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December 2019

Here’s a list of the most influential People & Blogs YouTubers and channels in the world. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category Audience Country Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 HiMan @HiBestMan


People & Blogs Russia 11.8M 6.8M 881.7K 78.3K Preview
2 Kanye West @kanyewest

Kanye West

People & Blogs United States 5.8M 10.6M 527.9K 31.7K Preview
3 David Dobrik @David Dobrik

David Dobrik

People & Blogs United States 14.6M 9.6M 605.9K 26.5K Preview
4 Kimberly Loaiza @Kimberly Loaiza

Kimberly Loaiza

People & Blogs Mexico 20.7M 6.3M 466K 45.4K Preview
5 1977 Vlog @1977 Vlog

1977 Vlog

People & Blogs Viet Nam 1.4M 7.5M 383.5K 35K Preview
6 вДудь @вДудь


People & Blogs Russia 6.4M 5.7M 297.4K 41.6K Preview
7 Joao Renato Bail @Joao Renato Bail

Joao Renato Bail

People & Blogs United States 35.4K 11.1M 303.9K 20.3K Preview


People & Blogs Russia 5.3M 4M 278.3K 31.8K Preview
9 LosPolinesios @LosPolinesios


People & Blogs Mexico 21.1M 5.7M 244.3K 19.4K Preview
10 vanzai @vanzai


People & Blogs Russia 2.9M 3.2M 290.3K 21K Preview
11 Ivana Alawi @Ivana Alawi

Ivana Alawi

People & Blogs Philippines 2.8M 4.3M 181.9K 22.1K Preview


People & Blogs Russia 4.6M 2.3M 261.3K 28.4K Preview
13 David Dobrik Too @David Dobrik Too

David Dobrik Too

People & Blogs United States 6.6M 6.2M 375.4K 6.9K Preview
14 The ACE Family @The ACE Family

The ACE Family

People & Blogs United States 17.7M 3.5M 180.5K 15.5K Preview


People & Blogs Russia 5.1M 2.2M 252.6K 17.1K Preview
16 Juan De Dios Pantoja @Juan De Dios Pantoja

Juan De Dios Pantoja

People & Blogs Mexico 17.7M 2.6M 215.5K 15.1K Preview
17 Cody Ko @codyko69

Cody Ko

People & Blogs United States 4.1M 3.1M 222.1K 12.2K Preview
18 ExtraPolinesios @ppextras


People & Blogs Mexico 14.4M 3.6M 143.4K 15.8K Preview


People & Blogs Russia 4.9M 2.8M 254.7K 10.7K Preview
20 LARRAY @LarryVonVanity


People & Blogs United States 3.8M 2.1M 207.3K 14.2K Preview
21 Jennelle Eliana @Jennelle Eliana

Jennelle Eliana

People & Blogs United States 2.2M 3.3M 166.6K 10.5K Preview
22 Anastasiz @MsAnastasiz


People & Blogs Russia 3.8M 2M 208.4K 13.4K Preview
23 Edward Bil @Edward Bil

Edward Bil

People & Blogs Russia 2.8M 2.2M 162.6K 14.6K Preview
24 Алёна Венум @Алёна Венум

Алёна Венум

People & Blogs Russia 5.1M 2M 273.7K 8.9K Preview


People & Blogs Russia 3M 2.4M 227.3K 8.6K Preview
26 GargamelVlog @GargamelVlog


People & Blogs Poland 767.1K 1.7M 182.5K 11.7K Preview
27 DrossRotzank @DrossRotzank


People & Blogs Mexico 18.3M 2.1M 160.4K 10.2K Preview
28 워크맨-Workman @워크맨-Workman


People & Blogs Korea, Republic of 3.5M 5.3M 89K 7.2K Preview
29 Jake Paul @JakePaulProductions

Jake Paul

People & Blogs United States 19.7M 2.3M 102.1K 14.4K Preview
30 Вильям Бруно @TheCartoonStory

Вильям Бруно

People & Blogs Russia 897.1K 1.2M 119.8K 21K Preview
31 jurnalrisa @jurnalrisa


People & Blogs Indonesia 3.6M 2.6M 99.9K 10.8K Preview
32 Nancy Risol @Nancy Risol

Nancy Risol

People & Blogs Mexico 2.2M 1.7M 141.6K 11.6K Preview
33 123 GO! Challenge Spanish @123 GO! Challenge Spanish

123 GO! Challenge Spanish

People & Blogs Mexico 1.1M 9.9M 99.3K 2.7K Preview
34 تقي الحسيناوي - Taki Alhsinawi @تقي الحسيناوي - Taki Alhsinawi

تقي الحسيناوي - Taki Alhsinawi

People & Blogs Iran 308.2K 2.6M 93.6K 10.9K Preview
35 Deli Mi Ne? @Deli Mi Ne?

Deli Mi Ne?

People & Blogs Turkey 5M 2.3M 133.7K 8.4K Preview
36 Алексей Шевцов @Алексей Шевцов

Алексей Шевцов

People & Blogs Russia 1.5M 1.2M 183.8K 10.8K Preview
37 Mr.Heang Update @Mr.Heang Update

Mr.Heang Update

People & Blogs United States 1.4M 5.2M 83.4K 5.5K Preview
38 Emirichu @Emirichu


People & Blogs United States 1.9M 1.2M 104.9K 19.2K Preview
39 lauren @lauren


People & Blogs United States 11K 3.1M 112.4K 6.4K Preview
40 GEM鄧紫棋 @GEM鄧紫棋


People & Blogs Taiwan, Province of China 2M 4.2M 96.3K 4.8K Preview
41 Просто Масло @Просто Масло

Просто Масло

People & Blogs Russia 393.2K 1.3M 139.8K 9.5K Preview
42 De mi Rancho a Tu Cocina @De mi Rancho a Tu Cocina

De mi Rancho a Tu Cocina

People & Blogs Mexico 2M 1.4M 124.2K 9.1K Preview
43 Crazy Nikmir REAL @Crazy Nikmir REAL

Crazy Nikmir REAL

People & Blogs Indonesia 1.4M 4.7M 69.8K 5K Preview
44 Sam O'Nella Academy @Sam O'Nella Academy

Sam O'Nella Academy

People & Blogs United States 1.9M 1.6M 128.4K 6.9K Preview
45 حسين العلي @حسين العلي

حسين العلي

People & Blogs Iran 688.2K 1.2M 154K 7.6K Preview
46 انيينكم | ANINNKM @انيينكم | ANINNKM

انيينكم | ANINNKM

People & Blogs Saudi Arabia 3.9M 1.4M 125.3K 7.5K Preview
47 SELF @SelfMagazine


People & Blogs United States 356.1K 4M 87.4K 3.7K Preview
48 Sara Wijayanto @sarawijayanto

Sara Wijayanto

People & Blogs Indonesia 2.9M 1.6M 87.2K 8.7K Preview
49 123 GO! @123 GO!

123 GO!

People & Blogs United States 3.9M 8.5M 64.8K 2.1K Preview
50 Go Ami Go! @Go Ami Go!

Go Ami Go!

People & Blogs Mexico 4.9M 1.4M 92.3K 8.7K Preview
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