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Use this tool to compare Instagram accounts and see how two different Instagram influencers stack up to each other in engagement rate, followers, and follower growth.
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HypeAuditor is among the leading influencer marketing apps that helps brands and agencies to compare Instagram followers between two accounts. With HypeAuditor’s Instagram Influencer Comparison Checker, you can compare Instagram stats like followers, follower growth, and engagement rate.

HypeAuditor’s Instagram Influencer Comparison Checker is a quick and easy comparison tool to check Instagram stats, learn how to compare Instagram influencers, and see overlap of followers. You’ll be able to sort out Instagram influencers with insufficient audiences, poor growth, and low engagement rates. This free comparison tool helps you gain greater value from your collaborations while maximizing the efficiency of your influencer marketing budget.

Compare Instagram Accounts Questions

What does HypeAuditor’s Instagram Influencer Comparison Checker do?

HypeAuditor’s Instagram Influencer Comparison Checker allows you to compare Instagram followers of two accounts and assess Instagram content creators side by side to see how they stake up with regards to their engagement rate, followers, and follower growth in 30 days.

Why is it important to compare Instagram influencers?

Comparing influencers and their performance is important to ensure that your influencer marketing campaign budget isn’t spent inefficiently. There’s also a chance you might find a better deal.

For example, if you compare Instagram stats of two Instagram influencers, and they have approximately the same numbers of followers, engagement, and growth, yet Influencer A demands twice as much as Influencer B, why overpay for Influencer A for your influencer campaign? Unless Influencer A is a celebrity who can generate added value purely on name recognition, there’s no reason to overpay for Influencer A. Influencer B represents greater value. Not only will you get similar results at a 50% discount, but you’ll still have some marketing budget left over for other possible opportunities.

Why is it important to check engagement rate?

Checking an influencer’s engagement rate provides insight into how well an influencer’s audience interacts with their content. If the engagement rate is high, that typically indicates that the influencer produces good-quality content. In turn, this increases the chances of conversions during any collaborations, and the more conversions, the lower the cost per conversion (while spending the marketing budget more efficiently).

The inverse is true as well. A low engagement rate indicates that an influencer is producing low-quality content that doesn’t appeal to their followers. Consequently, any money spent on an influencer campaign or collaboration with such an influencer is an inefficient use of marketing budget as it results in higher costs per conversion.

Why is it important to check follower counts?

There are several reasons why you should track the number of followers for an Instagram account. The biggest reason is that if you’re trying to sell or market a product or service, then the more active followers you have, the larger your reach. As a result, your brand gains more exposure.

Here are a few more reasons why it’s important to monitor the real-time follower count:

  • More followers increases your chances of a more active audience
  • Your business or brand seems more reliable and trustworthy
  • More followers means a larger potential customer base
  • Greater possibility of affiliate sales

Generally, if a larger audience means more possible revenue channels, which makes an influencer with a large follower count more attractive for possible collaborations.

Why is it important to check follower growth?

If there is a drawback to the follower count, it’s that the follower count is a vanity metric as well as a snapshot of one moment in time. The only meaningful conclusion that can be made is that an influencer has a small or large audience.

This is where follower growth as a metric provides more value and insight. Follower growth is essentially a record of multiple follower count snapshots over a specific period of time, such as 7 days, 30 days, 180 days, or even 360 days.

If there is a sustained period of positive follower growth for a social media creator on Instagram, this indicates that the Instagram influencer is doing something very well and might be worth investing some portion of your marketing budget. And if there is a sustained period of negative follower growth, it’s a sign that the influencer has been producing underwhelming content and you should avoid collaborating.

Seasonal fluctuations in follower growth can also prove insightful. For example, influencers that specialize in summer beach vacations might be more willing to offer deals for collaborations during winter months, while influencers who focus on skiing trips and winter sports will be more keen during the summer to offer a discount for collaborating.

What are some “red flags” when looking for an influencer?

There are several red flags to keep on the lookout for when searching for influencers. The first is fake followers. Accounts with a high ratio of fake followers will likely result in a waste of your marketing budget. While it’s typical for accounts to gain some number of fake followers in the form of bots and spam, you should pay attention to the ratio of real followers to fake.

Other red flags include follower growth (if it’s negative, then the influencer has been doing poorly), lack of personal brand, low engagement rates (low engagement rate equals low chance of conversions), and low Audience Quality Scores (AQS).

Also, you should take into account an influencer’s posting frequency. The most successful influencers post consistently at regular intervals so that they keep their audience engaged.

What should I look for in an influencer?

There are several factors that help an influencer stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for a data-driven approach, then influencer stats like followers, follower growth, engagement rate, and AQS are key performance indicators that can help you objectively drive your marketing decisions with numbers.

However, not all stats are created equal. Some stats, like followers, are good for a first impression. After all, you wouldn’t want an influencer with only 10 followers. The cost per potential conversion would be too high to be sustainable or efficient. While it’s possible that 1 conversion could make you a ton of money, the chances of it happening are low.

At the same time, other metrics like engagement rate and AQS are more indicative of an influencer’s success at engaging their followers. As a result, any marketing budget you spend on such an influencer will have a greater chance of successfully generating sales and helping you reach your targets.

On a qualitative note, it’s a good idea to look for influencers who are engaging with their audiences. They should also have a personal brand, credibility within their niche, and a loyal follower base.

For example, some of the “best” influencers for brands and agencies aren’t mega-influencers with millions of followers, but rather micro-influencers who have followers in the low thousands. Because of their smaller size, micro-influencers are often overlooked, yet they do have a very engaged audience and are able to target specific niches more easily.