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The fake follower check TikTok evaluation

Whenever an influencer marketer plans their campaign, one must always be aware of the kind of TikTok account they want to collaborate with. There are a lot of promising candidates that can easily promote or advertise the product or services you offer. However, one of the essential things that every marketer should consider when searching for TikTok candidates is to conduct a TikTok audit for the chosen TikTok influencers. Here are a few tips for you to make fake followers audit TikTok.

Short Activity time

If you suspect that some of your candidates have created bots for themselves, here’s a fast fake followers audit TikTok tip: all of the bots usually follow thousands of people and then abandon the account. In some cases, the bots may publish a few videos the day the account was created before disappearing from sharing new content and TikTok whatsoever. Similar patterns may occur when the bot's creator tries to resurrect the account to snare another group of accounts to follow deceptively. So let’s sum up what you should know. If you want to make fake follower check TikTok:

  • Bots usually post a few videos on the same day their account was created
  • After that, their activity will be gone forever
  • They may also follow thousands of popular TikTok accounts

Confusing comment section

If you want to understand how to check TikTok account for specific fraudulent profiles, you need to look for the comments that appear “authentic.” However, the main issue here is that most such comments are general and lack proper substance when commented on in the video. The majority of TikTok users make brief comments. The fakest ones sound intelligent.

TikTok Account Checker

If you are an influencer marketer and want to conduct a fake followers audit TikTok account, this small and insightful FAQ is specifically for you. For every TikTok influencer marketing campaign, two primary metrics show how good an influencer campaign is: an active audience and a stable number of views. HypeAuditor fake follower check TikTok allows you to evaluate the quality of a TikTok profile for a potential advertising campaign and check whether the account is a real one.

Why do you need to use the HypeAuditor TikTok Audit Tool?

By conducting the fake followers audit TikTok, we aim to simplify your process of choosing creators for a TikTok ad campaign. Since the platform is still relatively new and advertising on TikTok is slowly moving forward, marketers may need specially tailored tools to ease things for executing ad campaigns on the platform.

In this regard, TikTok Account Quality Checker helps you perform a TikTok audit with the most crucial step of ad campaigns - at the stage of the creator’s choice. Before you set up a deal with a creator, make sure you study how engaged the creator’s audience is, the average number of views they receive, whether the profile’s growth has been authentic and how to check TikTok account for its quality.

Which TikTok Account is considered the Good Quality One?

HypeAuditor has developed an Average Quality Score - 0 to 100 metric - for TikTok accounts so that anyone can understand the TikTok audit profile’ quality. The gradation of the profiles is the following:

  • 0-20 Bad Quality account
  • 20-40 Fair Quality
  • 40-60 Good Quality
  • 70-90 Very Good Quality
  • >90 Excellent

HypeAuditor’s AQS for TikTok is based on the four following metrics:

  • Engagement rate
  • Views spread
  • Views to followers ratio
  • Followers growth

The average reasonable engagement rate on TikTok starts at 15.86%. The engagement rate value depends directly on the size of the profile: the more popular the profile is, the lower the ER is. Overall, engagement rates on TikTok are significantly higher than the ones on Instagram, and when choosing creators, marketers should keep this difference in mind.

How to check TikTok Account?

To make sure you have chosen the right creators for your promotional videos, type in the account name in the TikTok Account Quality Checker and get a quick TikTok audit of the given profile. Learn how reasonable the audience’s engagement is, the account’s growth dynamics, the authenticity of views, and more essential metrics for your influencer marketing campaign.
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