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Media Plan Features for Effective Influencer Campaign Planning

Automate your influencer marketing with an elegant end-to-end solution. Media Plans give you all the essential features for successful influencer campaign management from influencer lists to your final branded report.

Build a Media Plan for Your Influencer Campaign

Specify your target audience and currency, add influencers right from HypeAuditor, and create a visually appealing media plan for your campaign. Brand your media plan with your business logo to make it professional-looking.

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Keep All Information about Influencers in One Spot

Avoid endless Excel files and keep information about influencer collaborations right in your media plan, such as prices and pieces of content for your campaign (Instagram posts, Stories, or YouTube videos). Leave your comments to better align your team around your campaign.

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Get Instant KPI Estimates

Save time on multiple calculations and get estimates for key campaign KPIs: target audience percentage, Engagement Rate, CPE for Instagram CPM for YouTube, EMV, and ROI.

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Share Your Branded Media Plan with Clients

Forget about the headache with PowerPoint! Get your presentation-ready media plan and share it with your clients using a link. Specify visible metrics that will be displayed in your media plan when showing it to your clients.

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Smooth Experience and Simple Influencer Campaign Planning
Easily add influencers from HypeAuditor to your media plan
You can add influencers to your media plan right from HypeAuditor’s Discovery tool or influencer lists. In Media Plans, you can filter your list by Instagram and YouTube influencers.
Get AI-powered suggestions on which influencers to work with
We provide suggestions on why you should choose a particular influencer for your campaign based on an artificial intelligence algorithm that takes into account multiple performance criteria.
Check all key influencer metrics instantly
Once you add influencers to your media plan, you’ll be able to check all important metrics about them in one spot, including audience size, Engagement Rate, and AQS.

Questions and Answers About Media Plan

  • What is an influencer media plan?

    A media plan for your campaign should include all key elements of your upcoming influencer program like target audience, campaign budget, and KPIs. In HypeAuditor, you can create a media plan, add influencers you’re going to work with, and customize your plan with your brand logo. Better yet, all vital KPIs will be estimated automatically, including target audience percentage, engagement, campaign CPE/CPM, EMV, and ROI.

  • Which are the best KPIs for an influencer marketing campaign?

    Influencer Marketing Campaign KPIs largely depends on your goals. However, the most common performance indicators in influencer marketing are reach, engagement rate, and Earned Media Value.

  • How to plan a successful influencer campaign?

    Many brands have already integrated influencer activities into their marketing mix. However, planning an effective campaign takes time and effort.

    First of all, any influencer marketing campaign starts with research. Gaining market intelligence helps you better understand your competition and the influencer marketing landscape.

    Next, you need to find the right social media influencers for your campaign. We suggest making a shortlist and them analyzing each of the candidates in great detail to pick the best creator.

    Decide on your goals and campaign budget.

    Create a media plan for your influencer campaign with key details of your program.

    Track your results. Analyzing your campaign performance is one of the keys to success.

    The good news is that HypeAuditor provides a range of tools that cover all these steps.

  • How do I run an influencer campaign?

    Before running your influencer campaign, we suggest investing enough time into planning and strategy. It means you should set your campaign goals, choose a social media platform, find relevant influencers, and document your strategy. And always make sure to track your campaign results. This will help you discover the best-performing strategies and optimize your next campaigns.

  • What is an influencer marketing campaign?

    In a nutshell, an influencer marketing campaign is a form of social media marketing that’s based on endorsements from influential people who have a dedicated and loyal audience. Any successful influencer marketing campaign requires planning, a solid strategy, and the right tools that can help you find relevant social media creators, manage your campaign, and track your performance.