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Find Your Match with Key Filters of Instagram Influencer Discovery

Accelerate the global expansion of your brand

Find Instagram influencers for your marketing campaign from country and city. Search for creators worldwide to scale your business and expand it internationally. Apply additional filters, including the influencer’s language, gender, and age.
Accelerate the global expansion of your brand

Search for Instagram influencers with your target audience

HypeAuditor’s Instagram Influencer Discovery helps you pick the best creators for sponsored posts. Sort out the results by audience location, age, gender, ethnicity, and interests to find Instagram influencers with relevant audiences. Make sure you select creators whose audience demographics mirror the demographics of your consumers.
Search for Instagram influencers with your target audience

Find creators who work with your competitors

Find Instagram creators who mentioned your competitors in their content. Specify an account, and we’ll show you all influencers who mentioned it in their posts in the last 180 days. This will help you build a blacklist of influencers if you don’t want to work with those who already collaborate with your competitors.
Find creators who work with your competitors

Discover niche Instagram influencers

Filter Instagram accounts by categories and get a list of influencers who creates content on a particular topic. Or search by any keyword to find Instagram influencers in a narrow industry. Spot talents who align with your brand and mission and have a significant influence on your audience.
Discover niche Instagram  influencers

Quickly sort out quality Instagram accounts

Search for quality Instagram influencers in no time using the AQS filter. Apply performance filters, like Engagement Rate and Comment Rate, to find the best accounts. Never miss out on the best profiles with authentic audiences. Make your influencer marketing transparent and fraud-free.
Quickly sort out quality Instagram accounts

Find Your Biggest Fans

Reveal Instagram influencers who already talk about you. Search for accounts that mention your brand. They might be your influential customers among your loyal fan base of influencers you can partner with to promote your brand.
Find Your Biggest Fans

Easily Find Your Ideal Influencers for Successful Brand Promotions

Discover the most promising Instagram influencers

Spot the “hidden gem” accounts with high potential. Search for creators by their follower growth dynamics to find the fastest-growing talents. These rising stars may become a powerful asset to your influencer marketing program.

Find Instagram accounts similar to your best influencers

If you already work with successful creators, you can use a lookalike search to find influencers with similar audiences, categories, and keywords. Re-energize your marketing activities with more brand ambassadors similar to most successful influencers.

Organize results and contact influencers

Organize influencers in lists, download your results in a CSV file, or share them with your colleagues. Add the chosen influencers to your media plan, campaign, or mailing list to reach out to them directly from HypeAuditor.

Questions & Answers About Instagram Influencer Search

What is the best way to find influencers on Instagram?

Typically, instead of digging through a whole Instagram influencers list, it is much more efficient to use tools designed solely for searching Instagram influencers. Not just because they offer a much more direct approach for your queries, but instead, they allow one to quickly filter the search and find relevant bloggers with a similar target audience compared to yours.

Our Influencer Discovery tool is perfect for searching influencers via various filters, which acts as a free Instagram influencer database. Narrow down your search by an influencers’ target audience location, age, gender, amount of followers, categories, keywords, and many other filters. The best part is - it is free, meaning that you can track and run your initial influencer marketing campaigns with ease!

How to find best Instagram influencers?

There are many different factors that you need to take into account when you try to find Instagram influencers and decide which one you should collaborate with. Not only do you have to consider the quality of their accounts along with their relevance (which is an essential deciding factor, too), but you also need to analyze how effective is the reach and the engagement level of their target audience. Some of the notable metrics include the ER, the audience demographics, and the growth history of the content creator account. It is almost essential that the blogger’s audience should match the intended target audience of your product.

How to find Instagram influencers for Shopify?

If you try to find Instagram influencers for your Shopify store, you will find out that in some cases, it may end up being too time-consuming. The most effective approach for all influencer marketers would be to find Instagram influencer search tool free. However, even then, you need to consider factors such as the quality and relevance (which is essential too) of the influencer account. But most importantly, you need to consider how effective the reach and engagement levels are for the blogger’s audience. Such core metrics as ER, the audience demographics, and the growth history of the content creator account will be the deciding factors. It is almost essential that the blogger’s audience should match 100% with the intended target audience of your product.

Suppose you wonder how to find Instagram influencers Shopify since you want to promote your products through content creators while having automatic affiliate marketing calculations. In that case, our platform can have that too! Now you can integrate your store in 3 simple steps, connect with the influencers and eventually observe how successful your collaborations work.

How to find small influencers on Instagram?

If you are utilizing our Influencer Discovery tool and want to find Instagram influencers with a small number of subscribers, you can indicate the size of the influencer followers. Simply set either a “Nano” or a “Small” option from the list, and you will be presented with our free Instagram influencer database.

How to find fashion influencers on Instagram?

Suppose you are running a fashion business and want to narrow your Instagram influencer search for the ones running fashion accounts. In that case, you can use our Instagram influencer search tool free - Influencer Discovery, which is a free Instagram influencer database. You can specify your query with the category or keyword filters. In some cases, if the market niche is small, you can easily indicate it in your search, for example - “street style influencers.”

How to find Instagram influencers by location?

Use our Influence Discovery tool with various filters if you want to find Instagram influencers in a specific location, either in your local area or in other countries. Each filter allows you to find the right social influencers in a specific country, state, or town. Or you can utilize another filter that will filter bloggers according to the target audience location. Thus, It is almost essential to look for Instagram influencers whose target audience matches your location.

How to find instagram influencers for your brand?

Instagram can be a great place for promoting your brand with the help of influencers, but only if you work with creators that meet your requirements. When searching for Instagram influencers for your brand in the HypeAuditor Influencer Discovery, we recommend using a set of filters to streamline your search and discover Instagram accounts that are most relevant to your specific needs.
Find local Instagram influencers, specify audience size and demographics, search creators by performance metrics and accounts mentioned in their posts, and discover the right people in no time.

How to find Instagram influencers in your niche?

The best way to find influencers on Instagram via our Influencer Discover tool is to specify the required niche in the “Keyword” filter. With that, you can quickly get relevant Instagram influencer search results. You can even set where the tool should look up your query: either in the content of an influencer’s profile or in their bio.

How to find influencers on instagram free?

In our Instagram Influencer Discovery, you can get a list of the top 3 influencers based on the specified parameters for free. To view an extended list of creators, you’ll need a paid plan.

How to find Instagram Influencers' engagement?

Instagram Influencer Discovery allows you to specify the Engagement Rate to see all influencers with a specific ER. Also, when you get a list of Instagram influencers based on other parameters, an ER will be indicated for each influencer on the list.

How to find instagram influencers in your area?

Search for Instagram influencers in a particular location using a corresponding filter in the HypeAuditor Influencer Discovery. You can specify their country, city, or state.

How large is the HypeAuditor’s Instagram influencer database?

HypeAuditor offers you access to the largest Instagram database with over 47.9M influencers.