Moon Magic automates influencer report process while investing more time in new projects

Moon Magic required fast, detailed reports to streamline the influencer vetting process because they used to spend a lot of time manually checking influencer accounts

Moon Magic

Moon Magic Saves Time on Crucial Influencer Metrics Allowing Further Business Expansion

HypeAuditor in 12 months:

Identified and selected relevant influencers for a narrow business niche
Improved marketing team productivity by providing essential influencer metrics
Achieved full transparency of influencer profile authenticity
We've been manually going through influencer profiles, their followers, ER, etc. But once we found HypeAuditor, oh my God, it just saved us so much time.
Flora Macher - Moonmagic Influencer Relations Manager
Business Challenges:
Lack of ready-to-use templates for detailed reports on relevant social influencers

Moon Magic has to spend considerable time analyzing influencer data and building a report that reflects suitable prospects for creating the correct influencer marketing strategy (especially when the company is deeply involved with influencers).

HypeAuditor Solution:
The HypeAuditor platform has provided rich insights on each influencer’s prospects

Moon Magic was overwhelmed by the number of actions it had to take to determine relevant influencers. With HypeAudtior, they now efficiently manage their influencer marketing planning. They can easily track all of the chosen influencer accounts, observe each prospect’s engagement rate, review the authenticity of a selected account, and produce beautiful and detailed reports on any desirable accounts.

HypeAuditor allowed them to branch out and partner with other brands

Moon Magic can now easily communicate with each influencer using the Campaign Management and the Influencer Outreach tools. They can safely build solid relationships and collaborate while knowing that their money is well-spent on proven influencers backed by accurate data.

The result:
Moon Magic saved twice as much time they used to spend analyzing influencer data allowing them to expand

With the available influencer metrics, an automated process for creating a detailed report on matching candidates, influencer account tracking, and content analysis, Moon Magic now saves time and can invest it in other related marketing activities. They no longer have to take screenshots of posts or any related analytical data because it’s now accessible and downloadable via the HypeAuditor platform.

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