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Influencer Marketing EMV is one of the essential metrics for your marketing campaign

In the current marketing landscape, earned media value has surpassed the effectiveness of paid marketing programs. As a result, marketers strive to attract the attention of their target audiences. Strategically executed earned media metrics are more prevalent than ever and can reach new heights. Instagram EMV is, therefore, a metric that brands are utilizing.

However, marketers and earned media value have a long and complex relationship. Earned Media Value aids in measuring media mentions but does not demonstrate their activities' success (or failure). Despite its limitations, earned media value remains a crucial statistical metric.


The primary advantage of assessing EMV is assigning a monetary value to engagement earned outside of paid advertising. That can assist social media, marketing, and PR teams in targeting the appropriate audiences and encourage leadership to embrace earned media efforts. The backing of these important decision-makers can be crucial to the success of an employee advocacy platform or plan; however, we will delve deeper into this topic later.


The most significant disadvantage of using Earned Media Value as a key measure is that it can signify different things in various locations because of the lack of consistency in its calculation. Keeping up with EMV can be challenging if you establish your internal value to compute it.

Instagram Earned Media Value calculator questions

Would you like to know what social media recognition your brand has? Thanks to HypeAuditor Instagram Earned Media Value Calculator, you can quickly learn how efficient your marketing efforts on Instagram were.

In simple terms, earned media value is the amount of money a company would need to spend on the advertisements on Instagram to have the same number of seeing and engaging with the brand as they have achieved via influencers’ posts.

What is earned media value?

Earned media value or an influencer media value is a metric that determines your exposure gained via marketing and PR efforts on third-party websites and social media content. It assigns a monetary value to the engagement your organization has earned through these channels.

How is Earned Media Value Calculated?

Typically the Earned Media Value EMV can be calculated without a hassle. A general but simplified earned media value formula is:

Instagram Engagement Rate = (Likes + Comments)/Followers * 100%

The “adjustable variable” metric can be anything you are looking to track, like engagement, impressions, or even conversions.

What is HypeAuditor Earned Media Value Formula?

We measure the estimated earned media value based on:

  • Reach, i.e., the estimated number of impressions per influencer’s post (we exclude all inauthentic activity to clear this metric of fraud).
  • Engagement (the number of likes, views, and comments).
  • Number of followers.
  • Overall account quality and authenticity.
  • Audience age, gender, and location.

Influencer marketing is probably one of the most profitable forms of product promotion that a brand may choose. Having started with paid advertising by several creators on Instagram, you may receive waves of endorsements from social media users from different countries, which you will pay nothing for.

Look at how efficiently you have been using influencer marketing so far by measuring your Influencer Marketing EMV with the free HypeAuditor earned media value calculator. Evaluate your Instagram marketing efforts to see if you have been using the full potential that Instagram creators have to offer.

What Influences Your Instagram Money Income?

There are several factors determining the price or Earned Media Value of your services as a creator:

Your audience size. Essentially, the more Instagram followers you have, the higher your potential earnings are per post. Nevertheless, what matters to brands and advertisers is the quality of your audience.

Your content. It is no surprise that some content attracts higher levels of engagement, with users being more likely to interact with it. For example, this is the case with influencers in the Fashion, Style, Travel, and Photography categories. Mainly in these categories, you will find posts with the highest earning potential, though not necessarily. At the same time, being a niche creator allows having high earnings since the competition is lower.

The length of a campaign. The third factor that impacts the potential earnings of an Instagram post is the length of a given campaign. Some brands pay for posts to stay for a day, while others require creators to keep them in the feed for a week or a month. If a post stays longer, it will probably be seen by a more significant number of users, which increases your potential Instagram earnings.

Are there other tools that I can use apart from Earned Media Value calculator?

Yes, definitely! We have a whole list of free tools for all influencer marketing campaigns. That way, you can quickly determine the necessary information without a problem. Browse the entire list of free tools right here.
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