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Conduct a YouTube audit to check the authenticity of the influencer audience. Audit the YouTube channel and check its quality to find the best performing creators for your influencer marketing campaign.
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Audit a YouTube Channel

If you run advertising campaigns on YouTube, then you know how important it is to place a promotional piece in YouTube content on a channel with an engaged, authentic audience, and regularly receive a certain number of views from your content partner. So you need to carefully audit the YouTube channel of those creators you have chosen as your primary candidates.

Danger of Buying Subscribers

Some people think purchasing followers is a shortcut to YouTube success. Why do all the work when you can boost your subscriber numbers for just a few dollars? But successful YouTube accounts don’t waste their time on false subscribers, and nor should you.

There are usually two ways that people manipulate the system:

  • You “earn” subscribers by connecting with a list of specific channels given by a “free subscriber” service.
  • You subscribe to many channels per day, and in return, other service members will subscribe to your channel.

You don’t even need to bother with the guise of subscribing to other channels. Instead, you just pay the service to click on sites for you, making you a phony subscriber on many other channels in return for an agreed upon number of others clicking on your subscribe button.

While this isn’t as horrible as artificial bots that follow users on other networks such as Instagram, it’s not any better. Your “fake followers” may be actual people, but they’re as likely to view your videos as a machine operating a bot system. That implies that these false followers will never see any influencer marketing activities you may participate in and will never click on any advertising on your videos. So, if you’re a content creator on YouTube, it’s highly recommended that you should not acquire nor buy any fake followers because it will only backfire. If you’re an influencer marketer, choose your candidate wisely. Try to analyze each profile and find the most fitting and authentic individuals.

Checklist to Identify a YouTube Channel With Inauthentic Subscribers

There’s no doubt that every influencer marketer out there wants to collaborate with real YouTubers with a real target audience so that the money invested heads in the right direction. Yet, it’s not always that obvious whether a YouTube channel has an authentic audience or not. For that reason, you have to understand the fundamentals of a YouTube channel audit via YouTube Analytics.

  1. Check the comment rate — the more genuine the comments are, the higher the chances that the audience on a given YouTube channel is authentic.
  2. Average views per video vs the number of subscribers — this metric helps evaluate the probability that a content creator has bought followers for their YouTube channel. You can do so via a YouTube audit views comparison.
  3. Check audience attitude - observe how the target audience reacts towards the content a YouTuber is releasing. Once again, they should genuinely care about it in the comments section.

As you can see, all of a YouTuber’s metrics and insights have to be carefully checked and reviewed by marketers via YouTube Analytics. It takes time to perform all of that. If you have other tasks at hand, you need a tool that can automate the core layer of all manual labor, while you get to analyze and decide which candidate to choose.

HypeAuditor offers an Influencer Discovery tool that gathers all the necessary metrics from YouTube profiles and lets you review it all in one place, the YouTube Audit Report. In addition, we provide another crucial tool called the Channel Quality Checker, which helps analyze metrics. This solution helps you evaluate the quality of YouTube channels in the blink of an eye and find those that have the highest performance and that’ll best fit your needs. Its proprietary algorithm takes into account numerous important factors making it a truly unique solution on the market.

Level Up Your Video Content With YouTube Analytics

Knowing the statistics of particular YouTube channels, as well as having the opportunity to study their analytics, an influencer marketer can choose the right creators to take their campaign to the next level. YouTube analytics allows creators see what video content or type of videos work and which genres are epic fails. If your competitors are reaching thousands of viewers and are forever gaining subscribers, they must be doing something right.

Find the most popular videos among various groups of audiences with different demographics, and develop your content based on what works for your partners with the aid of the YouTube Analytics tool. The statistics you see should be purely for inspiration, making sure to give credit where credit’s due. Don’t plagiarize popular creators to grow your audience.

To give you an idea, let’s imagine you’re a beauty guru and have your own YouTube channel. A new eyeshadow pallet is trending all over YouTube, with fellow creators receiving vast numbers of subscriber interactions on their latest review and reaction videos. Head over to your YouTube Analytics tool and see what time they posted, who’s watching, how long the watch time is, and check the click-through rate. This specific information can give you the inside scoop you need to create videos inspired by the original creator via the YouTube Analytics tool.

Major YouTube Channel Audit Questions

The HypeAuditor Channel Quality Checker is a tool designed to evaluate YouTube channels and compare them with each other. It provides the metrics to determine the highest performing YouTube channels to partner with in a promotional campaign. Quality evaluation for a given YouTube channel is performed based on numerous criteria.

What’s a YouTube Audit?

