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    Fullswing is a team of marketing, digital and creative professionals providing services at an international level, with a strong agency and corporate background. Fullswing is spread across Europe, focusing on Italy, the UK, France, and key EMEA markets.

    The Fullswing team develops marketing strategies, creates branded content, realizes video productions, and runs influencer marketing programs on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. The core industries they work with include entertainment, technology, and travel.

    With HypeAuditor in 12 months:

    Improved team productivity by reducing the amount of manual work.

    Entered unknown markets and discovered new audiences

    Planned and ran influencer marketing campaigns across five territories in Europe

    “HypeAuditor helps us solve a big problem of fraud in the Influencer industry. It speeds up the process as well. No doubt, HypeAuditor makes our workflow and processes much more efficient.”

    Luca Magnani

    Founder & Managing Director at Fullswing

    • Business Challenges

      Finding the right influencers and evaluating their quality for the clients

      Initially, Fullswing mainly worked with its internal base of influencers who have already established personal relationships in other projects. But since the industry is developing rapidly and there is a demand for influencer marketing in other countries and other markets, Fullswing faced a new challenge. They needed to find hundreds of new target influencers and quickly determine the quality of their audience to provide clients with quality influencer marketing services.

    • Detecting inauthentic influencers to prevent the clients from wasting budgets on fake collaborations

      Influencer fraud is a big problem for the industry. Organic Instagram growth is a long and arduous process. Not all influencers are ready to invest their time and money in it. Besides, tons of apps and websites attempt to allow users to get followers, likes, and comments immediately, in any quantity, and without large budgets.

      There are plenty of Influencers who buy followers, increase their comments and likes in Comments pods or take part in Giveaways.

      A giveaway is a shadow method of quickly growing an account. If your brand collaborates with an influencer who has participated in Giveaways, it can do your business more harm than good. The audience of those influencers is usually not interested in the creator‘s content because they were motivated by the prizes of a Giveaway when they followed the influencer account.

      Giveaways across Europe have very different regulations. Sometimes a Giveaway is considered as a competition by the local authorities. In this case, you need to apply for it. But it‘s usually relatively easy to run Giveaways. For example, in the UK, you simply buy something as a prize and give away whatever immediately, for instance.

      Fullswing wanted to avoid collaboration with fake influencers to ensure that they provide high-quality service to their customers and that their client‘s marketing budgets are protected from influencer fraud.

    • HypeAuditor as the Solution:

      HypeAuditor allowed Fullswing to track down relevant influencers and quickly filter out suspiciously-looking accounts

      Manually checking an influencer account for fraud is possible. Still, it takes so much effort, and time you might need a separate team just for this purpose, especially when you enter a new market, and you need to check hundreds and thousands of accounts. The Fullswing team tried a few tools for Instagram analytics and decided to stick with the HypeAuditor as the best one in terms of the Audience Quality Score (AQS) and fraud detection.

    • HypeAuditor's AQS helped the team quickly analyze influencers' quality and avoid fake creators

      Each HypeAuditor Instagram Account Analytics report has an AQS metric. The AQS is dynamic and considers the overall performance of Instagram influencers within the same tier. AQS is computed using engagement rate, quality audience, follower and following growth patterns, and engagement authenticity. It gives a quick insight into the overall quality of the account and its audience. Based on AQS, the Fullswing team could make a quick decision if it‘s worth considering a particular influencer or if it‘s better to keep looking for a better choice.

    • The result:

      Fullswing saved their resources on time-consuming tasks to focus on strategic and creative tasks.

      Over 12 months HypeAuditor Discovery and Influencer Analytics Reports helped the Fullswing team save time and improve their productivity:

      • no need to check each influencer account manually; the team could focus their efforts on strategic and creative tasks

      • get a clear and genuine picture of unknown markets and their audience

      • launch influencer marketing campaigns across five countries in Europe.

      When searching for new influencers, the Fullswing team can now check their accounts for fraud actions, analyze their demographic characteristics, and get a list of reliable creators to ensure their campaigns‘ efficiency and clients‘ success.

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