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Top 100 Entertainment Instagram Influencers in Australia

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April 2020

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# @username Topics From Australia Followers Auth Eng from AU
1 9GAG: Go Fun The World @9gag

9GAG: Go Fun The World

Humor Memes Entertainment 1.9M 51.9M 13.2K Free report
2 thefatjewish @thefatjewish


Music Art Entertainment 1.1M 11.1M 23.6K Free report
3 Celeste Barber @celestebarber

Celeste Barber

Actors Humor Writers 1.1M 7.1M 37.4K Free report
4 Daquan @daquan


Humor Funny Entertainment 925.2K 14.6M 20.4K Preview
5 Hamish Blake @hamishblakeshotz

Hamish Blake

Humor 643.7K 1M 12.9K Preview
6 Dolan Twins @dolantwins

Dolan Twins

Video Blogger Comedy Comics 294.7K 4.6M 25.7K Preview
7 Brown Cardigan @browncardigan

Brown Cardigan

Entertainment 512.7K 825.5K 9.9K Preview
8 Ben Simmons @bensimmons

Ben Simmons

Basketball Music Entertainment 389.7K 5.1M 8K Preview
9 LaMelo Ball @melo

LaMelo Ball

Music Sports Entertainment 360K 5.3M 22.6K Preview
10 ecards @sarcasm_only


Lifestyle Humor Fashion 1M 14.7M 7K Preview
11 Marvel Entertainment @marvel

Marvel Entertainment

Comics Film Art 955K 45.9M 2.9K Preview
12 Marvel Studios @marvelstudios

Marvel Studios

Film Comics 719.4K 25.7M 12.9K Preview
13 Melissa McCarthy @melissamccarthy

Melissa McCarthy

Humor Actors Modeling 359.6K 8.4M 8.1K Preview
14 Stan Lee @therealstanlee

Stan Lee

Producers Comics Writers 410.4K 11.9M 6.8K Preview
15 YEHUDA DeVIR OFFICIAL @jude_devir


Geek Comics Anime 162.4K 5.4M 9.8K Preview
16 NK @k1ngkyrg1os


Music Entertainment Modeling 403.3K 1.4M 10.1K Preview
17 Josh Peck @shuapeck

Josh Peck

Producers Humor Comedy 391.5K 9.8M 7.7K Preview
18 Jack Whitehall @jackwhitehall

Jack Whitehall

Humor 382.9K 2.3M 6.6K Preview
19  @yg

Singer Entertainment Music 130.7K 6.7M 5.2K Preview
20 Disney @disney


Movies Entertainment 806.1K 23.9M 1.7K Preview
21 Luke Erwin @lukeerwin23

Luke Erwin

Humor 187K 343.1K 8.7K Preview
22 Ciara @ciara


Actors Entertainment Singer 263.2K 25.1M 2.3K Preview
23 The Lonely Island @thelonelyisland

The Lonely Island

Humor 106.6K 2.1M 7.8K Preview
24 Dude Perfect @dudeperfect

Dude Perfect

Humor Comedy Video Games 364.9K 10.5M 4.1K Preview
25 Positive & Motivational Quotes @thegoodquote

Positive & Motivational Quotes

Humor Quotes 1.6M 19.7M 1.4K Preview
26  @playboicarti

Music Entertainment Producers 65.4K 4.6M 8.5K Preview
27 snoopdogg @snoopdogg


Music Singer Entertainment N/A 41.6M 63K Preview
28 SHEN COMIX @shencomix


Comics 106.8K 2M 9.4K Preview
29 David Harbour @dkharbour

David Harbour

Actors Theatre 239.1K 5.7M 12.2K Preview
30 HoodClips @hoodclips


Memes 433.3K 11.3M 2.9K Preview
31 NBAmemes @nbamemes


Humor 149.3K 3.6M 5K Preview
32 #gloryboy #angelicamerica @liltecca

#gloryboy #angelicamerica

Music Entertainment Modeling 64.1K 3.2M 4.4K Preview
33 Nash Grier @nashgrier

Nash Grier

Modeling Lifestyle Entertainment 306K 10.5M 7.3K Preview
34  @larray

Entertainment Singer Music 86.9K 1.9M 10.5K Preview
35 Miranda Sings @mirandasingsofficial

Miranda Sings

Singer Music Entertainment 394.2K 6.5M 1.7K Preview
36 Joe Rogan @joerogan

Joe Rogan

Humor 403.3K 8.9M 2.4K Preview
37 bryson tiller @brysontiller

bryson tiller

Music Entertainment DJ 146.3K 5.5M 4.2K Preview
38 AlishaMarie @alisha


Fashion Lifestyle Humor 159.6K 3.9M 3.3K Preview
39 Ethan Klein @h3h3productions

Ethan Klein

Humor 95.3K 2.1M 4.8K Preview
40 J U N I P E R & F I G @juniperfoxx

J U N I P E R & F I G

Funny Photography 133.5K 3M 3.6K Preview
41 Walt Disney World @waltdisneyworld

Walt Disney World

Film Animation Entertainment 181K 8.1M 2K Preview
42 Memes.com @memes


Humor Memes Entertainment 360.5K 6.3M 2K Preview
43 Nintendo of America @nintendo

Nintendo of America

Game Development Video Games Entertainment 210.4K 6.3M 1.7K Preview
44 50 Cent @50cent

50 Cent

Entertainment Music Singer 410.1K 25.5M 755 Preview
45 Gabrielle Epstein @gabbyepstein

Gabrielle Epstein

Music Entertainment Singer 232.4K 2.4M 4.2K Preview
46 Sarah Andersen @sarahandersencomics

Sarah Andersen

Comics 179K 3.7M 7.2K Preview
47 27 Or Nothing 💯🌏 @j_emz14

27 Or Nothing 💯🌏

Music Singer Entertainment 65.2K 115K 8.4K Preview
48 Eddie Betts @eddiebthe3rd

Eddie Betts

Entertainment 113K 154.8K 3.3K Preview
49 THE LAST BACKYARDIGAN 🏕 @nba_youngboy


Entertainment Music Producers N/A 9.4M 708K Preview
50 Safely Endangered Comics @safely_endangered

Safely Endangered Comics

Comics Geek Art 82.7K 1.4M 7K Preview
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