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We've developed an innovative technology that makes the influencer marketing industry fair and transparent. HypeAuditor’s goal is to help marketers create outstanding and effective influencer marketing campaigns using a data-driven approach.
HypeAuditor helps agencies, brands, and platforms improve the effectiveness of their influencer marketing campaigns:
  • Reliable multi-source audience data & analytics
  • Highly precise and reliable searches among 10M influencers worldwide in the fastest-growing influencer database in the world
  • The most advanced fraud detection system
  • Manage influencer relationships and monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns
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Our customers include the world’s biggest brands and agencies such as Loreal, Group M, Unilever, and Universal Music.
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We set a standard in Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok account analytics to make influencer marketing transparent, fair, and effective.

“HypeAuditor can help you identify influencers based on reach, demographics and audience. These tools can also help ensure you're connecting with influencers who are authentically engaging with real followers.”

“This week, influencer marketing platform HypeAuditor has released a study of content from more than 154k Instagram influencers, each of whom sees at least 30% of their following coming from users in the regions in which Instagram's hidden Like counts test is currently running.”

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HypeAuditor can help you identify influencers based on reach, demographics and audience.

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HypeAuditor was founded in February 2018 and has over 60 specialists in influencer marketing, product development and data science
Alexander Frolov, CEO, co-founder HypeAuditor
Alexander Frolov
CEO, co-founder
Leonid Zhavoronkov, CTO, co-founder HypeAuditor
Leonid Zhavoronkov
CTO, co-founder
Yaro Pat, Product Manager HypeAuditor
Yaro Pat
Product Manager
Anna Komok, Marketing Director HypeAuditor
Anna Komok
Marketing Director
Nick Baklanov, Marketing Manager HypeAuditor
Nick Baklanov
Marketing Manager
Anastasia S., Business Development Manager HypeAuditor
Anastasia S.
Business Development Manager
Anastasia D., Business Development Manager HypeAuditor
Anastasia D.
Business Development Manager
Andriana S., Business Development Manager HypeAuditor
Andriana S.
Business Development Manager
Nadya M., Business Development Manager HypeAuditor
Nadya M.
Business Development Manager
Alexandra B., Business Development Manager HypeAuditor
Alexandra B.
Business Development Manager
Roman K., Business Development Manager HypeAuditor
Roman K.
Business Development Manager
February 2018
HypeAuditor was launched
April 2018
Releases Brand mentions, sponsored posts performance, and influencer’s categories
May 2018
Releases "audience interests"
June 2018
Releases "Comment Pod" detection
August 2018
Launches Influencer Ranking
November 2018
Releases Report 2.0 - an enhanced version of fraud detection and demographic data.
February 2019
Releases audience ethnicity data
April 2019
Releases Advanced Brand Mentions
May 2019
Releases Instagram Influencer Discovery
June 2019
Launches 'YouTube analytics reports and Discovery
August 2019
Launches 'Instagram Account Comparison and YouTube influencer Ranking'
November 2019
Adds "Integration Price" to the YouTube report and growth filter in Instagram Discovery
January 2020
Instagram and Youtube Campaign tracking

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