Influencers in Instagram and YouTube Discovery

Find perfectly matched Instagram and YouTube influencers across 10M+ profiles using a set of filters that will help to refine the list to high-quality profiles.


Instagram Discovery

Over 16 filters to find creators with authentic audiences, who will be the best candidate for your ad campaign.

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Instagram Influencer Discovery

Find the influencers you need

  • Influencer Age & Gender
  • Influencer Location
  • Influencer Language
  • Influencer Category
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Target the right audiences

  • Audience Age & Gender
  • Audience Country & City
  • Audience Interests Soon
  • Audience Size
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Filter by quality and engagement

  • Engagement Rate
  • Growth Rate
  • Audience Quality Score
  • Brands Mentioned
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YouTube Discovery

14+ search filters to find channels according to audience demographics, performance, and content that fits your target requirements.

YouTube influencer Discovery

Find the influencers you need

  • Influencer Location
  • Influencer Category
  • Influencer Contact details
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Target the right audiences

  • Audience Age & Gender
  • Audience Location
  • Audience Size
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Filter by engagement

  • Average views
  • Average Comments & Reactions
  • Comment & Reaction Rates
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Key filters of HypeAuditor Discovery

Influencer profile

Influencer profile

Identify influencers who match your campaign needs by content category, gender, age, location and language.

Influencer’s Audience Demographics

Audience Demographics

No more wasted budgets. Whether you are searching for the right influencer for an ad post or checking your rivals — use the Influencer Discovery Tool to filter by audience size, location, age and gender.

Influencer’s Size and audience quality

Size and audience quality

Who is good? Who is real? Filter Instagram creators by quality metrics and select fair influencers of any size with real audiences. No fraud and cheating with your money.

Brand Mentioned by Influencer

Brand Mentions

Competitor research is one of the most critical steps in the creation of an influencer marketing strategy. Our brand mentions filter will help you to find creators who work with your competitors and make your marketing campaign stand out.

Search influencers by Keywords


With an unlimited number of keywords, you can find influencers in a particular niche to make your marketing campaign more relevant and effective. Also used as keywords are #hashtags from other influencer captions or words and phrases from bio's.

Search influencers by Growth Rate

Growth Rate

Find influencers with an exceptional growth rate. Hire them today and get a celebrity ambassador tomorrow.

Why Discovery Hub is a must-have tool in Influence marketing

One of the biggest challenges in Influencer Marketing is to find an authentic influencer with the audience that matches your target market. Our AI-powered influencer discovery searches through the whole Instagram and YouTube community and gives you the best match according to the selected filter settings.

Leonid Zhavoronkov
Leonid Zhavoronkov, CTO, HYPEAUDITOR

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