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Find the Best Instagram Creators

By implementing influencer marketing into your strategy, you can easily promote your products, garner attention of new customers, and improve communication channels with your existing ones. But how can you find the top 1000 influencers on Instagram in 2021?

HypeAuditor can help you discover the biggest social media creators by category and country and select those who best fit your brand. We rank accounts by quality audience and authentic engagement so you can discover the top Instagram pages that attract massive attention. Besides engagement metrics, you can also check:

  • The number of followers
  • Audience country
  • Position changes compared to the last month

Discover Who Rules the Market

Simply specify a country or niche (or both of these criteria) and get an Instagram influencers list with the best opinion leaders in a chosen location and industry. Compare their fan base and engagement and see how their ranking changed compared with the previous month.

From popular travel bloggers to culinary experts, from make-up professionals to fitness stars on Instagram, you can discover the best candidates for your brand in any niche.

If you want to perform an in-depth analysis of a particular Instagram creator, you can explore our Instagram Analytics Report. With the report, you can evaluate any account and collect meaningful insights about influencers’ performance. You can delve deeply into their followers’ demographics, assess their engagement, and understand the overall quality of their audience.

FAQ: Top Instagram Accounts Ranking

  • Who is the most popular influencer on Instagram?

    The most popular influencer on Instagram is @undefined.

  • How many followers does the most popular influencer on Instagram have?

    The most popular influencer on Instagram is @undefined. He has undefined followers.

  • Who are the top 10 Instagram influencers?

    The most popular Instagram influencers are:

    1. What statistics are available for top Instagram influencers?

      You can see the number of followers, categories, engagement metrics, audience location, and position changes compared to the last month.

    2. How do you detect Instagram audience location?

      Influencer’s audience location is detected by the analysis of active and engaged audience (those who put likes and write comments). We show the country where the majority of the audience lives.

    3. How do you detect topics of Instagram profiles?

      In order to correctly identify topics, we analyze the bio and content of influencers' posts. We use machine learning to understand their meaning and, based on this, indicate the appropriate topics.

    4. What is Authentic Engagement?

      The Authentic Engagement metric shows the average number of organic likes and comments per post, i.e. likes and comments that come from real people, without using grey hat methods.

    5. What is Engagement Avg?

      The Engagement Avg metric shows a percent of the audience who like or comment on the influencer's posts (engage with the content).