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# @username Category From Saudi Arabia Followers Auth Eng from SA
1 𝑀𝑜𝒹𝑒𝓁 𝑅𝑜𝓏 @model_roz

𝑀𝑜𝒹𝑒𝓁 𝑅𝑜𝓏

Beauty Modeling Fashion 4.9M 11.9M 47.4K Free report
2 Nancy Ajram @nancyajram

Nancy Ajram

Music 1.4M 27.6M 17.9K Free report
3 Yasmine Sabri @yasmine_sabri

Yasmine Sabri

Cinema & Actors/actresses Lifestyle 559.9K 11.6M 33.6K Free report
4 Hande Erçel @handemiyy

Hande Erçel

Cinema & Actors/actresses 366.6K 12.7M 25.7K Free report
5 Neslihan Atagül Doğulu @neslihanatagul

Neslihan Atagül Doğulu

Art/Artists Cinema & Actors/actresses Modeling Fashion 484K 9.6M 33.5K Free report
6 Mohamed Ramadan 🌍🇪🇬 @mohamedramadanws

Mohamed Ramadan 🌍🇪🇬

Cinema & Actors/actresses 1.1M 12.9M 20.8K Free report
7 هنا الزاهد @hannahelzahed

هنا الزاهد

Lifestyle 590.5K 13.2M 17.3K Free report
8 أحمد الشقيري @ahmadalshugairi

أحمد الشقيري

Shows Photography 3.1M 12.1M 14.9K Free report
9 أخبار السعودية @saudinews50

أخبار السعودية

Shows 7.5M 11.3M 12.5K Free report
10 Renad | ريناد @h6.yr

Renad | ريناد

Lifestyle Fashion 1.4M 3.5M 41.9K Free report
11 Nadine Nassib Njeim @nadine.nassib.njeim

Nadine Nassib Njeim

Cinema & Actors/actresses Modeling Photography Fashion 801.9K 10.8M 12.9K Preview
12 Tamer Hosny @tamerhosny

Tamer Hosny

Music Art/Artists 977.6K 16.9M 7.5K Preview
13 Ahmed Sharif احمد شريف @a.sharif92

Ahmed Sharif احمد شريف

Business & Careers 1M 5.3M 21.1K Preview
14 Nour Arida @nouraridaofficial

Nour Arida

Beauty Lifestyle Modeling 564K 5.9M 16.9K Preview
15 مجرم قيمز @r.mjrm

مجرم قيمز

Humor & Fun & Happiness 2.7M 5.6M 20.5K Preview
16 Ahmed Helmy @ahmedhelmy

Ahmed Helmy

Cinema & Actors/actresses Lifestyle 801.8K 12.4M 9.4K Preview
17 Radwa El Sherbiny @radwaelsherbiny

Radwa El Sherbiny

Lifestyle 796.1K 10.9M 9.2K Preview
18 Esra Bilgiç @esbilgic

Esra Bilgiç

Lifestyle Modeling 256.3K 3.1M 30.4K Preview
19 نور ستارز | Noor Stars @noorstars

