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February 18 2019

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# @username Topics Audience Country Followers Authentic Engagement
1 SpaceX @spacex


Space Science United States 4.4M 110.8K Free report
2 Comunidad Digital De: @conocimientoinfinito

Comunidad Digital De:

Science Venezuela 2.6M 19.7K Free report
3 TEAM BANGKIT MALAYSIA @teambangkitmalaysia


Education Malaysia 536.8K 53.2K Free report
4 РУССКИЙ ЯЗЫК 🔥 @great_russian


Education Russia 479.7K 15.3K Free report
5 يلا نتعلم تركي @salahchatah

يلا نتعلم تركي

Education Turkey 1.7M 6.2K Free report
6 Learn Something Every Day 💡 @factsclip

Learn Something Every Day 💡

Entertainment Science United States 1.8M 5.8K Free report
7 Harvard University @harvard

Harvard University

Education Universities United States 1M 9.7K Free report
8 🍁 بيج جامعة بغداد🍁 مميزين 😌 @university_of_baghdad1

🍁 بيج جامعة بغداد🍁 مميزين 😌

Universities Iraq 2.7M 3.4K Free report
9 معلومة 🔬 @sciences_tv

معلومة 🔬

Science Saudi Arabia 1.3M 6.1K Free report
10 Ahmad Alhaddad - أحمد الحداد @a4hln

Ahmad Alhaddad - أحمد الحداد

Science Saudi Arabia 2M 3.9K Free report
11 BBC Learning English @bbclearningenglish

BBC Learning English

Education Iran 1.1M 5.1K Preview
12 Популярная Наука @science__vines

Популярная Наука

Science Russia 1.3M 4K Preview
13 Английский для ленивых. @lazy_english

Английский для ленивых.

Education Russia 876.8K 4.1K Preview
14 Английский язык @english_in

Английский язык

Education Russia 988.5K 3.6K Preview
15 QWERTY @qwrtru


Technology Science Russia 1.3M 2.4K Preview
16 Stanford University @stanford

Stanford University

Education Universities United States 483.2K 3.4K Preview
17 Yasaman Esmaeili @yasi.esl

Yasaman Esmaeili

Education Iran 169.2K 8.2K Preview
18 The University of Oxford @oxford_uni

The University of Oxford

Education Universities United Kingdom 466K 2.7K Preview
19 UCLA @ucla


Education Universities United States 198.8K 6K Preview
20 الإنجليزية أسهل مع تيلاند @s.4.r

الإنجليزية أسهل مع تيلاند

Education Saudi Arabia 557.1K 1.9K Preview
21 Lunøscøpe🔭🌚 @lunoscope


Nature Science France 113.7K 9.3K Preview
22 Muhaya Mohamad @profmuhaya

Muhaya Mohamad

Education Malaysia 690.6K 950 Preview
23 Slovník súčasných slov @slovnik_sucasnych_slov

Slovník súčasných slov

Education Slovakia 86K 5K Preview
24 Knowledge is power😍 @knowledgefusion

Knowledge is power😍

Science India 201K 2.4K Preview
25 Dynamic Science @dynamic_science

Dynamic Science

Science United States 149.6K 3K Preview
26 — d ♡ revisign @revisign

— d ♡ revisign

Student United States 92.1K 3K Preview
27 Ⓜ️مشاور طوفان @toofanedu

Ⓜ️مشاور طوفان

Education Iran 148K 2K Preview
28 Daily English Vocabulary Words @vocords

Daily English Vocabulary Words

Education India 163.8K 1.3K Preview
29 curiosity_astronomy @curiosity_astronomy


Science Education Italy 46.2K 2.9K Preview
30 Aura Azarcon MD @auraroo

Aura Azarcon MD

Health Student Philippines 97.3K 1.2K Preview
31 Zihinist @zihinist


Science Turkey 55K 1.8K Preview
32 Formulas !!! @formulas_for_your_comfort

Formulas !!!

Science United States 56.7K 1.4K Preview
33 LEASTWASTE @least.waste


Entrepreneur Education Product United States 54.6K 1.5K Preview
34 Carlos Petit Lorusso @tipscirubucal

Carlos Petit Lorusso

Science Venezuela 226K 506 Preview
35 Jason McDowell @cessnateur

Jason McDowell

Research United States 39.4K 1.8K Preview
36 Learn English with Sama @inenglishwithlove

Learn English with Sama

Art Education Travel Brazil 70.4K 834 Preview
37 Kasia Gandor @kasiagandor

Kasia Gandor

Education Poland 31.9K 1.5K Preview
38 مشاوره_كنكور @dr.s.afshar


Education Iran 62.3K 815 Preview


Education Russia 88.9K 440 Preview
40 European Bartender School @europeanbartenderschool

European Bartender School

Bartending Schools Spain 73K 452 Preview
41 Campus Waterfowl @campuswaterfowl

Campus Waterfowl

Adventure Universities College United States 61.8K 532 Preview
42 STEFANO MEROLI |CERN Scientist @major_stef


Technology Science Education United States 42.3K 440 Preview
43 [ t a t t ] 🥀 @studybutt

[ t a t t ] 🥀

Education Student Lifestyle Singapore 26.4K 895 Preview
44 ColumboLabs™️ @columbolabs


Technology Product Science United States 49K 312 Preview
45 Accademia Carrara @accademia_carrara

Accademia Carrara

Art Education Italy 30.2K 361 Preview
46 Jill Irvin Burriss @jill

Jill Irvin Burriss

College United States 20.9K 465 Preview
47 TheTopTen --- #TOP10

TheTopTen --- #TOP10
Education Indonesia 22K 279 Preview
48 What Schools Don't Teach @thebettereducation

What Schools Don't Teach

Education United States 14.4K 364 Preview
49 Tyler - Forex Trader / Mentor💰 @tyler.fx

Tyler - Forex Trader / Mentor💰

Luxury Education Travel United Kingdom 16.7K 265 Preview
50 🇦🇺 Study in Australia @ozstudies

🇦🇺 Study in Australia

Travel Adventure Education Australia 19.1K 167 Preview
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