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October 2019

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# @username Topics From Brazil Followers Auth Eng from BR
1 Bruna Marquezine ♡ @brunamarquezine

Bruna Marquezine ♡

Actors 30.9M 36.9M 302.3K Free report
2 Whindersson Nunes @whinderssonnunes

Whindersson Nunes

Comedy 31.1M 34.9M 285.6K Free report
3 Marina Ruy Barbosa @marinaruybarbosa

Marina Ruy Barbosa

Actors 29.3M 34.6M 199.6K Free report
4 Demi Lovato @ddlovato

Demi Lovato

Actors Singer Music 26.2M 74.7M 329K Preview
5 Tata Werneck @tatawerneck

Tata Werneck

Actors 30.7M 36M 156.5K Preview
6 Larissa Manoela @larissamanoela

Larissa Manoela

Actors 21.4M 25M 174.4K Preview
7 Caio Castro @caiocastro

Caio Castro

Surfing Actors Adventure 16.1M 18.2M 190.2K Preview
8 Selena Gomez @selenagomez

Selena Gomez

Actors 14.1M 157.8M 240.9K Preview
9 Ariana Grande @arianagrande

Ariana Grande

Singer Actors 21.7M 165.7M 197.4K Preview
10 Paolla Oliveira @paollaoliveirareal

Paolla Oliveira

Lifestyle Actors Fashion 18.5M 21.1M 101.7K Preview
11 Chapolin Sincero @chapolinsincero

Chapolin Sincero

Humor Comedy 14.4M 16.9M 127.8K Preview
12 Grazi Massafera @massafera

Grazi Massafera

Lifestyle Actors 14.8M 17.3M 119.2K Preview
13 camila mendes @camimendes

camila mendes

Actors 7.5M 20.7M 378K Preview
14 Lara Silva @larasilva

Lara Silva

Actors 3.1M 3.4M 461.3K Preview
15 Juliana Paes Actress Brazil @julianapaes

Juliana Paes Actress Brazil

Actors Visualizations Travel 18.5M 21.6M 66.9K Preview
16 Lucas Lira @lucas_lira

Lucas Lira

Humor Lifestyle Comedy 4.3M 4.9M 288.8K Preview
17 Luciano Huck @lucianohuck

Luciano Huck

TV Host TV Shows Entertainment 14.8M 17.2M 79.5K Preview
18 Flavia Pavanelli @flaviapavanelli

Flavia Pavanelli

Fashion Lifestyle Actors 13.2M 15.3M 89.1K Preview
19 Veveta @ivetesangalo


Singer Music TV Host 25.4M 29.4M 43K Preview
20 mills @milliebobbybrown


Actors 3.3M 29.9M 193.7K Preview
21 Thais Fersoza @tatafersoza

Thais Fersoza

Lifestyle Actors 10.7M 12.2M 99.7K Preview
22 F e r n a n d a S o u z a @fernandasouzaoficial

F e r n a n d a S o u z a

Actors Music Singer 17.3M 20M 56.2K Preview
23 Blake Lively @blakelively

Blake Lively

Actors 5.3M 25.5M 397.5K Preview
24 Júlio Cocielo Estaniecki @cocielo

Júlio Cocielo Estaniecki

Actors Comedy 11.7M 13.2M 76.4K Preview
25 Sabrina Sato 🅱️+ @sabrinasato

Sabrina Sato 🅱️+

TV Host 20M 23.3M 45K Preview
26 rodrigofaro @rodrigofaro


Singer Music TV Shows 15.4M 17.8M 54.9K Preview
27 Eliana Michaelichen @eliana

Eliana Michaelichen

Singer Music TV Shows 20M 22.6M 41.9K Preview
28 Christian Figueiredo @christian_fig

Christian Figueiredo

Lifestyle Actors 6.7M 7.6M 117.4K Preview
29 Zendaya @zendaya


Actors 6.2M 62.8M 176.4K Preview
30 Giovanna Chaves @giovannachaves

Giovanna Chaves

Actors Singer 8.4M 9.9M 83.8K Preview
31 Giovanna Ewbank @gio_ewbank

Giovanna Ewbank

Actors Modeling Fashion 16.3M 19.5M 44K Preview
32 Maria Venture @mariaventure

Maria Venture

Actors 3.7M 4.2M 191.7K Preview
33 LUCAS GUIMARÃES @lucasguimaraes


Actors 3.6M 4M 194.4K Preview
34 Netflix Brasil @netflixbrasil

Netflix Brasil

News&Politics TV Shows 13.1M 14.6M 54.2K Preview
35 Camila Queiroz @camilaqueiroz

Camila Queiroz

Actors Fashion 10.6M 14.1M 58.8K Preview
36 Kéfera Buchmann @kefera

Kéfera Buchmann

Photography Modeling Actors 11.3M 12.8M 57K Preview
37 Cinthia Cruz ♡ @cinthiacruz_

Cinthia Cruz ♡

Actors 5.1M 6.7M 85.2K Preview
38 Tom Holland @tomholland2013

Tom Holland

Actors 2.7M 32.3M 287.8K Preview
39 paulogustavo31 @paulogustavo31


Actors 9.4M 11M 63.3K Preview
40 Lili Reinhart @lilireinhart

Lili Reinhart

Actors 3M 20.4M 277.7K Preview
41 Juliana Paiva @juulianapaiva

Juliana Paiva

Actors 7.1M 8.1M 80.1K Preview
42 Sophia Valverde @sophiavalverde

Sophia Valverde

Actors 6.8M 8.2M 74K Preview
43 Noah @ncentineo


Actors 3.1M 17.6M 271.8K Preview
44 João Guilherme @joaoguilherme

João Guilherme

Lifestyle Actors Singer 10.3M 11.8M 50.9K Preview
45 Madelaine Petsch @madelame

Madelaine Petsch

Actors 2.4M 16.9M 195.1K Preview
46 isis valverde @isisvalverde

isis valverde

Lifestyle Actors 14.4M 17.6M 32.2K Preview
47 Arthur Aguiar @arthuraguiar

Arthur Aguiar

Actors Singer 7.3M 8.4M 61.6K Preview
48 Hungria Hip Hop @hungria_oficial

Hungria Hip Hop

Actors Health Singer 5.3M 5.9M 82.9K Preview
49 Bela Fernandes @bela_fernandesoficial

Bela Fernandes

Actors 4M 4.7M 102.9K Preview
50 Rafael Vitti @rafaavitti

Rafael Vitti

Actors 9.1M 10.5M 44.7K Preview
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