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Top 1000 Most Subscribed Youtube channels in Netherlands

March 2020

Here’s a list of the most influential YouTubers and channels in the Netherlands. Find out who tops the list. How it works ?

We take videos published in the previous month and calculate the average number of views, the average number of comments, and the average number of reactions (upvotes and downvotes). The composition of those numbers results in an influencer’s rank. We also don’t take into consideration videos published less than a week ago to avoid lowering the stats.

# Channel Category From Netherlands Subscribers Avg views Avg reactions Avg comments
1 Stefania @koela01


Music 46.2% 69.1K 2.8M 61.3K 8.9K Preview
2 StukTV @StukTV


Entertainment 64.83% 2.4M 871.1K 35.7K 2K Preview
3 Gewoon Boef @Gewoon Boef

Gewoon Boef

Music 63.48% 761.1K 789.2K 35.4K 2.1K Preview
4 Dylanhaegens @Dylanhaegens


Entertainment 53.65% 1.8M 581.8K 23.8K 2.9K Preview
5 Gewoon Thomas @Gewoon Thomas

Gewoon Thomas

People & Blogs 48.35% 450.1K 235.5K 15.4K 6.2K Preview
6 Hella Cash @Hella Cash

Hella Cash

Music 60.23% 222.5K 727.5K 15.8K 1.3K Preview
7 EnzoKnol @EnzoKnol


Entertainment 56.69% 2.3M 496.4K 15.8K 1.7K Preview
8 Furtjuh @Furtjuh


People & Blogs 54.78% 720.1K 277.6K 16.6K 2.8K Preview
9 Sefa @Sefa


Music 25.05% 130.1K 724.9K 26.3K 1.2K Preview
10 NTR @NTRomroep


News & Politics 77.05% 32.6K 490.9K 9.5K 1.4K Preview
11 Jesse Hoefnagels @CjoelMovies

Jesse Hoefnagels

Movies and TV 66.32% 331.1K 343.4K 26.4K 811 Preview
12 MeisjeDjamila @MeisjeDjamila


People & Blogs 40.48% 1.3M 235.6K 19.8K 2.5K Preview


Entertainment 66.33% 212.1K 247.4K 11.9K 2.3K Preview
14 Hanwe @Hanwe


Entertainment 53.56% 745.1K 334.9K 16.5K 1K Preview
15 HARM @HetGameS


Video games 52.76% 686.5K 363.1K 17K 789.5 Preview
16 Mitr0 @Mitr0


Video games 14.9% 422.1K 443.3K 26.6K 1.2K Preview
17 Fifalosophy @Fifalosophy


Video games 62.11% 662.5K 323.3K 22.1K 450 Preview
18 Da Tweekaz @Tweekaz

Da Tweekaz

Music 19.1% 231.5K 625.7K 25.8K 623 Preview
19 Music by Blanks @simondewitvideos

Music by Blanks

Music 31.27% 1.1M 183.8K 23.3K 1.3K Preview
20 Eurovision Song Contest @eurovision

Eurovision Song Contest

Entertainment 10.6% 3.3M 529.6K 14K 2.1K Preview
21 vpro zondag met lubach @vpro zondag met lubach

vpro zondag met lubach

Entertainment 76.75% 628.1K 354.6K 10.1K 593.5 Preview
22 Spow Business @Spow Business

Spow Business

Music 38.96% 22.3K 531.7K 13.2K 583 Preview
23 Selma Omari @Selma Omari

Selma Omari

Entertainment 58.59% 112.5K 160.7K 3.3K 4.2K Preview
24 Wouter @Wouter


Entertainment 63.83% 217.5K 183.2K 8.1K 1.3K Preview
25 Roxy's @Roxy's


Entertainment 73.58% 30.7K 525.8K 8.5K 332.5 Preview
26 Ismo Music @ismo076

Ismo Music

Music 58.16% 373.5K 322.5K 8.4K 667 Preview
27 Bankzitters @Bankzitters


Entertainment 68.44% 250.5K 253.3K 18K 335 Preview
28 Don @NLxDonTV


Entertainment 61.17% 766.1K 254.4K 11.7K 545 Preview
29 Luan Bellinga @Luan Bellinga

Luan Bellinga

Entertainment 51.76% 187.1K 118.3K 4.8K 3.2K Preview
30 ArjenLubach @arjenlubachpuntnl


Movies and TV 88.34% 43.9K 244.5K 9.7K 408 Preview
31 Gio @GameplayWorldXL


Entertainment 58.56% 1.2M 255.1K 9.5K 578 Preview
32 Angerfist @TheAngerfistHardcore


Music 12.01% 772.1K 279.7K 24.9K 961 Preview
33 Robbert Rodenburg @robbertboy123

Robbert Rodenburg

Entertainment 75% 12.2K 373.4K 7K 395 Preview


People & Blogs 81.05% 403.1K 185.9K 6.4K 719.5 Preview
35 jochemmyjer @jochemmyjer


People & Blogs 77.54% 173K 316.3K 8.6K 315 Preview
36 Mali y Emita @Mali y Emita

Mali y Emita

Entertainment 33.33% 232.1K 370.2K 9K 565 Preview
37 Jeremy Frieser @AltijdCompilaties

Jeremy Frieser

Entertainment 59.22% 701.1K 160K 11.3K 580.5 Preview
38 Stefan de Vries @Stefan de Vries

Stefan de Vries

Entertainment 73.76% 414.1K 171.9K 8.8K 539 Preview
39 Milan Knol @DagelijksHaaDee

Milan Knol

Entertainment 65.07% 1.4M 203.3K 9.3K 481 Preview
40 NOS Stories @NOS Stories

NOS Stories

News & Politics 74.34% 87K 214K 5.7K 641 Preview
41 Maradonnie @Maradonnie


Music 78.23% 27.9K 243.5K 9.2K 330 Preview
42 NOS op 3 @NosHeadlines

NOS op 3

News & Politics 76.74% 248.1K 189.7K 4K 938 Preview
43 D-Block & S-te-Fan (DBSTF) @dblockstefan

D-Block & S-te-Fan (DBSTF)

Music 21.12% 193.1K 295.6K 16.3K 525 Preview
44 Dutchtuber2 @Dutchtuber2


Entertainment 43.07% 804.5K 73K 14.2K 1.2K Preview
45 Gierige Gasten @gierigegasten

Gierige Gasten

Entertainment 75.04% 404.5K 187.7K 7.9K 413 Preview
46 Team DylanHaegens @dylanhaegens2

Team DylanHaegens

Entertainment 54.37% 851.5K 200.2K 7.6K 545 Preview


Video games 73.4% 105.5K 102.3K 5.8K 1K Preview


Entertainment 62.28% 771.5K 159.1K 9K 419 Preview
49 Jessie Maya @Jessie Maya

Jessie Maya

People & Blogs 61.47% 325.5K 244.8K 5.8K 424 Preview
50 KingAlmightyyy @KingAlmightyyy


Video games 42.49% 262.1K 68.2K 7.5K 1.7K Preview
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