نور ستارز | Noor Stars

Beauty 433K 7.7M 11.8K Preview
20 وليد الغابر @go_ne88

وليد الغابر

Shows 2M 3.6M 22.9K Preview
21 Balqees @balqeesfathi


Music 3.4M 10.3M 7.7K Preview
22 Mohamed Hamaki @hamaki

Mohamed Hamaki

Humor & Fun & Happiness Music 891.2K 9.9M 8.5K Preview
23 shouq / شوق @ju8b.b

shouq / شوق

Lifestyle Beauty 1.5M 2.5M 31.6K Preview
24 BanderitaX بندريتا @banderita_x

BanderitaX بندريتا

617.7K 1.9M 46.4K Preview
25 Myriam Fares @myriamfares

Myriam Fares

Music 1.3M 14.7M 4.3K Preview
26 Noha Nabil نهى نبيل @nohastyleicon

Noha Nabil نهى نبيل

Literature & Journalism 3M 8.2M 9.5K Preview
27 Dyler. @dyl3r


Humor & Fun & Happiness 585.5K 2.6M 25.9K Preview
28 فرح الهادي @farah_alhady

فرح الهادي

Cinema & Actors/actresses 1.3M 4.8M 15K Preview
29 دكتورة خلود💙💉🥇 @dr_kholodiii

دكتورة خلود💙💉🥇

Fashion 1.1M 8.7M 7.2K Preview
30 HALA🎓 @halamalturk


Beauty 764.9K 4.7M 12.1K Preview
31 محمدز @iiim7mdz


2M 3.5M 18K Preview
32 نـور الـغندور 🇪🇬 @nour

نـور الـغندور 🇪🇬

Cinema & Actors/actresses 1.4M 4.6M 13.6K Preview
33 Heba Magdi @heba_magdi

Heba Magdi

Cinema & Actors/actresses 340.3K 9.9M 7.2K Preview
34 ︎ عمر آل عوضه 𝑶𝒎𝒂𝒓 𝑨𝒍 𝑶𝒅𝒂𝒉 @bin_odahx

︎ عمر آل عوضه 𝑶𝒎𝒂𝒓 𝑨𝒍 𝑶𝒅𝒂𝒉

Literature & Journalism 695.8K 5.2M 11K Preview
35 خبر عاجل @ajelnews24

خبر عاجل

Shows 6M 9M 5.6K Preview
36 ١٥ ثانية | 15s @15smeals

١٥ ثانية | 15s

Food & Cooking Fashion 4M 6.4M 9.2K Preview
37 DORRA درة. @dorra_zarrouk

DORRA درة.

Beauty Cinema & Actors/actresses Art/Artists 523.8K 11.7M 5K Preview
38 Yasmin Abdelaziz @yasminabdelaziz_

Yasmin Abdelaziz

Cinema & Actors/actresses 421.8K 10.7M 5.4K Preview
39 •Melisa Aslı Pamuk• @melisapamuk

•Melisa Aslı Pamuk•

Cinema & Actors/actresses 166.2K 3.3M 15.4K Preview
40 Aseel | أسيل 🇸🇦 @aseel

Aseel | أسيل 🇸🇦

Music 1.4M 5.6M 9K Preview
41 زياد العمري Ziyad Alamri @zyiaz

زياد العمري Ziyad Alamri

Humor & Fun & Happiness 1.7M 2.6M 16.8K Preview
42 Thunayyan khalid - ثنيان خالد @thunayyan16

Thunayyan khalid - ثنيان خالد

1.2M 2.4M 20.6K Preview
43 أحمد الزامل Ahmad AlZamel @ahmadalzamel

أحمد الزامل Ahmad AlZamel

Food & Cooking 1.4M 3.9M 12.1K Preview
44 Karen Wazen Bakhazi كارن وازن @karenwazen

Karen Wazen Bakhazi كارن وازن

Family 388.1K 3.5M 12.7K Preview
45 Andre Carrillo 🇵🇪 @18andrecarrillo

Andre Carrillo 🇵🇪

Lifestyle 1M 2.2M 19.7K Preview
46 Tareq AlHarbi @6ar8o

Tareq AlHarbi

Art/Artists 3.8M 8.7M 4.8K Preview
47 RM26 @riyadmahrez26.7


Sports with a ball 199.1K 5.3M 8.8K Preview
48 Joelle Mardinian @joellemardinian

Joelle Mardinian

Beauty 1M 13.4M 3.3K Preview
49 ♠️ Ahmed Mekky ♠️ @mekkystyle

♠️ Ahmed Mekky ♠️

Humor & Fun & Happiness Cinema & Actors/actresses 235.6K 4.1M 11.3K Preview
50 Ahmad Albarqi | احمد البارقي @aax66

Ahmad Albarqi | احمد البارقي

Lifestyle 1.6M 2.3M 17.6K Preview
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