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Best Influencer Marketing Tools

Find Instagram influencers in your niche
Search for influencers by keywords either in their content, bio, or anywhere.
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Search Instagram influencers by location
Find social media influencers by location for your marketing campaigns
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Search YouTube influencers in your niche
Search for influencers by keywords either in their content, bio, or anywhere.
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Search YouTube influencers by location
Find social media influencers by location for your marketing campaigns
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Search TikTok influencers in your niche
Search for influencers by keywords either in their content, bio, or anywhere.
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Search TikTok influencers by location
Find social media influencers by location for your marketing campaigns
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Instagram Engagement Calculator
Calculate the engagement rate of any influencer in Instagram
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Instagram Audit & Fake follower check
Check any Instagram account for fake followers and engagement
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Instagram Earned Media Value calculator
Calculate projected Earned Media Value for any Instgram influencer
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Instagram Money Calculator
Сalculate estimated earnings & sponsored post price
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YouTube money calculator
Calculate the earnings from a sponsored Youtube Video
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YouTube Channel Quality Checker
Find the best performing YouTube channel
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TikTok Engagement Rate Calculator
Calculate the engagement rate of any TikTok influencer
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TikTok Account Quality Checker
Check the quality of any TikTok account
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Instagram ER Benchmark
Reveal how Instagram influencers’ engagement rate differs for your country and industry
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Essential influencer marketing tools

Among the many best free influencer marketing tools that get a lot of promotional attention, there are certain ones that should be utilized by every influencer marketer. Obviously, not all influencer marketing analytics tools should be utilized frequently. However, some of them (that concern the profile activity metrics), should be used regularly, whenever an influencer marketer is working on the strategy of his next influencer campaign. Here are three of the most important tools.

Fake follower audit

Another important and most likely one of the essential influencer marketing tools is the fake follower audit. You see, with the appearance of social media influencers and content creators, there were a ton of cases where the profiles of such people had fake subscribers/followers. With that being said, a lot of businesses who collaborated with such accounts were paying a substantial amount of money.

Thus, as an influencer marketer, you should always check just who you want to collaborate with and assess the authenticity of their account. For that reason, you can always use the fake follower audit influencer marketing reporting tool. The details on how you can actually use it are described in the FAQ section below.

Engagement rate calculator

If you require an influencer marketing tool metric that can easily show how much of an impact your influencer marketing strategy can gain, then you should look for an engagement rate calculator. This tool can provide the following benefits:

  • Understand what is the percentage of the audience that will listen to the social influencer request
  • Gain an insight into the authenticity of a given social influencer profile
  • Determine whether a given candidate fits your marketing expectations

As you can see, the engagement rate calculator is an important influencer marketing tool for any marketing campaign that involves content creators.

Money calculator for YouTube videos

This influencer marketing tool is rather simple to comprehend. By copying a direct link to the YouTube video, you’ll be able to see the range of prices that will help you understand how much exactly you should pay to a YouTube influencer for your sponsored video or content you want to promote.

Additionally, the influencer marketing tool will provide you with information on the number of subscribers the prompted YouTube creator has, their total number of views, and the total number of videos. That can be pretty useful when comparing and deciding among other content creators on the same platform.

  • What are the best free influencer marketing tools?
    One of the possibly best influencer marketing tools is the influencer search by location and by the niche of your business. Indeed, tons of influencers may match the previously mentioned criteria. However, not all of them can specifically concentrate on a singular topic that concerns your business. And it takes a good portion of your own time to find these influencers manually.
    Thus, the best option is to have a small search engine filter influencers by various criteria. The most important being: location and the business niche.
  • How good is an “Instagram Audit” as an influencer marketing tool?
    One of the most prominent issues for practically any social media is the fake follower or bots. Since it takes time to determine whether a given influencer is a legitimate person with a real target audience, we created the “Instagram Audit” tool that analyzes crucial metrics for a given social influencer profile. After you prompt the account's name, the tool will show the authenticity of a given profile (Audience Quality Score or AQS) along with the engagement rate.
    That way a company can safely determine how impactful their influencer marketing campaign will be and whether their candidate is a legitimate person with a real audience.
  • As one of the best free influencer marketing tools, what does an “Instagram Engagement Calculator” do?
    HypeAuditor’s Instagram engagement calculator influencer marketing tool allows you to determine how many followers of a specific influencer are engaged with their Instagram account. That metric will enable you to understand whether the money you’re about to invest will compensate for the reach of the specific promotion.
  • What does the “Money Calculator” influencer marketing tool stand for?
    The “Money Calculator” we provided for several tools above is the tool for estimating the right price that you, as a company or brand, should pay to a content creator for promoting your content or brand in general.
  • Are there any other best influencer marketing tools apart from the ones I’ve seen above?
    The short answer is definitely! We have multiple Instagram influencer marketing tools and other relevant tools that you can freely use to check specific influencers. All you have to do is just sign up for a free account in the HypeAuditor platform, and you’ll be able to set up and track 10 campaigns with 150 influencers, check the market landscape, view top quality accounts, top trending, the most mentioned brands on YouTube and lots of more!
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