda Lee

Fitness & Gym Trainers & Coaches United States 12.1M 155.3K Preview
19 Tammy 🐚 @tammyhembrow

Tammy 🐚

Family Fitness & Gym United States 11.4M 123.5K Preview
20 ufc @ufc


Extreme Sports & Outdoor activity Shows Fitness & Gym United States 20.7M 69.8K Preview
21 Iker Casillas @ikercasillas

Iker Casillas

Sports with a ball Fitness & Gym Spain 16.4M 97.4K Preview
22 Aubameyang Pierre-Emerick @aubameyang97

Aubameyang Pierre-Emerick

Sports with a ball Fitness & Gym Trainers & Coaches United Kingdom 9.5M 122.3K Preview
23 هيفاء حسوني Haifa Hassony @haifa_hassony

هيفاء حسوني Haifa Hassony

Modeling Fitness & Gym Photography Iraq 8.8M 130.7K Preview
24 Pamela Reif @pamela_rf

Pamela Reif

Modeling Fitness & Gym Germany 5.9M 184.3K Preview
25 SIMEONPANDA.COM @simeonpanda


Fitness & Gym Trainers & Coaches United States 6.6M 154.5K Preview
26 Shirin David @shirindavid

Shirin David

Music Cinema & Actors/actresses Lifestyle Fitness & Gym Germany 5.4M 212.7K Preview
27 ANLLELA SAGRA 🇨🇴 @anllela_sagra


Fitness & Gym India 11.7M 93.9K Preview
28 Klay Thompson @klaythompson

Klay Thompson

Sports with a ball Lifestyle Fitness & Gym United States 7.7M 130.7K Preview
29 Katya Elise Henry ♡ @katyaelisehenry

Katya Elise Henry ♡

Modeling Fitness & Gym United States 7.6M 122.6K Preview
30 Randy Orton @randyorton

Randy Orton

Cinema & Actors/actresses Fitness & Gym India 5.6M 176.9K Preview
31 Saul Alvarez @canelo

Saul Alvarez

Fitness & Gym Mexico 6.8M 143.9K Preview
32 Adnaan Shaikh🦁 @adnaan_07dz

Adnaan Shaikh🦁

Humor & Fun & Happiness Fitness & Gym India 5.8M 168.8K Preview
33 Seth Rollins @wwerollins

Seth Rollins

Fitness & Gym India 4.4M 195.9K Preview
34 Siddharth Nigam @thesiddharthnigam

Siddharth Nigam

Fitness & Gym Cinema & Actors/actresses India 4.5M 203K Preview
35 www.bold-beautiful.com @realberniceburgos


Fashion Music Modeling Fitness & Gym United States 5.8M 83.4K Preview
36 adidas (at 🏡) @adidas

adidas (at 🏡)

Sports with a ball Clothing & Outfits Fashion Fitness & Gym United States 25.8M 22.5K Preview
37 Jk @kjk76


Lifestyle Modeling Fitness & Gym Trainers & Coaches Malaysia 3.1M 192.3K Preview
38 Mari Gonzalez ♡ @marigonzalez

Mari Gonzalez ♡

Fitness & Gym Brazil 10.1M 33.3K Preview
39 India’s Fitness & Youth IC⭕️N @sahilkhan

India’s Fitness & Youth IC⭕️N

Fitness & Gym Trainers & Coaches India 5.3M 100.5K Preview
40 Sascha Barboza @saschafitness

Sascha Barboza

Family Food & Cooking Fitness & Gym Trainers & Coaches Colombia 3.8M 110.7K Preview
41 АНАСТАСИЯ СОЗОНИК😁 @nastyasozonik


Fitness & Gym Russia 3.2M 165.6K Preview
42 I AM JOJO BABiE ✨ @jojo_babie


Modeling Fitness & Gym United States 10.1M 54.5K Preview
43 Manny Pacquiao @mannypacquiao

Manny Pacquiao

Fitness & Gym United States 5.8M 92.1K Preview
44 Mercedes Varnado @sashabankswwe

Mercedes Varnado

Fitness & Gym United States 4.7M 98.9K Preview
45 Issa Vegas ✨ @issavegas

Issa Vegas ✨

Humor & Fun & Happiness Fitness & Gym Mexico 6.5M 79.2K Preview
46 Bradley Martyn @bradleymartyn

Bradley Martyn

Modeling Fitness & Gym Trainers & Coaches United States 3.6M 95.7K Preview
47 Andrei Deiu' @andreideiu_

Andrei Deiu'

Fitness & Gym India 3.5M 118.3K Preview
48 Lazar Angelov @lazar_angelov_official

Lazar Angelov

Fitness & Gym India 5.9M 76.2K Preview


Fitness & Gym Humor & Fun & Happiness Brazil 1.8M 198K Preview
50 Yuliett Torres 🇲🇽 @yuliett.torres

Yuliett Torres 🇲🇽

Fitness & Gym Mexico 6.1M 83.5K Preview
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