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Spot Important Influencer Marketing Trends and Business Opportunities They Bring

Discover popular accounts to know what’s trending on social media

Reveal the fastest-growing accounts in your country and niche. Find influencers and brands that are getting hugely popular on social media. Discover trendsetters and rising stars that attract the attention of the masses. Understand the latest trends that influence the whole social media environment. Use these insights to inform and strengthen your influencer marketing strategy.
Discover popular accounts to know what’s trending on social media

Questions and Answers About Market and Trend Analysis

What is market and trend analysis in influencer marketing?

Market and trend analysis is a great tool that allows you to discover current trends in the influencer marketing space and the most popular social media accounts and trending topics. HypeAuditor’s Market Analysis reports provide a wealth of strategic information you can use to optimize your influencer marketing program. Find the most-mentioned brands on social media, reveal trending conversation topics, and reveal the top-quality influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.  

What are the most popular influencers on social media? 

Discover what’s trending on social media right now and find the most popular influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. The HypeAuditor rankings include influencers with the highest Interest Score. You can learn more about our Interest Score in the FAQ section. The social media audience is highly interested in these creators’ content. 

 What are the most-mentioned brands on Instagram?

Check our HypeAuditor ranking to discover brands that are hot conversation topics on Instagram right now. Our Most-Mentioned Brands report provides you with a list of brand accounts that are the most mentioned by Instagram influencers in a particular country and niche. Keep an eye on those brands to understand what stands behind their virality. You can find the lists of the most-mentioned brands on YouTube and TikTok as well.

What are the most-viewed YouTube videos?

Find the most popular YouTube videos in HypeAuditor ranking in any category and country. See which content draws the most attention so you can inform your influencer marketing and content strategy. Understand what captures the interest of viewers and build a solid message for your audience.

What are the most quality Instagram accounts? 

Discover high-quality Instagram accounts in any country and category in Top Quality Account ranking. You’ll see a list of accounts ranked by their quality audience and authentic engagement. Rankings are updated daily, so you can get the most relevant information.