How to Check Instagram Account for Fake Followers

Anna Komok

Anna is the Head of Marketing and PR at HypeAuditor, the most accurate and in-depth Instagram and YouTube analytics tool on the market. She is passionate about influencer marketing and Instagram analytics.

With HypeAuditor it’s super easy to check any Instagram influencer for fake followers and likes. But let’s figure out who are fake followers.

For us, it’s any low-quality follower: mass follower or suspicious account.

Why do we think that mass followers are fake?

First, they have too many followers and don’t see your posts in their news feed, they don’t like or comment your posts. They are inactive followers, just a ballast.

Second, 80% of bots are mass followers. For instance:

fake followers on HypeAuditor

How to check an Instagram account for fake followers?

First of all, don’t use only one metric e.g. only AQS or followers’ growth graph. You should always study the whole report and look for a complex of data.

Here is the report for an influencer from France.

As you see, they have 35% of followers from Brazil. It looks suspicious because most of the Brazilians don’t speak French. Other popular suspicious locations: Russia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Ghana, and etc.

Always check the Audience Type:

Audience Type

The big number of mass followers and/or suspicious accounts indicates that followers might be increased artificially.

Followers graph also helps to find fake followers.

If you see that the graph rapidly goes up, you should study the influencer’s posts carefully. There are 4 main reasons, why the graph could rocket:

  • Influencer started a giveaway, like-time, etc.
  • Influencer had a shoutout from another influencer with a lot of followers
  • Influencer started to promote their post using Instagram Ads. But in this case, influencer won’t get more than 5K followers in one day.
  • Influencer boosted the followers’ number artificially with bots.

followers grows

Always double check the influencer’s Instagram account. Don’t judge by the graph only!

Low Engagement Rate says that blogger has a non-active audience. It might indicate that followers are bots.

Engagement rate Instagram

Likes-Comments Ratio shows if  an influencer gets more likes or more comments. The significant difference from similar accounts might mean that either comments or likes number was increased artificially.

Likes-Comments Ratio

Good AQS doesn’t mean that an influencer uses only organic methods to grow their follower count. Neither does low AQS mean that the creator bought followers. Don’t judge too early, always read through the whole report.