A YouTube audit is the process of analyzing and discovering any inauthentic activity on a chosen YouTube channel. In a few words, you perform a YouTube audit to find fake subscribers and check whether you’d desire to invest in a certain candidate or not via YouTube Analytics.

What’s a YouTube Channel Audit Checklist?

A YouTube Audit Checklist is always required for the auditing process of an influencer profile. You need to know the following to determine whether an individual’s channel is authentic and you can build a partnership with them:
  • Channel Quality Score;
  • Channel Engagement Rate;
  • Content Type a YouTuber Posts;
  • Reaction/Comment Rate;
  • Target Audience Attitude;
  • Video Frequency.

How Does HypeAuditor Measure YouTube Channel Quality?

The evaluation of a YouTube channel’s quality via a YouTube Audit is based upon the following:
  • The creator’s influence is based on the number of subscribers, views number stability, views/subscribers ratio, release frequency, and upvotes to downvotes ratio;
  • Audience quality is based on audience age and gender distribution, and a channel’s “nativeness” to the audience’s location;
  • Credibility is based on subscriber authenticity, absence of view drops, and correlation of sudden spikes in views with subscriber number growth;
  • Engagement is benchmarked using the number of comments and reactions, views/comments, upvotes/views, and comments/views ratios.

Why Do You Need to Use YouTube Channel Quality Checker?

Understanding how well a YouTube channel’s statistics has been performing is not as easy as it may seem. You may have a look at a channel and visually get a measure on the activeness of the audience and its attitude to the creator’s content. However, you won’t be able to do any proper benchmarking to see how well the channel has been performing compared to similar ones.

It’s also difficult to get a real grasp on the audience’s location, age, and gender by simply eyeballing it. At the same time, this knowledge is essential when choosing a YouTuber. Content analytics as well as verification of a profile’s authenticity, cannot be done without the use of special tools that enable you to check YouTube channel quality. All of the aforementioned analytical components are equally important and should not be disregarded while choosing a YouTube channel for integration.

Before running a YouTube ad campaign with any creator, it’s essential to check the quality of the channels you’re considering partnering with via YouTube Analytics. The more impactful their results are, the more likely they may end up in your campaign shortlist. The free YouTube Quality Channel Checker can offer you a comprehensive evaluation of any YouTube profile and thus simplify your decision-making process.

How to Audit YouTube Channels?

Auditing American YouTube channels involves a lot of metrics that a marketer has to review and analyze in order to make a final decision on whether a particular YouTuber can partner with their company. We‘ve already mentioned what those metrics are. So here we want to focus on the auditing process:

  • First, a marketer has to prepare a list of YouTube channels that can reach out to the same target audience segment as their business;
  • Second, the marketer has to analyze each profile and review whether their subscriber-related metrics on YouTube seem authentic;
  • Third, they have to message each candidate personally to inquire about their quote per mention in a YouTube video. After a certain period of discussions, the marketer and YouTuber will be able to agree upon partnership requirements;
  • Finally, once the partnership is over, the marketer will have to analyze the results. More specifically, they have to calculate ROI, CPE, CPC, etc.

As you can see, the entire process takes up a reasonable amount of time for a single marketer even via YouTube Analytics. So if you’re wondering how you can significantly speed up this process, HypeAuditor can provide you with a single platform that covers and automates every step described above.

Are YouTube Producers Notified When I View Their YouTube Analytics?

No. If you use any third-party YouTube analytics tools to review their channel analytics, the other YouTuber will not be notified.

By Analyzing the YouTube Analytics of My Competitors, Will I Gain More Subscribers?

Yes, with a specific YouTube Audit Tool or tools and by analyzing various YouTube creators or channels, you can potentially raise your subscriber count. Daily, 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are viewed globally; therefore, it is essential to provide highly watchable account material. YouTube Analytics may provide you with vital information, such as which of your competitors' videos are the most popular. You may build an even better video with the aid of analytics and increase your channel’s growth by conducting analysis via the YouTube Analytics tool. YouTube advertising may also be an option for increasing subscriber count.

Plan during pre-production, conduct research by observing competitors’ videos, and take notes. Find a more inventive technique to accomplish the same goal as your competitors via the YouTube Analytics tool.

What Do My Engagement Metrics on Social Media Mean?

It’s crucial to determine whether the audience of your rival is as engaged as you believe it to be via YouTube Analytics. Social media engagement evaluates the success of your engaged audience, not simply the number of followers. There is no use in having a huge number next to your YouTube channel if your followers don’t watch your videos. Both video views and subscribers are of equal importance. You can actually use the follower checker via the YouTube Analytics tool to see whether your followers are authentic or not.

Watch time, click-through rates, comments, likes, and shares are crucial metrics to comprehend. Refer to what social media engagement numbers mean to learn more about YouTube stats.

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