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Free TikTok Account Audit Tool

Whenever a marketer plans an influencer campaign, they must research the TikTok creator they want to collaborate with. There are a lot of promising prospects who can easily promote or advertise your products or services. However, one of the essential things that every marketer should consider before partnering with potential influencers is to conduct a TikTok profile audit. Here are a few tips for you on how to check a desired TikTok account.

Short Activity time

If you suspect that some of your TikTok candidates have suspicious accounts among their audiences, here’s a useful tip to conduct a TikTok audit: these inauthentic users usually follow thousands of people and then abandon the account. In some cases, the automated users may publish a few videos the day the account was created before disappearing from sharing new content and TikTok whatsoever. Similar patterns may occur when a suspicious account’s creator tries to resurrect the account to snare another group of accounts to follow deceptively. So let’s sum up what you should know. If you want to analyze TikTok candidates’ audience:

  • Automated accounts usually post a few videos on the same day they were created.
  • After that, their activity will be gone forever.
  • They may also follow thousands of popular TikTok accounts.

Confusing comment section

If you want to understand how to analyze a TikTok profile for specific fraudulent profiles, you need to look for the comments that appear “authentic”. The main problem is that most of these comments are too general and lack proper substance. The majority of TikTok users make brief and emotive comments. Those that sound too intelligent are the fake ones.

TikTok Account Quality Checker

If you are an influencer marketer and want to conduct TikTok audits, this insightful section is specifically for you. For every TikTok influencer marketing campaign, two primary metrics show how good an influencer campaign is: an active audience and a stable number of views. The HypeAuditor TikTok Audit Tool allows you to evaluate the quality of a TikTok profile for a potential advertising campaign and check whether the account is a real one.

Why Do You Need to Use the HypeAuditor TikTok Audit Tool?

A TikTok profile audit streamlines your process of picking creators for a TikTok influencer marketing campaign. The platform has been discovered by brands; thus, advertising on TikTok is on the rise. Marketers need the best TikTok analysis tool to ease things for executing ad campaigns on the platform.

In this regard, an analytical tool helps you perform a TikTok audit with the most crucial step of ad campaigns - at the stage of the creator’s choice. Before you reach out to a creator, make sure you study how engaged the creator’s audience is, the average number of views they receive, whether the profile’s growth has been authentic, and how to check their TikTok account for its quality.

Which TikTok Account is considered Good Quality?

HypeAuditor has developed an Average Quality Score - 0 to 100 metric - for TikTok accounts so that anyone can understand the TikTok audit profile’s quality. Profiles are rated as follows:

  • 0-20 Bad Quality account.
  • 20-40 Fair Quality.
  • 40-60 Good Quality.
  • 70-90 Very Good Quality.
  • >90 Excellent.

HypeAuditor’s AQS for TikTok is based on the following four metrics:

  • Engagement rate.
  • Views spread.
  • Views to followers ratio.
  • Followers growth.
A suspicious account on TikTok: 0 engagement and only 2 videos

Overall, engagement rates on TikTok are significantly higher than the ones on Instagram, and when choosing creators, marketers should keep this in mind. Still, similarly to other platforms the bigger the audience the lower the engagement rate, and the fewer followers a TikTok creator has, the higher the ER is, therefore, if a micro-influencer has unusually low ER, for example, less than 5% that is suspicious and indicates that they inflated their audience with faux accounts.

How to evaluate a TikTok Account?

Various social media tools, for example, HypeAuditor’s audit tool can help you check a TikTok user’s profile. To make sure you have chosen the right creators for your promotional videos, type in the account name in the field. Learn how reasonable the audience’s engagement is, the account’s growth dynamics, the authenticity of views, and more essential metrics for your influencer marketing campaign.

What is a TikTok Audit?

