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  • Comprehensive comparison tools allow MSI to keep up with their biggest competitors to learn from their strengths and weaknesses

    Micro-Star International, or MSI, is a much-loved and trailblazing technological hardware company in the gaming, creation, and business fields. Being a global brand with a presence in 120 countries, it’s crucial for MSI to know what people say about their products, services, and content worldwide.


    Additionally, they are always looking for talents to create more value to their audience. Add in finding suitable influencers in various locations and niches to the mix, and you have a tremendous job in front of you. MSI needed a tool that could do a little bit of everything.

    Over the past 2 years, HypeAuditor has helped MSI to:

    Effortlessly audit their competitors to learn from their content

    Find high-potential influencers and brands suitable for successful collaborations

    Gain valuable insights used to write data-backed proposals

    “It’s great to have HypeAuditor to gain more specific metrics and information to make decisions.”

    Chang Ying Hsieh

    Marketing Section Manager at the MarTech & Social Media Department of MSI

    • Business Challenges

      Keeping up the lead in the industry

      To keep the lead in the industry, MSI evolved comprehensive marketing and go-to-market strategy. But between the various markets MSI operates in and the global brands they compete with, it’s an overwhelming task. Competitor analysis helps MSI with insight into how their competitors communicate with their audience, which type of content they post, and learn from their weaknesses and strengths in each market.

    • Find opportunities for effective collaborations

      Collaborating with influencers and brands is a significant part of MSI’s marketing strategy. The PC market isn’t shy of influencers, but taking fake followers, engagement, audience size, and content performance into account, finding a suitable collaboration becomes a time-consuming project.

    • HypeAuditor as the Solution:

      Effortlessly compare accounts to keep up with competition

      Rather than going through every social media account from their competitors, HypeAuditor’s comparison tool allows them to quickly extract valuable information regarding their competitors’ content and audience. Using a personalized overview, they can review their competitor’s accounts in the blink of an eye.

    • Quickly find overlap among audiences to excite potential partners

      Finding overlap in audiences proved useful for MSI in various situations. Judging competitors by audience overlap helps them discover successful content and tone-of-voice strategies. 

      Additionally, MSI uses audience overlap insights to find common ground between similar brands. MSI uses these statistics to excite brands for potential partnerships.

      In their search for potential partners on HypeAuditor, they found a significant overlap between their audience and a Japanese TV series audience, showing shared interests such as high-tech products, gaming, and comics. They utilized this valuable information in their partnership proposal.

    • See real metrics to find successful collaborations

      With HypeAuditor, MSI can delve into the nitty-gritty stats of each influencer and brand they have in mind for collaborations. It allows them to see right through fake following numbers, ensuring they reach an authentic audience. On top of that, they can quickly review previous post performances and engagement statistics to maximize the chance of a successful collaboration.

    • The result:

      Using HypeAuditor as an analytical tool helps MSI to gain valuable insights and metrics on their competitors and influencers. This allows MSI to defend their position as a trailblazing gaming company and continue a highly successful social media strategy. The metrics extracted from HypeAuditor lead to data-backed proposals, continuously landing them big collaborations.

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