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February 2020

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# @username Topics From Malaysia Followers Auth Eng from MY
1 Khairulaming @khairulaming


Food Cooking 1.3M 2.2M 75.3K Free report
2 𝑬𝒊𝒏𝒂 𝑨𝒛𝒎𝒂𝒏 @eina_azman

𝑬𝒊𝒏𝒂 𝑨𝒛𝒎𝒂𝒏

Moms Food 1.3M 1.9M 14.8K Free report
3 Sheila Rusly @sheilarusly_jspictures

Sheila Rusly

Food 1.7M 2.4M 10.3K Free report
4 Burak Özdemir @cznburak

Burak Özdemir

Chef N/A 14.6M 400.2K Preview
5 Syaf Kun @syafkun

Syaf Kun

Fashion Food Travel 237.7K 363.5K 13.3K Preview
6 Dapoq Pdot @dapoq_pdot

Dapoq Pdot

Food Cooking 229.8K 367.7K 9.1K Preview
7 培永小號 哈哈哈哈 @lifepheiyong

培永小號 哈哈哈哈

Food 130.3K 235.6K 8.6K Preview
8 Adamdidam @adamdidam


Food 303.4K 429.5K 4K Preview
9 AdikFoods @adikfoods


Food Cooking 239.8K 431.3K 3.7K Preview
10 Cik Epal 🍎 @cikepal06

Cik Epal 🍎

Cooking Food 257.2K 390K 3.3K Preview
11 chef wan @_chefwan58

chef wan

Food Travel Chef 410.7K 765.4K 1K Preview
12 Raffie Yusoff @raffieyusoff

Raffie Yusoff

Food Cooking 202.6K 341.3K 2.8K Preview
13 KL Foodie @kl.foodie

KL Foodie

Food Restaurants 211.6K 352.4K 2.1K Preview
14 Anis Nabilah @anis_nabilah

Anis Nabilah

Food 177.4K 272.4K 2.4K Preview
15  @ashhryyyyy

Food Cooking 153.9K 241.6K 3K Preview
16 Lady D @diananasir86

Lady D

Moms Food Fashion 188K 311.3K 2.2K Preview
17 Kid Inn 🇲🇾 @kidinn___

Kid Inn 🇲🇾

Fashion Food Lifestyle 87.6K 153.2K 3K Preview
18 MyMakanTV @mymakantv


Food Restaurants 154.4K 247.3K 2.2K Preview
19 Arianna Kitchen @arianna.kitchen

Arianna Kitchen

Food 197.5K 310K 1.8K Preview
20 Starbucks Malaysia @mystarbucks

Starbucks Malaysia

Food Fashion Travel 302.1K 472.5K 902 Preview
21 Syedot ASMR @syedot.asmr

Syedot ASMR

Food Cooking 145.3K 226.1K 2.1K Preview
22 Penang Foodie @penangfoodie

Penang Foodie

Food Restaurants 155.8K 287.1K 1.7K Preview
23 Resepi Sedap @resepisedap

Resepi Sedap

Food Cooking 471.4K 644.8K 390 Preview
24 surianti_kitchen @surianti_kitchen


Food Cooking 178.8K 302.1K 1.1K Preview
25 ♥️Ko Ling 高海寧 @sammkoling

♥️Ko Ling 高海寧

Food Modeling 72.6K 518.8K 887 Preview
26 Masak with Passion 💕 @masakwithpassion

Masak with Passion 💕

Food 251.6K 401.8K 772 Preview
27 Rosehayatie @rosehayatie_kitchen


Food Cooking 238.6K 389.5K 887 Preview
28 Azril Fazrie @arilfazrie

Azril Fazrie

Food 165.9K 262K 1.5K Preview
29  @najlxsam

Chef Food 47.5K 75.1K 3.8K Preview
30 Dayang Areeda @dayangareeda

Dayang Areeda

Fashion Food 123.3K 188K 1.6K Preview
31 Shawn Gan @shawngkm

Shawn Gan

Food 33.4K 79.8K 2.7K Preview
32 Chumnan Maunghong @chumnan101

Chumnan Maunghong

Food 104.9K 1.4M 1.1K Preview
33 JoeShiang|GloriousMos招首批核心 @joeshianggg


Food Design 37.2K 67.8K 2K Preview
34 Halal Foodie 🇲🇾 @foodiebm

Halal Foodie 🇲🇾

Food Cooking 104.2K 158.7K 1.4K Preview
35 Cooking Makes Me Happy @icookweeat

Cooking Makes Me Happy

Food Cooking 179.9K 261.6K 727 Preview
36 Fun N' Taste @funntastecom

Fun N' Taste

Food Restaurants 66.6K 102.1K 1.8K Preview
37 Bangi 🇲🇾 Anonymous|SimpleMenu @sfs_kitchen

Bangi 🇲🇾 Anonymous|SimpleMenu

Food Cooking 107.8K 165.7K 1.1K Preview
38 Zach @zachchoi


Food Cooking Restaurants 35.9K 712.7K 1.6K Preview
39  @kfcmalaysia

Food Restaurants Cooking 212.5K 339.4K 403 Preview
40 ABANG CIKITUM @mirolsabirin


Food 51.9K 76.2K 1.8K Preview
41 CHEFYEN Aspiring Chef Malaysia @amrin_ismail

CHEFYEN Aspiring Chef Malaysia

Food Cooking 57.5K 89.5K 1.4K Preview
42 Datin Isma @datinismatia

Datin Isma

Cooking Food 168K 270.5K 474 Preview
43 Malaysian Foodpage 🇲🇾 @malayfoodlicious

Malaysian Foodpage 🇲🇾

Food Cooking Restaurants 100.3K 160.9K 786 Preview
44 Muhammadhaziq @itsme_hzqq


Food 90.3K 124.5K 1.6K Preview


Food Cooking 109.8K 180.1K 689 Preview
46 Jovin Chan🐇 @jovin26

Jovin Chan🐇

Fashion Food Lifestyle 56.6K 324.8K 611 Preview
47 ❤️SAS❤️ @sasittube


Food 67.3K 1.8M 894 Preview
48 AISY HFIY HASHIM @leezaramzi


Food Cooking 103K 165.5K 663 Preview
49 kakakwondamunah @wanakamal_79


Food Cooking 94.3K 149K 618 Preview
50 🌹🌹Lynn🌹🌹 @lynnmikael08


Food Cooking 100.3K 169.6K 632 Preview
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