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What is the Instagram Growth Advisor tool?

The Insta Growth Advisor allows you to build a genuine community and increase your engagement. Boosting your Instagram popularity can be done in several ways, but you will almost always end up in the same place, which is, increasing your social followers and engagement. If you're new to the influencer game and don't know how to build a following or you've been in it for a while but struggle to get new followers organically, our tool can provide you with AI-generated ideas specific to your niche. It's not just any followers we're talking about here, but Instagram users who are really interested in your Instagram Stories and posts, for example. A valuable audience is one that likes and shares your content or comments on it, which improves your engagement rate. Therefore, increasing your authentic Instagram followers will boost engagement.

How to use our free tool?

Easy as pie; just input your Instagram account's name into the field, then decide whether you want tips for growing your follower base or increasing engagement. Just a few seconds later, our tool will generate three AI-prompted hints tailored to your topic on the right. Taking a look at our pieces of advice will help you understand what content attracts people to your Instagram posts and Stories, how to communicate with your followers, and when to publish. As you implement these ideas, you'll optimize your posts and build relationships with your community, which will ultimately jumpstart your Instagram growth.

How to get more followers on Instagram?

Firstly, we must say that there is no universal hack for increasing Instagram followers, just as you can be assured it won't happen overnight. Using the tool, you can determine which direction can lead to an increase in followers or engagement on Instagram, but you will still need to figure out the details. Here are a few recommendations you can use as crutches along the way.

Develop an Instagram marketing strategy

  • Every planning process starts with defining goals, which in this case is quite straightforward: you wish to grow on the social network. Specifically, you want to learn how to grow Instagram followers. When your Instagram profile and stories attract enough Instagram users, the conversation will kick in and your engagement will grow. It is due to these interconnected elements that your popularity on the social media platform will rise and you will become a full-time influencer.
  • Pick a niche and stick with it. You need to find a topic where you can consistently post valuable and likable content on Instagram. Why is this so crucial? Competence and enthusiasm will strengthen your credibility and authenticity in the eyes of your audience. Nowadays, it is difficult to establish yourself on social networks without authenticity. Imagine how irritating it is if you walk into a sporting goods store and want to learn about various running shoes, but the salesperson doesn't know what the differences are. There is no doubt that you won't return to that store in the future. This is similar to your target audience and the posts you publish. If people can see that you understand what you're talking about and like it, potential new followers will flock to your Instagram feed.
Christine Terrel's bio clearly explains what she does. She makes jewelry using recycled materials, primarily tin.
A story usually accompanies the photos she uploads of her designs.

Optimize your Instagram profile

Think of your Instagram profile as a combination of your business card and CV. While it should represent who you are, what you do, and what you stand for, it's also a good idea if it's visually pleasing. All of these elements simultaneously facilitate users' discovering your Instagram account on social media networks like IG and reinforce their first impressions of it. Your Instagram bio must be well-planned and organized.
  • Your Instagram name should be easy to remember. Don't use random words and letters in your username.
  • Keep your profile description short and sweet.
  • To make your message clear, use a niche-specific keyword or hashtag.
  • This is a place where you can - and should - link directly to an external website or a site that collects links to your other sites, like your blog, online store, podcast channel, etc.
  • Also, you can include mentions in your bio, such as if you work regularly with a business or are a brand ambassador.
You have half the battle won if your content and bio go hand in hand.
It's all about wall and rock climbing on Colin Duffy's Instagram account.

