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April 2020

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# @username Topics From Brazil Followers Auth Eng from BR
1 🧿 @noahurrea


Truck 1.6M 2.2M 157.2K Free report
2 Heyoon Jeong @heyoon_jeong

Heyoon Jeong

Truck 1.5M 2.1M 107.2K Free report
3 Hina Yoshihara @hina_yshr

Hina Yoshihara

Truck Modeling 1.3M 1.8M 100.1K Free report
4 Lewis Hamilton @lewishamilton

Lewis Hamilton

Sports Riders Formula1 2.5M 15.1M 35.9K Preview
5 Lamborghini @lamborghini


Cars Luxury 1.2M 26.1M 17K Preview
6 Ferrari @ferrari


Luxury Cars 1.1M 18.6M 10.2K Preview
7 BMW @bmw


Cars BMW 1.2M 26.6M 6.6K Preview
8 RAQUEL FREITAS💥 @raquel_freitaaas


Cars 751.7K 1M 7.8K Preview
9 Porsche @porsche


Cars Racing Luxury 1M 20.6M 6K Preview
10 Jason Momoa @prideofgypsies

Jason Momoa

Actors Motorcycle Racing 911.7K 14.9M 6.5K Preview
11 FORMULA 1® @f1


Racing 563K 9.2M 4.2K Preview
12 CHARLES LECLERC @charles_leclerc


Racing 242.8K 2.8M 17.1K Preview
13 Tesla @teslamotors


Cars Luxury Technology 483.5K 7.3M 9.3K Preview
14 Tcar @tcar


Cars Audi Luxury 520K 614.3K 6.3K Preview
15 Audi @audi


Audi Cars 687.1K 15.8M 4.6K Preview
16 Mercedes-Benz @mercedesbenz


Cars Luxury Mercedes 930.4K 26.4M 2.2K Preview
17 Jaguar @jaguar


Cars Luxury Racing 986K 11.5M 4.3K Preview
18 Quatro Rodas @quatro_rodas

Quatro Rodas

Cars Audi 632.1K 776.4K 3.2K Preview
19 Land Rover @landrover

Land Rover

Cars Luxury 613.5K 7.5M 3.2K Preview
20 Henrique Avancini @avancinimtb

Henrique Avancini

Bikes 222.4K 280.6K 11K Preview
21 BUGATTI @bugatti


Cars Luxury 517.8K 12.2M 4.9K Preview
22 YouTube Brasil @youtubebrasil

YouTube Brasil

Racing 1.1M 1.3M 1.7K Preview
23 Daniel Henrick  @dan.gs_

Daniel Henrick 

Riders Motorcycle Racing Motorcycle 215.8K 246.2K 8.1K Preview
24 Zunky Rodas ®️ @zunky_rodas

Zunky Rodas ®️

Motorcycle Racing Riders 1.1M 1.3M 1.5K Preview
25 Max Verstappen @maxverstappen1

Max Verstappen

Racing Riders Motorcycle Racing 243.8K 3M 9.6K Preview
26 Maserati @maserati


Cars Racing Luxury 506.4K 10.9M 3.6K Preview
27 Mercedes-AMG F1 @mercedesamgf1

Mercedes-AMG F1

Racing Mercedes Luxury 361.1K 4.4M 2.8K Preview
28 Felipe Massa @massafelipe19

Felipe Massa

Racing 625.8K 1.3M 3K Preview
29 Acelerados @acelerados


Cars Racing 456.7K 563.7K 2.7K Preview
30 Auto Super @autosuperbr

Auto Super

Cars 235K 275.2K 5K Preview
31 Garage 2267 @garage2267

Garage 2267

Cars 755.6K 864.9K 1.9K Preview
32 Daniel Ricciardo @danielricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo

Racing Cars 178.1K 3M 7.6K Preview
33 Scuderia Ferrari @scuderiaferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

Racing Travel Cars 325.5K 4.6M 3.5K Preview
34 Tarso Marques @tarsomarquesoficial

Tarso Marques

Cars Racing 963.4K 1.2M 1.2K Preview
35 Sheriff Barion @joaobarion

Sheriff Barion

Cars Racing 231.6K 310.2K 4.6K Preview
36 McLaren @mclaren


Racing Riders Luxury 442.5K 5.4M 2.8K Preview
37 Alex - that girl with the cars @supercarblondie

Alex - that girl with the cars

Cars Luxury Racing 203.6K 5.9M 7K Preview
38 Marc Márquez @marcmarquez93

Marc Márquez

Motorcycle Racing 200.9K 4.9M 4.4K Preview
39 Harley-Davidson @harleydavidson


Motorcycle Motorcycle Racing Riders 421.2K 4.8M 3K Preview
40 BMW M GmbH @bmwm


Cars Luxury BMW 231.9K 6.9M 2.5K Preview
41 Aston Martin Red Bull Racing @redbullracing

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

Racing 361.2K 3.9M 2.6K Preview
42 Prime Veiculos Premium @primeveiculospremium

Prime Veiculos Premium

Cars Audi 284.2K 339.9K 3.3K Preview
43 Aston Martin @astonmartinlagonda

Aston Martin

Cars Luxury Photography 407.3K 9.4M 2.9K Preview
44 Mercedes-AMG @mercedesamg


Cars Luxury Mercedes 436.7K 12.5M 1.9K Preview
45 Volkswagen @volkswagen


Cars 642.9K 8.6M 1.6K Preview
46 Monster Energy @monsterenergy

Monster Energy

Racing 736.3K 6.5M 1.4K Preview
47 MOTOS DO GRAU OFICIAL️🔥 @motos_do_grau_oficial


Motorcycle Racing Motorcycle Riders 502.7K 593.5K 1.7K Preview
48 Dodge @dodgeofficial


Cars 176.8K 5.5M 3K Preview
49 Carros Antigos @carrosantigos.oficial

Carros Antigos

Cars 224K 279.7K 2.3K Preview
50 LowCars @lowcarsoficial


Cars Audi 284K 335.7K 2.7K Preview
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