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New book: The Perfect Influencer Marketing Recipe
Ever wondered just how this select list of ingredients comes together to create the influencer marketing campaign of your dreams? Now’s your time to get in on the secret.
New course: Mastering the Influencer Marketing Workflow
Looking to up your influencer marketing know-how? Get a detailed look with our step-by-step guide as taught by one of our in-house experts.  You’ll be a marketing guru in no time.

About HypeAuditor

Our Mission
Here at HypeAuditor, we’re passionate about making influencer marketing better for everyone involved: influencers want to work with quality brands, brands want results, and influencer marketers want the tools to facilitate both.
Our Impact on the Market
Thanks to iterations of our product offering, we discovered that by promoting a data-driven, results-focused approach for businesses, we in turn encourage authentic and organic growth among the influencers they collaborated with.
Our Product
That’s how we came to create the HypeAuditor that is known and loved by brands and creators today: an all-in-one solution that renders influencer marketing effective, transparent, and pain-free.