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April 2019

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# @username Topics From Malaysia Followers Auth Eng from MY
1 Khairulaming @khairulaming


Food Restaurants Cooking 775.8K 1.2M 56.1K Free report
2 Eina Azman @eina_azman

Eina Azman

Actors Moms Food Cooking 1M 1.5M 17.3K Free report
3 Sheila Rusly @sheilarusly_jspictures

Sheila Rusly

Food 1.5M 2.1M 6.9K Free report
4 Cherry Quahst Official🍒🇲🇾 @cherry_quahst

Cherry Quahst Official🍒🇲🇾

Food Fashion 239.6K 1.6M 5.3K Preview
5 渡辺直美 @watanabenaomi703


Food Modeling Styling 179.7K 8.8M 5.1K Preview
6 培永小號 哈哈哈哈 @lifepheiyong

培永小號 哈哈哈哈

Food 107.9K 158.9K 5.3K Preview
7 Priscilla Wong 黃翠如 @wongtsuiyu

Priscilla Wong 黃翠如

Food 141.4K 1.1M 2.3K Preview
8 Syaf Kun @syafkun

Syaf Kun

Food Lifestyle Travel 110.7K 159.6K 6.5K Preview
9 Raffie Yusoff @raffieyusoff

Raffie Yusoff

Food Cooking 187.4K 286.4K 4K Preview
10 Elecher 一粒車 🌻 @elecherlee

Elecher 一粒車 🌻

Fashion Lifestyle Food 158K 288K 3K Preview
11 AdikFoods @adikfoods


Food Cooking 143.7K 243.2K 3.9K Preview
12 chef wan @_chefwan58

chef wan

Food Cooking 461.6K 687.4K 838 Preview
13 徐彬 Xu Bin @xubin_

徐彬 Xu Bin

Food Restaurants 81K 219.1K 3.5K Preview
14 Dapoq Pdot @dapoq_pdot

Dapoq Pdot

Food Cooking 115.6K 180.6K 4.2K Preview
15 Mika @luthmikhail20


Food 118.9K 174.9K 3.7K Preview
16 Anis Nabilah @anis_nabilah

Anis Nabilah

Food Recipes Chef 162.4K 225.6K 2.2K Preview
17 mon @imouniroy


Food Dance Travel 95.2K 7.7M 2K Preview
18 Starbucks Malaysia @mystarbucks

Starbucks Malaysia

Food Fashion Travel 254.2K 353K 1.1K Preview
19 Food @foodys


Food N/A 10.5M 46.1K Preview
20 KL Foodie @kl.foodie

KL Foodie

Food Restaurants 112.5K 171.3K 2.1K Preview
21 Rosehayatie Kitchen @rosehayatie_kitchen

Rosehayatie Kitchen

Food 211.5K 343.4K 1K Preview
22 Chumnan Maunghong @chumnan101

Chumnan Maunghong

Food 95K 1.3M 1.9K Preview
23 Cik Epal 🍎 @cikepal06

Cik Epal 🍎

Food Cooking 222K 344.7K 1.3K Preview
24 胡鴻鈞 | Hubert Wu @hubertwu

胡鴻鈞 | Hubert Wu

Music Food 62.1K 326K 1.5K Preview
25 Penang Foodie @penangfoodie

Penang Foodie

Food Cooking Chef 108.3K 169K 1.8K Preview
26 MyMakanTV @mymakantv


Food Cooking 95.4K 148.2K 2.2K Preview
27 Rei-sha Ye (叶静仪)

Rei-sha Ye (叶静仪)
Food Cooking Fitness 194.9K 315.5K 867 Preview
28 📩DmReview @zmila_thai


Food Cooking 121.8K 185.1K 1.5K Preview
29 🇹🇭SAS🇨🇦 @sasittube


Food 45.3K 1.4M 1.7K Preview
30 ASMR + MUKBANG EATING SHOW @syedot.asmr


Food Cooking 77.5K 114.5K 2.6K Preview
31 yatiekitchen @yatiekitchen


Food Cooking 319.1K 472.4K 460 Preview
32 Mark O’dea (ALAMARK!) @markodea8

Mark O’dea (ALAMARK!)

Food Fashion 79.5K 123K 2K Preview
33 Resepi Sedap @resepisedap

Resepi Sedap

Food Cooking 369.9K 545.8K 314 Preview
34 B I Z M I L L A @mila_jirin


Catering 219K 324.8K 600 Preview
35 Iman Abdul Rahim 🌸 @imanabdulrahim

Iman Abdul Rahim 🌸

Food 91.5K 149.3K 1.4K Preview
36 ✨🌟Fann Wong💋💋 @fannaiaiwong

✨🌟Fann Wong💋💋

Food Actors 70.9K 375K 683 Preview
37 surianti_kitchen @surianti_kitchen


Food Cooking 105.6K 168.7K 980 Preview
38 AINUL A. 💎 @ainulaishah


Fashion Lifestyle Food 144.2K 201.9K 887 Preview
39 Denise Soong Ee Lyn 🍋 @denisesoongeelyn

Denise Soong Ee Lyn 🍋

Food Fashion Lifestyle 22.6K 105.1K 1.7K Preview
40  @kfcmalaysia

Food Cooking Restaurants 198.9K 288.7K 455 Preview
41 Minimal Is Chic @lilfaraaaah

Minimal Is Chic

Fashion Lifestyle Food 76.4K 120.8K 2K Preview
42 McDonald's Malaysia @mcdonaldsmalaysia

McDonald's Malaysia

Food Restaurants 224.4K 363.5K 400 Preview
43 LUWE 雷欣蕙 @luweexxi

LUWE 雷欣蕙

Fashion Lifestyle Food 37.9K 66.4K 1.3K Preview
44 A N G E L 慧慧 🦄 @angel.nggg

A N G E L 慧慧 🦄

Fashion Beauty Food 28.6K 49.9K 1.6K Preview

Food 74.3K 96.5K 670 Preview
46 kakakwondamunah @wanakamal_79


Food Cooking 68.5K 107K 800 Preview
47 AISY HFIY HASHIM @leezaramzi


Food 77.5K 118.5K 830 Preview
48 سيزون يونس 🇸🇬 @syaz1yunos

سيزون يونس 🇸🇬

Food Chef 50.9K 97.5K 1.1K Preview
49 🌹🌹Lynn🌹🌹 @lynnmikael08


Music Food Cooking 86.9K 135.5K 678 Preview
50 annjaafar @annjfr


Actors Food 59.9K 95.5K 906 Preview
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