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Updated: July 2020

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Rank @username Category Audience Country Followers Authentic Engagement
1 So Yummy @soyummy

So Yummy

Photography Sweets & Bakery United States 10.3M 77.8K Free report
2 Rosanna Pansino @rosannapansino

Rosanna Pansino

Sweets & Bakery Food & Cooking United States 4.6M 99.8K Free report
3 Igor Rocha @igorochaoficial

Igor Rocha

Sweets & Bakery Food & Cooking Brazil 3.1M 57.5K Free report
4 Misha Collins @misha

Misha Collins

Cinema & Actors/actresses Sweets & Bakery United States 4.3M 48.2K Free report
5 Tasty Japan @tastyjapan

Tasty Japan

Sweets & Bakery United States 6.7M 21.7K Free report
6 Muminat Alieva @recepti_mumishka

Muminat Alieva

Sweets & Bakery Russia 1.6M 80.8K Free report
7 Pooja Dhingra 🗻 @poojadhingra

Pooja Dhingra 🗻

Sweets & Bakery India 6.8M 17.8K Free report
8 Beca Milano @becamilano

Beca Milano

Sweets & Bakery Brazil 2.6M 40.7K Free report
9 RENAT AGZAMOV @renat_agzamov


Sweets & Bakery Russia 2.4M 29K Free report
10 Мишиева Залина @michieva_zalina

Мишиева Залина

Food & Cooking Sweets & Bakery Literature & Journalism Russia 3M 20.4K Free report
11 Charles (Food addict) @fastgoodcuisine

Charles (Food addict)

Food & Cooking Sweets & Bakery France 1.6M 38.7K Preview


Sweets & Bakery Food & Cooking Brazil 4.1M 11.2K Preview
13 رياض الخالد 🍴 @rodr_1997

رياض الخالد 🍴

Food & Cooking Sweets & Bakery Saudi Arabia 2.4M 20.9K Preview
14 Лучшие Рецепты @great.foood

Лучшие Рецепты

Sweets & Bakery Russia 4.8M 11.9K Preview
15 Şok Marketler @sokmarketler

Şok Marketler

Sweets & Bakery Turkey 5M 10.4K Preview
16 Рецепты, и не пп тоже @bahara_pp

Рецепты, и не пп тоже

Sweets & Bakery Food & Cooking Russia 1.1M 41.7K Preview
17 Akis Petretzikis @akis_petretzikis

Akis Petretzikis

Sweets & Bakery Greece 1.5M 28.1K Preview
18 NYT Cooking @nytcooking

NYT Cooking

Sweets & Bakery United States 2.4M 15.9K Preview
19 Paulina Cocina - Recetas y eso @paulinacocina

Paulina Cocina - Recetas y eso

Sweets & Bakery Food & Cooking Argentina 1.8M 20.6K Preview
20 Bien Tasty @bientasty

Bien Tasty

Sweets & Bakery Mexico 4.3M 8.7K Preview
21 Trader Joe's @traderjoes

Trader Joe's

Sweets & Bakery Shopping & Retail United States 2.3M 13K Preview
22 HomeCookingShow @homecookingshow


Sweets & Bakery India 2.4M 13.2K Preview
23 Your Food Lab @yourfoodlab

Your Food Lab

Sweets & Bakery Food & Cooking India 1.3M 23.3K Preview
24 🍰 КУЛИНАРИЯ • ВКУСНЫЕ РЕЦЕПТЫ @vkusnie_retsepty


Sweets & Bakery Russia 1.9M 16.4K Preview
25 Chef Damiano Carrara @chefdamianocarrara

Chef Damiano Carrara

Sweets & Bakery Italy 1.1M 22K Preview
26 Pamela Reif @pamgoesnuts

Pamela Reif

Sweets & Bakery Germany 704.5K 29.6K Preview
27 Doukissa Nomikou Theodoridi @dutchesss_

Doukissa Nomikou Theodoridi

Sweets & Bakery Family Greece 771.6K 23.7K Preview
28 Hebbar's Kitchen @hebbars.kitchen

Hebbar's Kitchen

Sweets & Bakery Food & Cooking India 2.3M 10.9K Preview
29 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts @krispykreme

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Sweets & Bakery United States 1.7M 11.5K Preview
30 Merve Ünal @pacikanin_mutfagi

Merve Ünal

Sweets & Bakery Turkey 2.4M 9.1K Preview
31 Noor Alghannam 🇰🇼 @kitchennoor

Noor Alghannam 🇰🇼

Food & Cooking Sweets & Bakery Saudi Arabia 1.9M 8.6K Preview
32 Delicious Healthy Food @delicioushealthyvideos

Delicious Healthy Food

Food & Cooking Sweets & Bakery Health & Medicine United States 2.2M 7.8K Preview
33 smitten kitchen @smittenkitchen

smitten kitchen

Sweets & Bakery United States 1.4M 13.7K Preview
34 Antonio Bachour @antonio.bachour

Antonio Bachour

Sweets & Bakery United States 984K 14.6K Preview
35 Рецепты от модели✨ @katyaspivak

Рецепты от модели✨

Sweets & Bakery Beauty Food & Cooking Lifestyle Russia 669.9K 21.2K Preview
36 Satisfying & Viral Videos @stretchmymind

Satisfying & Viral Videos

Sweets & Bakery Food & Cooking Fashion United States 2.7M 5.6K Preview
37 Thaísa M. Leal @lealthaisa

Thaísa M. Leal

Sweets & Bakery Shows Lifestyle Fitness & Gym Health & Medicine Trainers & Coaches Peru 845.1K 15.8K Preview
38 Tortik Annushka @tortikannuchka

Tortik Annushka

Lifestyle Sweets & Bakery Beauty United States 788.7K 17.6K Preview
39 OSVALDO GROSS Pastelero @osvaldo_gross


Sweets & Bakery Argentina 1.3M 13.7K Preview
40 Rita Lobo @ritalobo

Rita Lobo

Sweets & Bakery Brazil 1.5M 10.6K Preview
41 Dani Castro. @ladanicastror

Dani Castro.

Sweets & Bakery Food & Cooking Travel Chile 796.1K 15.9K Preview
42 DessertBae @dessertbae


Sweets & Bakery United States 1.1M 11.2K Preview
43 Cravings @cravingsbychrissyteigen


Sweets & Bakery United States 1.3M 10.9K Preview
44 Душевный блог о Еде со вкусом! @the_ksusha

Душевный блог о Еде со вкусом!

Food & Cooking Sweets & Bakery Russia 598.4K 18.3K Preview
45 Our Food Stories @_foodstories_

Our Food Stories

Sweets & Bakery Food & Cooking Photography Germany 1.1M 11.2K Preview
46 PAULINE CAKE @pauline_cake


Sweets & Bakery Russia 485.9K 21.5K Preview
47 John Kanell @preppykitchen

John Kanell

Sweets & Bakery United States 1.1M 11.5K Preview
48 Yotam Ottolenghi @ottolenghi

Yotam Ottolenghi

Sweets & Bakery Food & Cooking United Kingdom 1.2M 10.1K Preview
49 Vinny @ketoguido


Food & Cooking Sweets & Bakery United States 924.4K 10.5K Preview
50 FOODY TAP 🍧🍭 @foodytap


Sweets & Bakery Food & Cooking Brazil 538.4K 17.9K Preview
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