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Find out how engaged an Instagram account’s followers are so you can estimate the impact of a collaboration
Likes-to-Followers Ratio
This Likes-to-follower ratio value indicates that the account is of good quality and worth following or working with it.
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The HypeAuditor Instagram Likes-to-Followers Ratio Calculator is ideal for providing brands and agencies a fast and easy way to understand how engaged an Instagram influencer’s audience is. By monitoring an influencer’s Instagram likes to followers ratio, brands can maximize the impact of their marketing spend as well as evaluate influencer campaign performance and influencer ROIs.

Instagram Likes-to-Followers Ratio Calculator Questions

What is a good ratio of likes to followers?

On Instagram, the ratio of likes to followers depends on several factors: audience size, engagement, type of content, account activity, and more. However, as a general rule of thumb, a good likes-to-followers ratio for Instagram is around 1% to 3%.

In other words, if an account has 1,000 Instagram followers, it should aim for between 10 to 30 likes per post. If the number of likes is higher, this implies that the account’s audience is extremely engaged. If an influencer has a lower number, the influencer may need to review and improve their content and outreach strategy.

This is just a general guideline. Different industries and niches have different standards, which is why it’s important to compare an account’s likes-to-followers ratio not just to all influencers, but also to influencers in the same niche and industry.

How do you calculate the ratio of likes to followers?

Calculating the ratio of likes to followers is a straightforward process, and it can be done for one or multiple posts.

To calculate the ratio for one post, you take the number of likes that the post received and divide it by the number of followers that an account had at the time of the post. Then you multiple the result by 100 to get a percentage.

The formula looks like this: (Average number of Likes / Number of Instagram Followers) * 100.

If a post earns 100 likes and the account has 1,000 Instagram followers at the time of the post, then the likes-to-followers ratio is (100 / 1,000) * 100 = 50%.

To calculate the likes-to-followers ratio for a group of posts over a certain period or for all posts during an account’s lifetime, the formula is the same. However, you will have to calculate the average likes and followers for Instagram during the period you are measuring.

Keep in mind that this ratio varies greatly from influencer to influencer depending on the type of post and content. For example, high-quality, engaging content is more likely to have a higher likes-to-followers ratio. The same is true for low-quality content as unengaging content is more likely to have a lower likes-to-followers ratio.

Why should I measure likes to followers?

The likes-to-followers ratio is an important metric because it measures how engaged an account’s audience is. The ratio of likes on Instagram to followers on Instagram can also provide valuable insights while serving as a performance metric for any influencer marketing campaigns.

Also, by tracking the ratio of Instagram likes to how many followers an account has, you can gauge the level of interest and interaction a content creator account generates. Higher ratios indicate that an influencer’s content resonates with the audience.

The likes-to-followers ratio also helps establish a benchmark so that you can track an influencer’s or campaign’s progress over time. It helps evaluate a content strategy’s effectiveness, areas for improvement, and approaches to marketing optimization.

Furthermore, knowing the Instagram likes-to-followers ratio can prove useful in forecasting the return on investment of marketing campaigns. Learning how much engagement was generated by a campaign in relation to the number of followers reached will enable you to determine the efficiency of your marketing spend.

How do brands use the likes-to-followers ratio?

Brands and agencies use the Instagram likes-to-followers ratio as a way to evaluate campaign performance, understand the efficiency of marketing spend, understand content preferences, and select influencers to collaborate with.

For example, by comparing the ratio of likes to followers across different posts, brands can identify which content will generate the most engagement. This will help them tailor their content to suit their audience.

Tracking likes to followers from before and after a marketing campaign, it will allow them to understand the impact of their influencer collaborations. Should they need to look for a different Instagram influencer, brands may also resort to likes-to-follower ratios to narrow down their shortlist. This is because a high ratio suggests that an influencer has a very engaged audience, which in turn makes them attractive for partnerships.

Keep in mind that brands and agencies also use more than just the ratio of likes to followers. They also turn to engagement, engagement rate, and other core performance metrics or tools to evaluate influencers for collaborations.

How can I turn likes into followers on Instagram?

If you’re having trouble growing the number of followers you have on Instagram, you should review your content and reach strategies. Here are some tactics you can use to potentially improve your follower count:

  • Post quality content that resonates with viewers
  • Engage with people who like and comment on your posts
  • Use relevant hashtags to expand your reach and increase visibility
  • Publish posts regularly
  • Promote your Instagram via other social media platforms
  • Leverage Instagram stories and reels

While these tactics are effective at increasing the number of followers you may have, it’s important to remember that the best way to grow and retain your audience is by carefully developing a coherent content strategy. Producing high-quality content is probably the most significant factor in making sure you earn a high number of followers.

How does the likes-to-followers ratio impact the success of influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram?

Sometimes referred to as the engagement rate, an influencer’s ratio of likes to Instagram followers helps track the level of interaction that an influencer’s content receives from followers. This is why the likes-to-followers ratio is important to find out when working with influencers.

For instance, a high likes-to-followers ratio indicates that an influencer is seen as more authentic and trustworthy. As a result, a campaign can turn out to be extremely successful as followers are more likely to trust the influencer’s recommendations. At the same time, the importance of this ratio may incentivize an influencer to use fake likes and fake followers to inflate their numbers.

Likes are also one of the factors used in Instagram’s algorithm for determining a post’s organic reach. The more Instagram likes and interactions a post receives, the more likely it will be shown to a larger percentage of an influencer’s followers. Accordingly, influencers with high Instagram likes-to-followers ratios can achieve greater organic reach for sponsored posts without having to resort to any paid advertising.