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Top 100 Music Instagram Influencers in Brazil

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January 2020

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# @username Topics From Brazil Followers Auth Eng from BR
1 marilia mendonça @mariliamendoncacantora

marilia mendonça

Singer Music 22.6M 26.1M 971.2K Free report
2 Anitta 🎤 @anitta

Anitta 🎤

Singer Music Fashion 38.4M 44.5M 518.9K Free report
3 Alok @alok


Producers Music 14.3M 16.4M 818.6K Free report
4 Beyoncé @beyonce


Singer 32.2M 138.7M 217.5K Preview
5 Kevinho @kevinho


Singer Music 21.3M 24.5M 268.9K Preview
6 +A @maisa


Singer Music 24.6M 29.1M 207.9K Preview
7 IZA @iza


Singer 10M 11.2M 446.9K Preview
8 Taylor Swift @taylorswift

Taylor Swift

Singer 111.9M 125.8M 895.6K Preview
9 Demi Lovato @ddlovato

Demi Lovato

Music Actors Singer 24M 76.4M 294.8K Preview
10 simoneses @simoneses


Singer 20.3M 23.4M 179.2K Preview
11 Wesley Safadão @wesleysafadao

Wesley Safadão

Singer Music 25M 27.8M 125.1K Preview
12 Ariana Grande @arianagrande

Ariana Grande

Singer Actors 23.3M 172.2M 196.6K Preview
13 GypsyVikingWitch @cleo


Singer Music 10.8M 12.8M 259.6K Preview
14 Simaria Mendes @simaria

Simaria Mendes

Singer Music Fashion 16.4M 18.8M 160.7K Preview
15 Eliana Michaelichen @eliana

Eliana Michaelichen

Singer Music TV Shows 20.5M 23.9M 123.8K Preview
16 Shawn Mendes @shawnmendes

Shawn Mendes

Singer Songwriting 10.6M 55.5M 302.8K Preview
17 Tainá Costa @taina

Tainá Costa

Singer 6.3M 6.9M 387.4K Preview
18 TATI ZAQUI 👹 @tatizaqui


Singer 9.9M 11.1M 232.7K Preview
19 rodrigofaro @rodrigofaro


Singer Music TV Shows 16.2M 19M 135.1K Preview
20 Veveta @ivetesangalo


Singer Music TV Host 26.5M 30.4M 79.4K Preview
21 BAD MI @mcmirella


Singer 13.6M 15.3M 156.9K Preview
22 Ludmilla @ludmilla


Singer Dance Pop Music 17.5M 20M 121.4K Preview
23 F e r n a n d a S o u z a @fernandasouzaoficial

F e r n a n d a S o u z a

Actors Music Singer 18.3M 21.1M 103.5K Preview
24 badgalriri @badgalriri


Singer 9.8M 78.5M 279.3K Preview
25 Luan Santana @luansantana

Luan Santana

Singer Music 23.6M 26.2M 73.6K Preview
26 Lucas Rangel @lucasranngel

Lucas Rangel

Lifestyle Music 8.5M 9.7M 185.8K Preview
27 MEL MAIA @melissamelmaia


Music 6.3M 7M 240.7K Preview
28 camila @camila_cabello


Music Singer Songwriting 10.3M 46.5M 230.4K Preview
29 🏛 Gusttavo Lima 🏛 @gusttavolima

🏛 Gusttavo Lima 🏛

Singer 22.6M 25.9M 54.1K Preview
30 Gabriella Saraivah @gabriellasaraivah

Gabriella Saraivah

Music 7.7M 8.8M 151.2K Preview
31  @angelicaksy

Singer TV Shows 11.1M 13.1M 101.2K Preview
32 Luísa Gerloff Sonza @luisasonza

Luísa Gerloff Sonza

Lifestyle Singer 14.4M 16.1M 76.1K Preview
33 POCAH @pocah


Singer 9.5M 10.7M 103.1K Preview
34 Léo Santana @leosantana

Léo Santana

Singer 11.8M 13.3M 81K Preview
35 Justin Bieber @justinbieber

Justin Bieber

Singer 16.1M 125.8M 117.4K Preview
36 Claudia Leitte @claudialeitte

Claudia Leitte

Singer 17.9M 20M 54K Preview
37 João Guilherme @joaoguilherme

João Guilherme

Lifestyle Actors Singer 10.8M 12.3M 86.1K Preview
38 Luara Fonseca @luara

Luara Fonseca

Music 5.3M 6.5M 165.5K Preview
39 PRISCILLA @priscillaalcantara


Singer 5.1M 5.8M 172.9K Preview
40 Lexa @lexa


Singer 10.2M 11.3M 86.5K Preview
41 Lorena Improta @loreimprota

Lorena Improta

Dance 7M 7.7M 122K Preview
42 Giovanna Chaves @giovannachaves

Giovanna Chaves

Actors Singer 9.1M 10.5M 83K Preview
43 Hungria Hip Hop @hungria_oficial

Hungria Hip Hop

Actors Health Singer 5.6M 6.3M 129.9K Preview
44 JoJo @jojotodynho


Songwriting 8.3M 9.5M 85.8K Preview
45 GypsyVikingWitch @cleo


Singer Music 10.8M 12.8M 259.6K Preview
46 BILLIE EILISH @billieeilish


Singer 1.9M 49.5M 177.6K Preview
47 Bella 🎀 @mcbellaoficial

Bella 🎀

Singer 6.4M 7.3M 103.9K Preview
48 KATY PERRY @katyperry


Singer 17.9M 88.9M 53.6K Preview
49 Lady Gaga @ladygaga

Lady Gaga

Singer Songwriting 7.6M 39.1M 95.3K Preview
50 Mc Jottapê @jottape

Mc Jottapê

Singer 5.2M 5.9M 121.3K Preview
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