Create high-quality and engaging content

  • Stay on topic! If you're an expert in water sports don't make videos about kitchen accessories. However, keeping your focus doesn’t require you to limit your content to one sport or equipment. People who exercise regularly can offer lifestyle and nutrition advice. A female water sports enthusiast can share her skin- and hair-care tips in an Instagram Story or Reel. Plus, you can help families decide which water sports are suitable for the entire family or which options are child-friendly. You see? You can wander in several directions within a topic and serve the needs of diverse users, just don't get completely off track.
  • Explore the different types of Instagram content. The most engaging content format on social channels is short videos. Additionally, your short videos - aka Reels - are featured on the Explore page at a particular place, making them more visible to followers and non-followers. With Reels, you can certainly extend your reach and increase engagement.
    Instagram Stories are commonly used to announce limited-time offers since they vanish after a day. Using Stories, you will move people into action. However, don't be discouraged if you want to draw attention to an important issue rather than exploiting the FOMO effect. While Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, you can save the most valuable ones to Stories Highlights under your bio
    Organize your Instagram Stories into Highlights like Emijaa does on her Instagram account.
  • Use the right hashtags. As road signs on a vast highway, hashtags are fundamental to social media platforms, as they help an Instagram user navigate a wide range of content. Even so, overcrowding your Instagram post with too many of them will have the opposite effect - e.g. reaching fewer people or being less visible. Instagram posts with generic hashtags including #style, #beauty, #fitness, and #travel always attract a lot of users - unluckily faux users as well - because they are included in highly visual posts. You may get more followers on Instagram by using these hashtags, but be sure to verify the authenticity of your new fans. In keeping with the theory of less is more, experienced Instagrammers usually add 5 to 10 hashtags in their posts, which are all extremely relevant to the Instagram post.
    Take a look at the photo post and brief recipe description of agirl_defloured with relevant hashtags. People with celiac disease or gluten intolerance will specifically search for gluten-free recipes on Instagram and will easily discover recipes that use the right keywords and phrases.
    By using branded hashtags influencers can endorse brands or promote their own products to their audience on Instagram.
  • Your captions need to be SEO-optimized. Besides understanding your topic and using good hashtags, you should also SEO your captions, since people can also search on the platform based on key terms. By adding specific keywords to your text you amplify the discoverability of your Instagram posts and you also provide a context for your content that helps Instagram users understand it.
  • Geo-tag your Instagram post and use location hashtags to attract local followers and businesses. A small business that relies on local purchasing power and the community can draw attention to its Instagram business profile by using geo-tagging and keywords including locations. A local artist can post about the next event they hold or a travel blogger may share the places they have visited. Geo-tagging, again, can improve Instagram post discoverability and engagement. You can bet, that people in your neighborhood will be interested in local gigs and businesses. Using geo-tagging and location hashtags is one way to get more followers on Instagram, plus, they enable you to build a close-knit community.
    Several film industry and acting legends were gathered in Savannah for the SCAD Savannah Film Festival, as actress Angie Harmon posted on her Instagram.

Stay consistent in your publishing

  • One aspect of consistency is your content. Earlier we pointed out that you shouldn't diverge from your chosen topic, since you will confuse people and turn them away. Therefore, if you are good at a certain topic, stick to it and thoroughly explore it. Even with a narrow topic, there is room for experimentation. Additionally, varied content enables you to try out different formats, from Instagram Live videos and Carousels to static image posts and informative quizzes.
  • Keep your posting schedule consistent as well. Popularity fades quickly on social channels like Instagram. Nobody builds a stable audience by posting occasionally and at random times. Maintain a regular publishing schedule and keep up the momentum.
    • Firstly, this is the only way your content will appear on users' Instagram feeds.
    • Secondly, Instagram's algorithms take many factors into consideration when choosing what to feature on the Explore page, and one of them is the frequency of posting and the reactions a post triggers.
    • Finally, your followers are also expecting it.
    Instagrammers usually post 3-5 times a week, but others swear by one post per day. In either case, you must consider some elements when determining the number of Instagram posts you should publish per week. To start with, your posting schedule will depend on the complexity of your topic. It may require extensive research or travel to distant locations, for example. Shooting a video or designing an infographic is more time-consuming than creating a photo post. Publishing frequency is also affected by whether you're a full-time influencer or if you do it part-time.
  • Let's talk about the undeniable fact that the time you post does matter. It might be most convenient for you to share your content around 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning while drinking coffee, but this is meaningless if your target audience isn't on social networking sites at this hour.
    • With a professional account, such as a Creator or Business account, you can access the Instagram Insights feature, which lets you know what days and hours your audience is active and even allows you to schedule your Instagram Reels, Carousels, and photos.
    • Our Instagram Growth Advisor will also recommend optimal times for posting. Other third-party social media management platforms and Instagram analytics tools can also assist you in tracking your audience's activities. What’s more, a sophisticated social media management tool provides content creation and scheduling solutions.
    If your audience is spread across several time zones, aim for times when your content will be seen by as many viewers as possible. It is crucial to have good timing if you want to get free Instagram followers. It is only when your audience is present on the platform that you can initiate a conversation with them and establish a connection. By planning and scheduling your Instagram posts ahead, you can increase engagement rates, which - depending on your content - also improve clicks and conversions.

Connect with your audience

If your followers love the insights you share, they'll add their own in the comments. What if you don't join the discussion? Imagine if you told your friends your ideas and they never responded. In the first place, it would feel awkward since you know each other well. Furthermore, you might even feel hurt. Although things won't escalate that far on a social platform, it still means a lot to your community if you ask for their opinion, answer their question, or respond to one of their comments. They will regard you as approachable and caring, which is a direct way to grow your following. Moreover, you may come up with great content ideas based on their thoughts or replies to your questions. In the end, postings in which you answer a question or reply to an Instagram user's idea further strengthen your audience's sense of belonging, encouraging non-followers to join your tight-knit community.
This is a great example of listening to your followers or simply understanding their needs and creating content that provides solutions. Eryn Schultz's Instagram feed is filled with financial advice for students, mothers, and young couples with babies.

