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  • Bridges Locates Authentic Influencers Who Are Experts on a Topic and Can Reach a Wider Audience

    The Manila-based agency was founded in 2000 and started as a PR agency. With the rise of influencers, they expanded their services, including digital marketing solutions, to meet the growing expectations of the market and their clients.

    Bridges predominantly creates marketing campaigns for the Filipino audience. They have an impressive client portfolio, from beauty brands to an esteemed airline. Bridges’ task is to identify local, top-notch influencers who can authentically represent their customers’ businesses.

    HypeAuditor in 10 months:

    Manages to find influencers who match their clients’ explicit requirements

    The easy-to-use platform structure saves them a lot of time

    Sorts out underperforming influencers by analyzing their campaign and regular ER

    “A lot of time has been saved simply by typing in an influencer, and you can have all their demographics, all their audience data, all their location data, etc. All are available. You can always find the influencer search whatever tab you're in. That's a huge help.”

    Alfonso Apilado

    Senior Data Analyst at Bridges

    • Business Challenges

      Finding influencers that meet the needs of a diverse client base

      About half of Bridges’ clients are lifestyle brands. Besides these, they regularly work with beauty, multinational food & beverages businesses, medical companies, and a prestigious Asian airline. The performance and content requirements vary by company and industry. Searching for local creators in that many categories takes time and manpower.

    • Convincing more traditional clients of the effectiveness of digital influencers

      Bridges started working with many of their clients when they were providing only PR solutions. However, constant changes in the marketing scene pushed the agency to expand its services with influencer marketing. Teaming up with creators has many benefits. Still, Bridges needs to persuade some of its clients who prefer traditional marketing solutions to try influencer marketing.

    • Their previous influencer platform was too difficult to navigate

      The team struggled to maneuver their previous influencer marketing platform. It was challenging to teach new team members how the platform worked. Bridges needed a tool where they can search for influencers without seeking the influencer search bar.

    • HypeAuditor as the Solution:

      The agency compares influencers’ regular ER to their campaign ER to pick well-performing creators

      Bridges makes sure to work with the best creators, thus they always study their accounts before they team up with them. On top of that, they keep an eye on influencer performance metrics during a campaign. They compare creators’ regular engagement rates with their campaign engagement rates. They track the efficiency of posts under the Content tab in the Campaign Management tool.

    • Bridges successfully detected influencers with fake followers

      Followers and Following Growth charts revealed creators whose audience was grown artificially. The marketing team already noticed influencers whose follower count was over one million within a short time or showed significant spikes and drops.

    • HypeAuditor’s platform is handy and easy to understand

      Bridges quickly locates and analyzes influencer accounts with HypeAuditor’s Influencer Discovery and Account Analytics tools. The structure of HypeAuditor’s user-friendly platform facilitates and accelerates their workflow. In the left panel, they can easily access all the functions they require at any time.

    • The result:

      Audience data, in-depth influencer accounts, and engagement rate analysis help Bridges convince its clients to invest in influencer marketing

      In some cases, clients request influencers from a specific region. Bridges always analyzes the quality of influencer profiles with the Account Analytics tool. If creators don’t measure up to the expectations, Bridges’ marketing team can convince the client to choose the high-quality influencers of their choice. With the help of Audience Demographics filters the team responsible for vetting influencers successfully identifies relevant creators located in the Philippines. They login into their account and whip out a creator profile within a few seconds. What used to be a time-consuming task, now is quick and easy.

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