The HypeAuditor TikTok Audit Tool is a free tool for analyzing TikTok users' performance. The evaluation of TikTok users may include a review of their profile, content, engagement rate, average views, follower growth, and demographics. With our TikTok analytics tool, people can easily identify areas for optimization, improve their content, and gain a better understanding of their followers. Brands must audit TikTok influencers' performance, especially their content quality, follower growth trajectory, views, and engagement metrics as well as their profile information to ensure they select authentic and relevant creators.

A TikTok influencer marketing campaign can be detrimental if businesses rely heavily on vanity metrics, such as audience size, or immeasurable concepts, such as sudden popularity when choosing TikTok candidates for their next promotion. Performing a TikTok content audit and profile analysis will reveal individuals whose followers match the brand's target audience and whose content is safe and engaging.

What features does the TikTok Audit tool provide?

The TikTok Account Quality Checker displays a TikTok user’s AQS (Audience Quality Score), follower number, Engagement Rate (ER), and the number of published videos. The AQS is HypeAuditor’s proprietary metric for measuring the quality of a TikTok account.

By clicking on the ‘Get Report’ button at the bottom of the report, you’ll access basic follower, performance, and content-related information.

Apart from the initial data, the report shows the influencer’s categories (in our example, these are Auto, Beauty, and Fashion), worldwide, and country ranks. The TikTok account audit report will uncover how many subscribers the influencer gained or lost in the past 30 days. The growth metric helps you determine whether the influencer is popular, if they post regularly, and whether their content resonates with their followers.

You can gain insights into the comment-to-likes ratio and average views per post. The comment-to-likes ratio compares the amount of likes a video receives to the number of comments. Higher numbers indicate that users actively comment on videos, while lower numbers suggest that viewers are passive and only like the videos.

Also, you can view the screenshots of the videos recently posted with essential data like the number of views, likes, comments, shares, and ER.

With a TikTok account audit, you'll be able to compare influencers easily. The AQS will help you determine their account quality. Furthermore, you'll be able to compare their ER with their total followers. You may want to research your business account to see how things are going on your end. In addition, you can run a TikTok follower audit on your competitors’ accounts. Then you'll be able to compare how many followers you and they gained, and what your and their average video views were.

For detailed account reports, you need a TikTok analytical tool or an influencer marketing platform with an analytics function. That way, you’ll be able to get to know about creators’ posting frequency. You can access advanced audience demographics, historical data on followers and following dynamics, and elaborate information about performance.

Who needs a TikTok Audit?

  • Content creators and bloggers who want to improve their content strategy can benefit from the evaluation. An analytics tool allows them to understand their audience’s interests and preferences and monitor their content performance.
  • Influencers who want to grow their followers and enhance their audience quality to maximize engagement. Such optimization will eventually open the door to brand collaborations.
  • Social media agencies can assess numerous TikTok influencers and compare their performance. The insights gained through a TikTok profile audit will help them recommend relevant influencers for their clients.
  • Brands and businesses may research their competitors’ audiences and engagement to better their strategies. The tool can assist them in analyzing popular TikTok accounts and help them identify the right partners for their next campaign.

How do I get started with the tool?

The tool is fairly simple to use. You provide any username, click ‘Check’, and our tool creates a simple and easy-to-read report. For more details click on the ‘Get Report’ button and learn about follower dynamics and performance metrics like views.

What are the benefits of using TikTok Audit?

  • Regular TikTok audits can help you improve your content quality. By analyzing your content performance continuously and how your audience interacts with it. You can identify topics that garner more likes and comments and tailor your content to their likes.
  • By honing your content you will activate your audience and your engagement will increase. Constantly monitor engagement and determine the best time to post.
  • With an enhanced content strategy and engaging with your audience, you’ll start growing your followers. Make sure your profile is optimized and reflects your expertise or interests.
  • TikTok account audits will show your and your competitor's strengths and weaknesses. Keep tabs on your competitors’ activity, their performance, content, and how they engage their audience, and compare your efforts to theirs.