Partner with other influencers

Moving on to the topic of collaborations, including those with other influencers. People tend to think of Instagram influencers collaborating with brands when hearing about collaboration. Yet, it isn't uncommon for two influencers to work together, and it can be extremely beneficial for both parties.
  • Amplifying your reach and expanding your audience: As well as increasing your reach, you can also expose your own brand to the other's community, which is sure to bring you new followers.
  • Expertise and credibility: Combining your knowledge - from the same field or complementary topics - will allow you to provide comprehensive and valuable insights to a shared and new audience. By doing this, you will boost your credibility and social proof in the eyes of your Instagram followers.
  • Combination of unique perspectives and diverse content: You both have distinct styles and voices, as well as proven content formats you both use. The presence of different creative energies and content will stimulate people, and they will pay much more attention to innovative narratives and aesthetics.
  • Cross-promotion: A successful first cooperation could even lead to you endorsing each other's content, brands, or products.
  • Mutual support: In every industry, businesses have to face competition immediately once they enter the market. A fierce rivalry puts a huge burden on small brands or new entrepreneurs. The influencer and social media landscape is no different. But what if a partnership between two influencers could help overcome obstacles and open up new opportunities? The information and experience you share will benefit not only your Instagram followers but also both of you, resulting in mutual professional and Instagram growth.
Impactful collaborations between creators will eventually expand their fan base with new followers and boost their popularity.
Toya Cherrelle White, a fitness instructor based in LA, regularly shares nutrition and workout tips with her husband Julius, who is likewise a fitness influencer.

Collaborate with brands

We're now in the realm of what everyone refers to as "the collaboration": partnerships between brands and content creators. In other words, influencer marketing.
  • You can improve your Instagram reputation: When you work with renowned brands, people will view you as more credible. Having a positive impact on your image will assist you in growing your devoted audience.
  • It provides you with content ideas: Brands carefully select the influencers they will work with, preferring those who fit their business profiles and contribute to their mission. For creators, collaborating with businesses can open up new creative possibilities. It allows them to integrate their expertise and the company's products into their own storytelling. Additionally, skilled influencers do all this without being blatant.
  • You’ll gain access to services and products in your niche: Users are especially interested in Instagram content that displays exclusive sources and events.
  • Compensation can boost an influencer's career: With sponsorships and brand ambassador programs, influencers can spend more on video and camera equipment, editing software, and design tools. This will lay the foundation for their full-time influencer career.
Influencers can work with businesses through paid or sponsored partnerships. From photo, video, and carousel adverts to Stories and IGTV ads, Instagram ads can take various forms. The goals range from raising brand awareness to increasing engagement and converting visitors.
Instagram giveaways help businesses generate interest in their products as well as increase traffic to their Instagram profiles. Nevertheless, such an Instagram ad campaign increases the influencer's followers on Instagram likewise.

Cross-promote your Instagram content on other channels

The above tips are certainly worth trying, but let's not stick to improving your Instagram profile, your content, or conversing with your followers. Do you know how to get more followers on Instagram? By promoting your Instagram account and content on other social networks or beyond social media. Instagram is most popular among young Millenials between the ages of 25 to 34. Nevertheless, your Instagram videos could attract TikTokers and YouTube viewers, while your insightful posts could reach LinkedIn and Facebook readers if they knew about them. So make sure to reach out to them with related posts.
Posting on several social media platforms can significantly boost your follower count. Furthermore, you will expand your reach and visibility, so these diverse new audiences will encounter and respond to your content. By having your content available beyond social media sites, such as your own website or blog, you have a better chance of appearing in search results.

