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HypeAuditor free Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator allows you to estimate EMV for your future marketing campaign.

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Instagram Earned Media Value calculator

Would you like to know what social media recognition your brand has? Thanks to HypeAuditor Instagram Earned Media Value Calculator you can easily learn how efficient your marketing efforts on Instagram were.

In simple terms, earned media value is defined as the amount of money a company would need to spend on the advertisements on Instagram in order to have the same number of seeing and engaging with the brand as they have achieved via influencers’ posts.

HypeAuditor Earned Media Value Formula

The estimated earned media value is measured on the basis of:

Influencer marketing is probably one of the most profitable forms of the product promotion which a brand may choose. Having started with paid promotion by several creators on Instagram, you may receive waves of endorsements by social media users from different countries which you will pay nothing for.

Have a look at how efficiently you have been using influencer marketing so far by measuring your earned media value with free HypeAuditor EMV Calculator. Evaluate your Instagram marketing efforts to see if you have been using the full potential that Instagram creators have to offer.

What Influences your Instagram Money Income

There are several factors determining the price of your services as a creator:

Your audience size. Largely, the more Instagram followers you have, the higher your potential earnings are per post. Nevertheless, what matters to brands and advertisers is the quality of your audience.

Your content. It comes as no surprise that some content attracts higher levels of engagement, with users being more likely to interact with it. This is the case of influencers in Fashion, Style, Travel, Photography categories, for example. Largely in these categories you will find posts with the highest earnings potential, though not necessarily. At the same time, being a niche creator gives an opportunity to have high earnings since the competition is lower.

The length of a campaign. The third factor that has an impact on the potential earnings of an Instagram post is the length of a given campaign. Some brands pay for posts to stay for a day, while others require creators to keep them in the feed for a week or a month. If a post stays for longer, it will be probably seen by a bigger number of users which increases your potential Instagram earnings.