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  • Advanced Filters and Influencer Reports Allowed Zafiro Hotels Select Relevant Creators

    Zafiro Hotels is a hotel company in Mallorca and Menorca, Spain, offering exclusive services for amazing resort and luxury hotel vacations. They have 12 hotels that provide a relaxing and quality experience for guests to enjoy their vacation in the Mediterranean.

    As a brand renowned for their luxury resorts and hotels, Zafiro Hotels receives many requests from influencers looking to partner with the company and wanting to stay at the resort for free. Before using the HypeAuditor tool, the marketing team had to work hard when choosing content creators. They received the metrics sent by the influencer and believed that data because they had no other source of information.

    • Business Challenges

      The marketing team found that 50% of these influencers looking to partner with the brand had fake followers or had an audience that differed from the company‘s intended target. This was a problem because the free vacation given to these influencers did not result in the conversions and commitment Zafiro expected or hoped for. Additionally, manual profile verification ended up taking a considerable amount of time, and it wasn‘t always possible to access all influencer information.

    “We needed a stage to be able to verify the authenticity of these profiles and also to know information about followers, because that is information you often don't get. First, you have to request it, and if you do get it, it's been manipulated.”

    Eva Martorell Moreno

    Marketing communication manager

    • HypeAuditor as the Solution:

      Two years ago, the company began using HypeAuditor‘s Influencer Analytics tool to make decisions based on important data such as the demographics and quality of an influencer‘s audience, authenticity, and engagement rate. Now, as soon as an influencer requests to stay at the hotel for free, it‘s possible to check their HypeAuditor profile to decide if it‘ll pay off.

    “We had no way of calculating data such as audience quality, engagement, and everything organically, this was data that we couldn't get. With the tool, we can now access this data without wasting time.”

    Eva Martorell Moreno

    Marketing communication manager

    • The result:

      With this tool, Zafiro Hotels can create the best campaigns to reach their intended target audience and make good use of their influencer marketing budget.

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