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How to Do a YouTube Competitor Analysis with HypeAuditor?

Keep an eye on your competition and explore every aspect of your rivals’ YouTube influencer marketing strategies. Discover YouTube creators they work with, estimate their marketing budgets, get in-depth audience insights, and analyze the best-performing videos containing their brand mentions.

Evaluate how much they spend on influencer marketing

Evaluate how much your competitors spend on partnerships with YouTube creators. Analyze the estimated budget and CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) of their influencer marketing campaigns to better optimize your own strategy.

Evaluate how much they spend on influencer marketing

Find out what audiences they reached with creators

Get access to in-depth audience demographics. Discover who your competitors managed to reach with the help of YouTube creators, including viewers’ countries, language, age, and gender.

Find out what audiences they reached with creators

Get a complete list of their YouTube creators

Track down all the YouTube channels where your competitor’s brand was mentioned. See a list of the top creators based on the number of their subscribers, average CPM, and channel quality score.

Get a complete list of their YouTube creators

Discover the best-performing video content

Find all the YouTube videos with mentions of your competitors and analyze them in great detail, including views, performance, and CPM. Get a better understanding of what content works best for the audience to tailor your own appealing brand message.

Discover the best-performing video content

Questions and Answers About YouTube Competitor Analysis

  • How to conduct a YouTube competitor analysis?

    HypeAuditor’s YouTube Competitor Analysis provides you with data on your rivals’ influencer strategies. You can view their campaign budgets, a complete list of YouTube creators they collaborate with, the demographics of the audiences they reached with influencers, and videos with their brand mentions.

  • Why to do a YouTube competitor analysis?

    Knowing how your competitors perform can play a huge role in deciding your own influencer marketing strategy and identifying competitive gaps. It helps you discover audiences they managed to reach with their campaigns. What’s more, you can better understand what’s trending in your niche right now.

    With HypeAuditor’s YouTube Competitor Analysis, you can perform an in-depth analysis of your rivals’ influencer campaigns and collect insightful tips on how to improve your own strategy and surpass the competition.

  • What should be included in your YouTube competitor analysis?

    When conducting competitive analysis in HypeAuditor, you can:

    • Evaluate their influencer campaign spend;
    • Check audiences they reached with YouTube creators;
    • Find all the influencers they work with;
    • Analyze videos where your competitors were mentioned.

    Learn from your competitors and amplify your campaign with data-powered insights.

  • How do you measure the success of YouTube influencer marketing of your competitors?

    To evaluate the performance of your competitors’ influencer campaign, you need to look at a combination of several important metrics. In the YouTube Competitor Analysis report, you’ll get access to robust data on how your rivals’ campaigns perform.

    Views will tell you how many times the videos with their brand mentions were watched. Estimated budget will provide you with information on their influencer marketing spend. You can also check their audience demographics to better understand what audiences they reached with YouTube creators.

    Better yet, the report allows you to analyze the video with their brand mentions in great detail: video views, performance, CPM, the number of reactions and comments, and likes to dislikes ratio.

  • Are there any YouTube competitor analysis tools?

    You may be doing a lot of influencer marketing activities, but unless you’re tracking your competitors’ performance as well, you might be missing out on some extremely useful insights that can contribute to your strategy. HypeAuditor has an in-depth YouTube competitor report that allows brands to analyze their competitors, in terms of their influencer campaigns.

    Using the report, you’ll be able to see all the YouTube creators your rivals partner with, the best-performing videos that contain their brand mentions, and audiences they reached with influencers.