Analyze your performance

Believe it or not, analyzing your Instagram performance can also help you get free Instagram followers or improve your engagement rate. Let's quickly review the data that deserves closer attention.
  • Evaluate audience data: Count all the information about your followers here, including their age, gender, location, and even when they are most active on social platforms. If you understand your audience's preferences and know when they tend to log in, you can schedule your postings to coincide with peak times and begin engaging them more effectively. Having an eye on audience activity also allows you to schedule Q&As and live videos for peak times during which your audience is most likely to participate.
  • Determine which content performs well: Do your Instagram followers prefer photos? Or do your videos have the potential to generate more online interaction? Should you occasionally insert a post that is more playful and directly addresses your audience? By identifying the content that resonates most with your Instagram followers, you can perfect your content strategy.
  • Monitor reach and engagement: By tracking reach, you'll be able to determine your content's overall exposure. Keeping track of shares, likes, and comments will help you discover posts that are more popular among your audience.
  • Study your hashtags: Using hashtags makes your Instagram posts more discoverable for people, as well as providing you with an idea of what topics are trending and what people are interested in. In Instagram Insights, you can see how many people found your post via hashtags to get some insight into their effectiveness. To gain more details, you may need to use hashtag analytics tools.
  • Check your follower growth patterns: Understanding your follower chart helps you identify those trends or posts related to special seasons that have increased your following. The follower growth graphic can also show you how many followers and engagements your collaboration with another influencer or a brand has generated. Moreover, irregular patterns like unexpected surges and drops suggest your content was shared repeatedly or reflect emerging issues.
  • Pay attention to your follower-to-following rate: Avoid buying users or mass followings. Although these practices inflate your audience for a short time, they also dilute it. Follow relevant accounts and make sure that the number of accounts you follow doesn't exceed your followers.
All in all, our tool can help you build an engaged Instagram audience, but there isn't a foolproof solution that suits everyone. To learn how to get followers on Instagram, you must devote considerable time and effort to researching a topic, honing your skills, and communicating with your followers. To conclude, you should build your personal brand on Insta, which includes your knowledge, voice, personality, and ideas that you can convey through your content.
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Frequently asked questions about the Free tool for Instagram follower growth

Can HypeAuditor’s tool help me get free Instagram followers?

First of all, let's clarify some points. Is it possible to gain potential followers with our tips? Yes, it is. Will this happen in an instant? No, it won't. You must put in some effort to make it, but trust us, it is worth your time and energy. While HypeAuditor’s AI-driven Instagram growth tool will provide you with suggestions relevant to your topic, you still have to consider your unique style and tone when making changes to your strategy.

Use the tool as an inspiration, but only you know what type of Instagram content attracts readers or viewers, or what type of Instagram post gets the most reactions. Time is another factor to consider. There are times when an Instagrammer's content becomes viral and is seen by hundreds of thousands or millions of people in a very short period of time, but the chances are minimal. In reality, getting legitimate followers on Instagram takes time, and it requires persistence and consistency on your side. Additionally, you know what will fulfill their needs and how to retain them.

Can I buy followers on Instagram?

It would be useless to deny; so yes, you can buy Instagram accounts and drive engagement with third-party tools. Sadly, there are numerous services available on the internet that can help you gain more followers and boost your engagement by using bots. However, buying followers is not worth it at all!

  • To begin with, the Instagram algorithm constantly changes. It detects suspicious Instagram accounts and suspends those with a significant number of passive or seemingly fake followers. Because of this, the joy of a sudden boost in followers will be short-lived since the Instagram algorithm will notice the unusually fast growth in follower numbers and punish you.
  • Secondly, the purchased accounts are inactive or hacked. You will receive almost no comments or irrelevant reactions from these Instagram users, and the latter will discredit you in the eyes of your actual followers.

The negative effect of artificially bloated audiences is that marketing agencies and many companies have learned, even to their own detriment, that they must not only examine the number of Instagram followers but also their quality, and they have many tools to do so. As a result, buying followers won't help you get followers on Instagram or more brand deals, but quite the opposite, they will contribute to your Instagram account being buried and scare potential partners away.

What content helps you gain more Instagram followers?

The Instagram app became known for its high-quality visuals, and while it started out as just a way to share photos with friends, it quickly developed into a complex marketing tool. With the appearance of highly influential individuals, a series of other features were introduced that enabled them to create even more sophisticated content and share it with their audiences. As a result of technological advancements in the past decade and new platforms entering the market, Instagram has introduced a number of new features and content formats that allow content creators to successfully deliver their messages and stories to the right audience.

Take the Instagram Story feature, which - as we know - disappears within 24 hours, but you can use it to your advantage if you want to build hype, for instance. People can use Instagram Stories to announce new products or updates or to advertise discounts. With its interactive features, such as stickers, you can ask your viewers questions or poll them. The good news is, that you can put Instagram Stories into Highlights that you think will benefit users over time, such as lifehacks, short pieces of advice, or webinar promotions.

Take advantage of Instagram Live. The platform allows you to broadcast live videos to your followers for 60 minutes. There is no more obvious way to connect with your audience. You can communicate with your viewers in real-time during Live videos, which helps strengthen the relationship between you. Even if not all of your followers are online for the live stream, they can still access it for 24 hours after it has ended.