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September 2019

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# @username Topics From Indonesia Followers Auth Eng from ID
1 Joko Widodo @jokowi

Joko Widodo

Politics 19.1M 24.8M 355.1K Free report
2  @raisa6690

Singer 17M 21.5M 186.7K Free report
3 Selena Gomez @selenagomez

Selena Gomez

Actors 8.7M 157.2M 177.5K Free report
4 EXO_CY @real__pcy


Singer 7.8M 19M 470.4K Free report
5 LISA @lalalalisa_m


Singer Modeling Hip hop music 5.8M 25.2M 408.8K Free report
6 Verrell Bramasta Fadilla @bramastavrl

Verrell Bramasta Fadilla

Actors Lifestyle 11.8M 15.3M 189.2K Free report
7 Natasha Wilona @natashawilona12

Natasha Wilona

Beauty Modeling Fashion 15M 20.6M 141.9K Free report
8 SEHUN @oohsehun


Singer 5.7M 17.3M 407.9K Free report
9 이민호 leeminho @actorleeminho

이민호 leeminho

Actors 4.9M 10.9M 461.8K Free report
10 J @jennierubyjane


Singer Music 4.9M 21.2M 274.1K Free report
11 Raffiahmad Nagitaslavina1717 @raffinagita1717

Raffiahmad Nagitaslavina1717

Entertainment 26.2M 33.6M 59.1K Preview
12 iqbaal ramadhan @iqbaal.e

iqbaal ramadhan

Actors 7.2M 9.5M 214.2K Preview
13 RICIS @riaricis1795


Lifestyle 12.8M 16.1M 119.3K Preview
14 Irish Bella @_irishbella_

Irish Bella

Actors 8.1M 10.7M 162K Preview
15 Via Vallen @viavallen

Via Vallen

Singer Music 14.6M 18.6M 88.6K Preview
16 BaekHyun. @baekhyunee_exo


Singer Music 4.9M 15.7M 357.9K Preview
17 PewDiePie @pewdiepie


Video Blogger 4.5M 20.3M 480.9K Preview
18 Prilly Latuconsina @prillylatuconsina96

Prilly Latuconsina

Photography Fashion Actors 24.6M 30.8M 51.2K Preview
19 Raditya Dika @raditya_dika

Raditya Dika

Lifestyle Writers 10.9M 13.8M 114.7K Preview
20 Atta Halilintar @attahalilintar

Atta Halilintar

Producers 7.3M 9.8M 151.7K Preview
21 JISOO @sooyaaa__


Singer 5M 18.1M 432.9K Preview
22 Syahrini @princessyahrini


Singer 23.4M 30.3M 45.4K Preview
23 ROSÉ @roses_are_rosie


Singer 4.3M 19.1M 323.6K Preview
24 Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo

Soccer 6.6M 184M 119K Preview
25 Khoirunissa @nissa_sabyan


Singer 9.8M 12.8M 98K Preview
26 Salshabilla adriani @salshabillaadr

Salshabilla adriani

Actors Music Singer 8.4M 10.4M 115.7K Preview
27  @zkdlin

Music 2.6M 6.9M 296.7K Preview
28 BLΛƆKPIИK @blackpinkofficial


Music Band 4.4M 20.9M 179.4K Preview
29 Zaskia Sungkar @zaskiasungkar15

Zaskia Sungkar

Actors Fashion 14.1M 18.8M 60K Preview
30 Sandra Dewi @sandradewi88

Sandra Dewi

Modeling 11.7M 15.2M 70.4K Preview
31 AGNEZ MO @agnezmo


Singer Music Entertainment 14.5M 19.1M 56.4K Preview
32 지창욱 @jichangwook


Actors 4.4M 9.4M 188.4K Preview
33 Pevita Pearce @pevpearce

Pevita Pearce

Fashion Actors Beauty 9.4M 11.9M 83.4K Preview
34 Leo Messi @leomessi

Leo Messi

Soccer 3.9M 131.1M 66.6K Preview
35 Felicya Angelista @felicyangelista_

Felicya Angelista

8.2M 10.5M 85.7K Preview
36 Gisella Anastasia @gisel_la

Gisella Anastasia

Singer Music of Asia 18.4M 23.1M 37.4K Preview
37 baim wong @baimwong

baim wong

Actors 7.2M 9.1M 94.6K Preview
38 Luna Maya @lunamaya

Luna Maya

Actors 15.9M 22.7M 39.1K Preview
39 Maudy Ayunda @maudyayunda

Maudy Ayunda

Singer 8.2M 10.8M 72.3K Preview
40 Ayu Tingting @ayutingting92

Ayu Tingting

Lifestyle Singer 26M 34.8M 22.4K Preview
41 Chelsea Olivia Wijaya @chelseaoliviaa

Chelsea Olivia Wijaya

Fashion Actors Celebrities 15.3M 20.3M 37.6K Preview
42 SUHO @kimjuncotton


Fashion Travel 2.5M 5.9M 295.6K Preview
43 Syahnaz Sadiqah @syahnazs

Syahnaz Sadiqah

Actors Lifestyle 13.8M 17.5M 41.3K Preview
44 Shawn Mendes @shawnmendes

Shawn Mendes

Singer Songwriting 3.2M 52.1M 127.9K Preview
45 Rachel Vennya Al-Hakim @rachelvennya

Rachel Vennya Al-Hakim

Moms Children 3.1M 3.8M 174.9K Preview
46 lestykejora @lestykejora


Singer 8M 10.3M 68.5K Preview
47 Aurelie Hermansyah 🇮🇩 @aurelie.hermansyah

Aurelie Hermansyah 🇮🇩

Beauty Business Product 9M 12.2M 51.8K Preview
48 Rizky Nazar @rizkynazar20

Rizky Nazar

Actors Modeling Art 3.5M 4.3M 143.8K Preview
49 alghazaliköhler @alghazali7


Lifestyle DJ 9.6M 12.5M 50K Preview
50 Shireen Sungkar @shireensungkar

Shireen Sungkar

Actors 12.6M 17M 34.7K Preview
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