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June 2020

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# @username Category Audience Country Followers Authentic Engagement
1 Nikita 🐉 @nikitadragun

Nikita 🐉

Beauty Shows Modeling Adult content United States 6.6M 528.2K Free report
2 Megan Fox @meganfox

Megan Fox

Photography Modeling Adult content Cinema & Actors/actresses United States 8.6M 342.9K Free report
3 Doja Cat @dojacat

Doja Cat

Music Photography Beauty Adult content Art/Artists United States 6.8M 408.7K Free report
4 Neiva Mara @soyneiva

Neiva Mara

Lifestyle Adult content Modeling United States 8M 207.8K Free report
5 Sophie Dee @sophiedee

Sophie Dee

Photography Adult content Modeling India 7.5M 110K Free report
6 Riley Reid @titsoutkickedout

Riley Reid

Adult content United States 2.8M 241.3K Free report
7 Marcela Mc Gowan @marcelamcgowan

Marcela Mc Gowan

Adult content Brazil 5.5M 97.5K Free report
8 ANGELA WHITE @theangelawhite


Cinema & Actors/actresses Modeling Adult content United States 6.1M 112.8K Free report
9 Pornhub @pornhub


Adult content United States 10.4M 58.9K Free report
10 Jonathan Van Ness @jvn

Jonathan Van Ness

Adult content Shows United States 5M 128.7K Free report
11 JESSICA @jessicanigri


Modeling Comics & sketches Adult content United States 4M 156.5K Preview
12 Francia James @francety

Francia James

Humor & Fun & Happiness Lifestyle Adult content United States 4.9M 102.6K Preview
13 Viking Barbie⚔ @viking.barbie

Viking Barbie⚔

Cinema & Actors/actresses Modeling Adult content United States 5.6M 83.6K Preview
14 Victoria Matosa @victoriamatosareal

Victoria Matosa

Adult content Lifestyle Photography Brazil 3.1M 144.9K Preview
15 Feminist ♀ @feminist

Feminist ♀

Adult content Lifestyle United States 4.1M 88.3K Preview
16 LaynaBoo ❤️ @layna.me

LaynaBoo ❤️

Humor & Fun & Happiness Adult content United States 3.8M 80.1K Preview
17 Nicole Aniston @realnicoleaniston

Nicole Aniston

Cinema & Actors/actresses Adult content Modeling United States 3M 75.8K Preview
18 Jenna Shea @only1jshea

Jenna Shea

Adult content Lifestyle United States 3.9M 44.8K Preview
19 Amouranth | MEMES NINJA @amouranth

Amouranth | MEMES NINJA

Modeling Adult content Art/Artists United States 2.2M 89.2K Preview
20 Ирена Пол @irena.pol

Ирена Пол

Family Adult content Russia 2M 74.6K Preview
21 ɴᴀᴛᴀ ɢᴀᴛᴀ @nataagataa

ɴᴀᴛᴀ ɢᴀᴛᴀ

Adult content Humor & Fun & Happiness Shows United States 2.2M 46.9K Preview
22 森咲智美 Tomomi Morisaki @morisakitomomi

森咲智美 Tomomi Morisaki

Adult content Shows Japan 2.7M 49.6K Preview
23 Eva Menta @evamenta

Eva Menta

Adult content Italy 1.4M 52.7K Preview
24 SHERLINA @sherlinanym


Lifestyle Adult content United States 1.5M 41.6K Preview
25  @fanny.official1

Adult content Modeling Mexico 2.2M 36.3K Preview
26 Jessie Paege @jessiepaege

Jessie Paege

Adult content Music Shows United States 1.1M 69K Preview
27 🔥 ГОРЯЧАЯ КУХНЯ ДЛЯ ВЗРОСЛЫХ ♀ @petraichuk_sasha


Adult content Literature & Journalism Ukraine 1.1M 51.2K Preview
28 Alina Lopez @itsalinalopezofficial

Alina Lopez

Modeling Adult content United States 1.4M 40.4K Preview
29 🇺🇸💄🇪🇨Antonella Kahllo @official_antonellakahllo

🇺🇸💄🇪🇨Antonella Kahllo

Adult content Modeling United States 1.4M 39.9K Preview
30 Michaeel Boons @michaeelboons

Michaeel Boons

Beauty Adult content Mexico 755.6K 60.5K Preview
31 VANESSA & INA ♥️ @coupleontourx


Adult content Family Germany 537.2K 81.1K Preview
32 LGBT @lgbt


Adult content United States 925.7K 46.5K Preview
33 Rising Woman @risingwoman

Rising Woman

Trainers & Coaches Adult content United States 1.7M 27.9K Preview
34 𝐁𝐞𝐥𝐚𝐬 𝐌𝐮𝐬𝐚𝐬 🤤🔞 @belasmusas

𝐁𝐞𝐥𝐚𝐬 𝐌𝐮𝐬𝐚𝐬 🤤🔞

Adult content United States 3.4M 7.6K Preview
35 Intimissimi @intimissimiofficial


Adult content Clothing & Outfits Italy 3M 13.7K Preview
36 Nuit Sans Folie - NSF @nsfofficiel

Nuit Sans Folie - NSF

Adult content France 601.6K 60K Preview
37 BTS @bts_official


Adult content Shows Brazil 932.7K 36.3K Preview
38 Pinkvilla @pinkvilla


Adult content India 3.2M 12K Preview
39 AIDA VICTORIA @aidavictoriam


Adult content Colombia 836.7K 36.6K Preview
40 Fay SG @fays._

Fay SG

Beauty Adult content Modeling Mexico 815.4K 33.2K Preview
41 Станислав Круглицкий @stasprostoklass

Станислав Круглицкий

Adult content Russia 361.7K 73.6K Preview
42 Daizha Morgann @d.a.i.z.h.a

Daizha Morgann

Music Adult content United States 1.8M 13.4K Preview
43 Janice Griffith @rejaniced

Janice Griffith

Humor & Fun & Happiness Adult content United States 779.7K 29.6K Preview
44 BLACKED @blackedxofficial


Modeling Adult content United States 2.3M 10.3K Preview
45 BTS RM | 알엠 @bts.rm

BTS RM | 알엠

Adult content Music Shows Indonesia 1.1M 23.1K Preview
46 Fábio Vital @ofabiovital

Fábio Vital

Adult content Brazil 1.2M 12.5K Preview
47 Marcela Latinbabe @marcelalatinbabe

Marcela Latinbabe

Adult content Lifestyle Modeling Fashion United States 853.5K 21.9K Preview
48 Nayara @eunayaramacedooficial


Adult content Brazil 2M 10.3K Preview
49 Scarlett Rose 🍑 @scarlettmrose

Scarlett Rose 🍑

Adult content India 744.8K 24.5K Preview
50 Brandi Love @brandi_love

Brandi Love

Lifestyle Adult content India 1.8M 10.6K Preview
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