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About Us

In 2017, we created a platform for brands to find the right influencers to represent them

We discovered that decisions on who to work with were being made based on gut feeling rather than data. This is why HypeAuditor was founded — to make it possible for businesses to adopt a data-driven, results-focused approach and encourage authentic and organic growth among the influencers they collaborated with.

Fast forward to the present and HypeAuditor has evolved into an all-in-one solution for influencer marketing that benefits both brands and influencers, harnessing the power of AI and machine-learning algorithms to pave the way for a more effective, transparent future in marketing.

Where we are today

HypeAuditor established itself as a trusted and expert partner for brands and agencies looking to improve their influencer marketing efforts.

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To make influencer marketing as effective, transparent, and pain-free as possible

The challenges companies face

Businesses typically approach us with one or more of the following concerns

Influencer fraud
It’s hard to check influencer accounts for fake followers manually and verify that their audience quality is sound
Laborious influencer search
Finding the right influencers from a pool of millions is challenging and time-consuming
Reliable industry insights
There’s little-to-no data about market trends and competitors to help make informed decisions
Full-scale influencer campaign management
Managing live influencer campaigns is difficult across multiple creators and channels

How we can help

Our comprehensive solution manages the entire cycle of influencer marketing campaigns. We help companies:

Seamlessly manage campaigns
Launch, track, and scale influencer marketing campaigns with ease
Automate their processes
Reduce manual work to run more time- and cost-efficient campaigns
Access verified data
Build transparent data-driven processes to make informed decisions
Meet their goals
Achieve – or exceed – expected results from influencer marketing campaigns

Leadership Team

Guided by professional, humble leadership

Alexander Frolov

CEO, co-founder

Leonid Zhavoronkov

CTO, co-founder


Global presence spanning 3 continents

Indianapolis, USA


Limassol, Cyprus


Yerevan, Armenia

R&D Office


Working at HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor is home to fast thinkers and ambitious tinkerers who want to revolutionize the marketing landscape. From talented developers to sales and marketing professionals, our highly-skilled team is the driving force behind our exponential growth.





54 %


Our aim

To foster a workspace where everyone is supported, challenged, and rewarded. We’ve adopted a progressive, fully-remote team spanning multiple continents and time zones where everyone has the freedom to work in a way that best suits their needs.

As an international team, we embrace diversity and inclusion across our teams and strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and cared for. At HypeAuditor, every employee is seen and valued – we even send out personalized gift cards for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions so we can join in on every celebration.

Fully remote

Language courses

International corporate parties

Workshops & conferences

Apple work equipment

Individual healthcare

Monthly bonus scheme

Paid local holidays


Celebrated for our workplace culture

HypeAuditor is always looking for new talent to join our established roster – we’ve had a 63% increase in our workforce in 2022 alone! We welcome a range of professions and strengths, whether you’re a creative, a tech genius, or a natural-born leader. If you’d like to be a part of this exciting team, feel free to take a look at our job vacancies below.

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Recognized by leading organizations



February 2018
HypeAuditor was launched
April 2018
Released Brand Mentions, sponsored posts performance, and influencer categories
May 2018
Implemented audience interests
June 2018
Released Comment Pod detection
August 2018
Launched Influencer Ranking
November 2018
Released Report 2.0 – an enhanced version of fraud detection and demographics
February 2019
Started reporting data on audience ethnicity
April 2019
Implemented Advanced Brand Mentions
May 2019
Launched Influencer Discovery for Instagram
May 2019
Launched Discovery and analytical reports for YouTube
August 2019
Released Account Comparison for Instagram and Influencer Ranking for YouTube
November 2019
Added Integration Price for YouTube reports and growth filter for Instagram Influencer Discovery
January 2020
Implemented Campaign Tracking for Instagram and YouTube
May 2020
Released Similar Accounts to find comparable influencers
June 2020
Added analytical reports for TikTok
October 2020
Implemented Audience Brand Affinity to assess the preferred brands of audiences
November 2020
Launched Competitor Analysis to evaluate competitors’ marketing campaigns
March 2021
Implemented Audience Overlap to show the percentage of audiences that are identical
March 2021
Launched campaign toolkit with Media Plans, Campaign Management, and Influencer Outreach
May 2021
Started providing Industry Analysis Reports with market insights
September 2021
Revamped Influencer Discovery with more filters and a smoother UI
October 2021
Included Brand Safety Analysis for reports
October 2021
Launched Mention Analytics to detect mentions by brands and influencers
March 2022
Enabled full integration with Shopify
June 2022
Celebrated 5-year anniversary since HypeAuditor’s creation
August 2022
Launched Media Kits for influencers
November 2022
Launched Recruiting with Social Listening, Influential Customers, and landing pages
December 2022
Revamped Campaign Management for enhanced end-to-end coverage
December 2022
Implemented Brand Match to recommend collaborations between brands and influencers


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