How Nannybag used HypeAuditor to automate their marketing and find new influencers to propel their unique business

The European startup, Nannybag, wanted to automate the majority of time-consuming tasks usually handled by one person.


Nannybag Automated the Manual Analysis of Influencers and Preserved Their Budget

HypeAuditor in 12 months:

Identified and focused on those European social influencers that matched their business

Improved marketing efficiency by automating typically manual tasks

Achieved full transparency about influencer profile authenticity

I contacted each influencer one by one, building a good relationship. At first, it was super hard to reach out to them. After I found HypeAuditor, it was massive assistance to our team. Now, we can discover online influencers for upcoming months with Campaign Analysis, and I know which one to contact for the scheduled collaborations.
Negin Rostampour, Social media and communication manager at Nannybag
Business Challenges
The time required to implement an influencer marketing strategy

Nannybag is a relatively small and brand-new startup in the seed stage. It doesn’t have a lot of people who can perform most of its business operations all around Europe. 

Moreover, the Nannybag marketing team is fairly small to handle all of the tasks concerning researching and communicating with influencers, planning influencer marketing campaigns, and evaluating ROI. The marketing officer required an additional service to automate most of the manual work, save time, and focus on building solid business relationships.

To ensure growth, a startup must spend its marketing budget efficiently

Typically, a startup or a small firm will always have a limited budget for all departments, including marketing. Therefore, a startup founder should not waste it on random influencers who may be irrelevant to their business or whose audience may not be authentic. Instead, every startup founder wants to be spot on when spending or investing their capital, so a marketing chief officer must be 100% confident that a chosen influencer will bring in the best results possible and that the investment was a complete success.

HypeAuditor as the Solution
The HypeAuditor platform has automated most of the tasks once done manually by a single marketer

Nannybag’s marketing director was overwhelmed by tasks that should be done by at least three individuals. With HypeAuditor, they can now easily manage their influencer marketing campaign – simply tracking all of the chosen influencer accounts, observing the engagement rate of each potential candidate, reviewing the authenticity of a selected account via AQS (Audience Quality Score), and producing a detailed account report composed of 20 different analytical metrics.

This content analysis helps Nannybag find those influencers who have a friendly relationship with their audience, as travel tips and questions are something that you usually share with friends.

HypeAuditor allowed Nannybag to create the right budget

With the Campaign Management and Influencer Outreach tools, Nannybag can now easily communicate with each influencer. They can safely build fruitful relationships while knowing that their money is being well spent on proven influencers backed by authentic data.

The result
Nannybag saved sufficient financial resources while expanding their business

With all of the aforementioned metrics for relevant influencers, an automated process to analyze authentic candidates, account tracking for chosen individuals, and content analysis offered by HypeAuditor, Nannybag can now safely and efficiently invest in influencer marketing. The engagement rate for their Instagram account has doubled with the invested money. 

The company’s chief marketing officer can now confidently work with dozens of influencers simultaneously instead of just several individuals while not losing sight of other important tasks.

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