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Updated: July 2020

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Rank @username Category From Brazil Followers Auth Eng from BR
1 Lamborghini @lamborghini


Luxury Cars & Motorbikes 1.6M 27M 22.4K Free report
2 Ferrari @ferrari


Luxury Cars & Motorbikes 949.9K 19M 10.7K Free report
3 BMW @bmw


Cars & Motorbikes 1.2M 27.7M 6.2K Free report
4 Porsche @porsche


Cars & Motorbikes Racing Sports Luxury 990.7K 21.8M 8.3K Preview
5 BUGATTI @bugatti


Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 824.6K 12.7M 10.7K Preview
6 Audi USA @audi

Audi USA

Luxury Cars & Motorbikes 594K 16M 6K Preview
7 Mercedes-Benz @mercedesbenz


Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 1.2M 27.8M 2.1K Preview
8 Charles Leclerc @charles_leclerc

Charles Leclerc

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 240.1K 3.2M 16.5K Preview
9 Mercedes-AMG F1 @mercedesamgf1

Mercedes-AMG F1

Racing Sports Luxury Cars & Motorbikes 489K 4.8M 7.5K Preview
10 O Menor De 17 Anos🚀🇧🇷 @jooaodgrau

O Menor De 17 Anos🚀🇧🇷

Lifestyle Cars & Motorbikes 729.6K 796.5K 39.6K Preview
11 Scuderia Ferrari @scuderiaferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 439.1K 5M 6.9K Preview
12 Jaguar @jaguar


Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 747.9K 11.5M 3.1K Preview
13 BMW M GmbH @bmwm


Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 321.7K 7.4M 4K Preview
14 Daniel Ricciardo @danielricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 183.8K 3.3M 8K Preview
15 Lucas MotoVlog @lucasmotovlog.oficial

Lucas MotoVlog

Cars & Motorbikes 794.7K 866K 25.5K Preview
16 Rolls-Royce Motor Cars @rollsroycecars

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 256.2K 7.4M 2.9K Preview
17 McLaren Automotive @mclarenauto

McLaren Automotive

Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 353.5K 8.3M 2.3K Preview
18 McLaren @mclaren


Racing Sports Luxury Cars & Motorbikes 421.4K 5.7M 3.4K Preview
19 Aston Martin Red Bull Racing @redbullracing

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 358.1K 4.1M 3.7K Preview
20 Dodge @dodgeofficial


Cars & Motorbikes 167.2K 5.5M 2.5K Preview
21 Volkswagen @volkswagen


Cars & Motorbikes 582.7K 9.5M 1.6K Preview
22 Ford Motor Company @ford

Ford Motor Company

Cars & Motorbikes 241.7K 4.2M 3K Preview
23 Kimi Räikkönen @kimimatiasraikkonen

Kimi Räikkönen

Racing Sports Photography Trainers & Coaches Cars & Motorbikes 116.5K 1.9M 7.1K Preview
24 Harley-Davidson @harleydavidson


Cars & Motorbikes Racing Sports 373.9K 4.9M 2.5K Preview
25 Pagani Automobili Official @paganiautomobili

Pagani Automobili Official

Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 207.6K 3.6M 2.7K Preview
26 Fabio Wibmer @wibmerfabio

Fabio Wibmer

Shows Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 76.9K 1.7M 6.2K Preview
27 Land Rover @landrover

Land Rover

Cars & Motorbikes Travel 458.7K 7.8M 1.3K Preview
28 Koenigsegg @koenigsegg


Cars & Motorbikes 109.4K 2.3M 4K Preview
29 Jeep @jeep


Cars & Motorbikes 269.8K 6.4M 1.4K Preview
30 Ducati Motor Holding @ducati

Ducati Motor Holding

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 189K 3.2M 2.3K Preview
31 Honda @honda


Cars & Motorbikes Racing Sports 519.3K 4.2M 1.7K Preview
32 Diego Higa @diegohiga

Diego Higa

Cars & Motorbikes 335.1K 458.1K 12.4K Preview
33 Mercedes-Benz Deutschland @mercedesbenz_de

Mercedes-Benz Deutschland

Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 248.3K 6.9M 917.6972 Preview
34 Nissan @nissan


Cars & Motorbikes Photography 275.6K 5.4M 1.1K Preview
35 Sebastian Vettel @vettelofficial

Sebastian Vettel

Racing Sports Cars & Motorbikes 86.4K 1.1M 5.1K Preview
36 Bruno Bär @brunobar56

Bruno Bär

Cars & Motorbikes 467.5K 539.4K 8K Preview
37 7008films_OFICIAL @7008films_oficial


Shows Cars & Motorbikes Cinema & Actors/actresses 660.2K 718.3K 5.4K Preview
38 Quatro Rodas @quatro_rodas

Quatro Rodas

Cars & Motorbikes 680.4K 828.6K 3.2K Preview
39 Need for Speed @needforspeed

Need for Speed

Cars & Motorbikes Racing Sports Computers & Gadgets 76.2K 1.5M 1.8K Preview
40 Official Fox Moto Instagram @foxmoto

Official Fox Moto Instagram

Racing Sports Extreme Sports & Outdoor activity Cars & Motorbikes 144.3K 2M 1.3K Preview
41 BMW do Brasil @bmwdobrasil

BMW do Brasil

Cars & Motorbikes 478.6K 594.2K 4.1K Preview
42 Tarso Marques @tarsomarquesoficial

Tarso Marques

Cars & Motorbikes Racing Sports 946.8K 1.2M 1.6K Preview
43 CarLifestyle @carlifestyle


Cars & Motorbikes Luxury 178.3K 4M 505.3164 Preview
44 Scania Group @scaniagroup

Scania Group

Cars & Motorbikes 189.1K 875.3K 2.4K Preview
45 Motörhead @officialmotorhead


Cars & Motorbikes Music Modeling 106.6K 858.8K 2.2K Preview
46 Kuwait @carinstagram


Cars & Motorbikes Racing Sports Photography Luxury 264.2K 3.9M 513.6768 Preview
47 Audi @audiofficial


Cars & Motorbikes 71.7K 1.8M 1.1K Preview
48 David Comstock @daddydaveandgoliath

David Comstock

Cars & Motorbikes Shows 235.5K 590.5K 3K Preview
49 Montadinhas ❤️🚀 @laranjinha_013

Montadinhas ❤️🚀

Cars & Motorbikes Lifestyle 411.9K 453K 4K Preview
50 Garage 2267 @garage2267

Garage 2267

Cars & Motorbikes 705.9K 847K 2K Preview
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