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For social media and influencer marketing managers

Discover influencers based on your requirements and analyze their performance to build a pool of perfect creators.

For marketing agencies

Leverage data to get a list of relevant influencers for your clients with performance metrics for quick influencer vetting.

For ecommerce

Use the industry insights and data to better understand the influencer market and find the best influencers to promote your offer.

For small businesses

Perform competitor research, discover the industry leaders, and find creators for your influencer marketing program.

HypeAuditor data and features at a glance

Examples of Custom Reports

Distribution of Instagram influencers by audience size

Analyze the distribution of influencer tiers on Instagram within the chosen locations:

  • See the proportion of creators by their follower count within several regions or countries.
  • Discover the largest influencer tier in each area.
  • Check the growth rate within each influencer tier.
A list of YouTube influencers with contact details

Get a list of influencers with their contact details:

  • Channel name
  • Accounts from a chosen location
  • Contact information (email or phone)
TikTok creators with performance metrics

Build a list of TikTok creators with critical metrics for influencer vetting

  • See their number of followers
  • Analyze their engagement and Account Quality Score
  • Get access to TikToker’s emails
  • Collect their bio and links to TikTok accounts

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