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Help your campaigns accomplish their goals by conducting audience overlap analysis

Want to maximize campaign reach?

Grow your reach by pinpointing influencers with distinctive audiences that match your business niche. Compare followers to avoid a high percentage of audience overlap. As a result, you can enhance your brand awareness by reaching more people.
Want to maximize campaign reach?

How about increasing brand touchpoints?

The Audience Overlap Tool helps you get your message to relevant people and transform cold audiences into hot prospects. Turn this opportunity to your brand’s advantage and engage with followers.
How about increasing brand touchpoints?

Guarantee that you’re working with the right influencers

Prevent wasting your campaign budget inefficiently. Identify ideal content creators for your goals and analyze their estimated reach, audience demographics, and engagement rate. Don’t forget to check how much their followers overlap and avoid mixing target audiences.
Guarantee that you’re working with the right influencers

Audience Overlap - a substantial tool for your influencer marketing strategy

Most influencer marketers always want to expand their current target audience pool. In most cases, the chances that they have reached the same audience segment through two similar social influencers is high. And for that reason, such an expert always has to understand which influencer profiles overlap the same audience that you were engaging previously. Once they have a clear understanding of which audience to target, several attractive opportunities come.

Audience Overlap - a substantial tool for your influencer marketing strategy

Since marketers will have a clear overview of audience overlap segments, they can encounter something new for their business. For example, they may identify new collaboration opportunities with influencers. Or they can discover different topics that a company may use to their advantage and promote their product. So what exactly is required from marketers to explore these new opportunities?

  • Select several potential and active influencers in the Audience Overlap tool.

  • Generate the report.

  • Review the percentage of audience overlap.

New Target Audience segments

Influencer marketers have to compare whether there are any apparent or definite overlaps among a certain number of influencers. They can also identify new ones. However, they should carefully consider whether a new influencer has many followers that have already been engaged.

New Market Data

As we mentioned previously, when a marketer utilizes the Audience Overlap tool to determine new collaboration opportunities and business niches, they can also uncover new user behavior and interests. That information can significantly change or add a new branch for outreach in future collaborations. Or it can even change the marketing strategy that a business is currently implementing.

Questions and Answers About Audience Overlap Analysis

What is the audience overlap report?

Audience overlap is a report that allows businesses to find the existing overlap between the audiences of multiple Instagram creators. That way, you can avoid targeting similar audience segments. With this tool, you’ll be able to discover creators with the lowest amount of overlap and reach wider audiences.

How valuable is audience overlap?

Businesses must always understand their primary target audience to estimate their market size, find expansion opportunities, and identify prospective cooperation options. Additionally, by obtaining information on overlapping audiences among influencers, one will be able to have benefited from our Audience Overlap tool:

  • Expansion opportunities: Understand audience browsing behavior to assess market expansion potential or introduce new products or strategies into the marketplace.

  • Audience potential: Assess the proportion of the current audience shared with competitors and partners and calculate your untapped audience potential.

  • Audience behavior and interests: Examine an audience overlap across numerous influencers to determine the audience’s online interests and habits.

How can you use audience overlap for your company?

Simply sign up for a basic account inside our HypeAuditor platform, select the influencers you want to check for overlap, and create a beautiful report at once!